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Before You Travel

Your journey, from your first decision to study in the UK to you obtaining a visa, is a long and complex one:

1.    Decide on one or more institutions and courses
2.    Prove that you have the academic and financial resources to be successful on the course(s)
3.    Be accepted by the institution and get a Confirmation of Acceptance to Study (CAS) from them
4.    Apply for your visa with your CAS


Deciding where and what to study


Firstly, and most importantly, make sure that the university, college or school you have chosen is an Approved (Highly Trusted) Sponsor and has been awarded a Sponsorship Licence by the Home Office allowing them to enrol international students.

If you wish to change your Sponsor (college/university/school) or extend a visa, you need to make a separate application for this.

You can simplify your decision-making by considering the following:

You can simplify your decision-making by considering the following:

1.    What course would you like to study?
2.    Which universities/colleges/schools provide the course you have chosen?
3.    In which part of the country would you feel comfortable living a large city such as London, or a smaller town or village?


This information is supplied by UK Work Study specialists in helping international students come to the UK.

Contact for more details on our UK Study Pack.
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