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7 things to consider when deciding who to live with

Posted 30 / 09 / 14

Some students find in first year that they want to live with their flatmates; whilst others prefer to live with their course mates, or friends they've met through societies. It's extremely important to ensure that you're living with the right group of people, as it can be the difference between either having an amazing year at University; or an experience so bad you're counting down the days until you can leave. Important factors you need to consider include:


•  Living in a house is much more personal than halls

Many students think that because they get on with flatmates in halls, they'll live together harmoniously in a house, but this isn't always true. While you can slope off to your room if you want to be by yourself in halls, this isn't always the case in a shared house.

•  Are you and your housemates compatible?

Find out what their views are on cleaning – ‘clean freaks' will have a hard time trying to live with slobs who don't do their dishes for days on end. Also, if you're planning on going on nights out most days of the week, it's preferable to live with people who feel the same way, instead of living with someone whose idea of a good night is curling up on the sofa watching a DVD.

•  What are your prospective housemates' budgets?

In practical terms, the maximum rent you can afford will be set by the housemate with the lowest budget; otherwise it will be the responsibility of the other housemates' to foot the rest of the bill. You will all also have to take into consideration the cost of bills.

•  What will the sex of the house be?

Both all-male and all-female houses can post problems. AFS research indicates that a mixed household is generally the best balance, but it really depends on what your preferences are.

•  Take the house now; find the housemates later

If two or three of you have found the perfect house, but with one extra bedroom, you can pay the deposit and then advertise the spare room on .

•  Don't panic if you don't know who to live with

Accommodation For Students has a section where students advertise spare rooms in their house; and students looking for somewhere to live can request a room, so don't worry – there will be somewhere for you to stay.

•  Take your time

There's often a lot of pressure to secure a house by Christmas, meaning you could end up deciding who you will be living with after a few months of your first term. However, there are plenty of good houses available in most cities up until the end of May. Don't rush into making decisions that you don't have to.

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