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In November 2005, AFS pitched on BBC's Dragons' Den. We were offered the money but the greedy Dragons' wanted 50% of the business! We politely turned them down and thanked them for their interest. Over 2.5 million people tuned in to watch the show and it has been repeatedly re-run on Channel Dave.

Accommodation for Students was featured on Dragons' Den (BBC2 Tuesday 29th November)

More info about our Dragons' Den Appearance:

● If you are an investor and would like to talk to us then please Contact Us
● View our Dragons' Den Press Release about our Dragons' Den Appearance
● Visit our Press Room for all press releases

Times Online Article About Our Appearance on Dragons' Den
M.E.N. Online Article About Our Appearance on Dragons' Den

More info about us:

Accommodation for Students was founded in 2000 when 2 students (Simon Thompson) recognised there was a need for a student acommodation website.

Simon Thompson, Director, Co-Founder

Simon lives and breathes 'accommodation for students'. He is extremely passionate about the business and currently chairman of the Landlord Syndicate (
personal website.

If you would like to talk to us for advice on getting investment for web business then please contact us

Feedback we have received via email (in the 18 hours after the program aired):
Saw you on the telly last night. Fair play for not selling out to those predators. Their offers were opportunist and insulting.
Best wishes.
Ronan, Dublin.

Enjoyed watching you on the den tonight and good on you for turning the greedsters down.

Hi William
Well done on Dragon's Den and for sticking to your guns!

Dear William Berry
I saw you on Dragon`s Den yesterday and then followed your website in the morning (It was a good presentation).
Yaser C

Well done William. I thought you handled the Dragons with aplomb!
John T

Hi Guys, i was very impressed last night, well done for holding your own when the temptation must have been immense.

I enjoyed your pitch on the Dragon's Den and can't say how please I was to see you walk away.
If you are still looking for the level of investment sought after on the show, please do get in touch.
Richard S

I run a web design and web hosting business. Please contact me and we can also talk about investment.
Dominic T

i was going through your website (after watching dragons den), you have a great website by the way.

Interesting dragons den last night, I could be interested in investing, let me know if your sill looking for funding?

Dear William,
Well done for the stirling effort on Dragons Den tonight. If you still need investment, I would be interested in hearing from you.
Richard N

I would be interested in talking to you about investing in your company. i have the funds and business expertise to help you. I have thoughts on how your website might be developed for other applications.
Simon Z

Hi, I just saw your presentation on Dragons Den. I am a landlord with a variety of properties throughout the UK and may be interested in investment.
Mark J

Interesting business model. I would be interested in talking to you further.
Adam M

Having seen Dragon's Den last night, I wish to talk to yourselves about possibly investing in your business.

William, You were right to walk away from those greedy, so called Dragon's!.
I would be very interested in talking to you about potentially investing in your compnay.

I have seen you on Dragons' Den and interested in talking to you to about investment in your business.
Dipak M

I was very impressed by your presentation on Dragons Den and if you still require funding then please contact me?
Stephen G

I'm very impressed with your presentation from the Dragon Den show about your remarkable business called "".
Spencer C

Hi Guys,
Millionaire's can be such tight gits.
Very well presented
What are you currently requesting?
Daniel G

That was a brave display on Dragons Den.
i was hoping to discuss ome serious investment into your business please reply if you are welcome to entertaining a negotiation.

You did the right thing in not taking the offer - you have done the hard work -you only need a twist to make the profits Suggest you Simply revise your income model from Landlords Please do not sell more irrelevant tacky advertising and loose the game plan you have started - that some will advocate
Good luck
Stephen W

Watched the Dragons Den show, I think you have a great product/service, I also think you need to master the UK market before you move to Europe, just think of the number of student landlords in the UK alone.
Jon Y

Hi, my name is Jon Cloke and am looking for up and running successful opportunities that need investment in order to attain their full potential. I unfortunately missed your Draon's Den appearance but was told you have something!! You never Know?!
John M

Just watched you tonight on The Dragons Den, let me first say I enjoyed your presentaion and I trust you made the correct decision for you and your partners.
Raymond G

I watched Dragons Den tonight and was impressed.
I was wondering whether you are still looking for investment in AFS? If so, I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss matters further.
Richard M

I am a Scottish entreprenuer and I am interested in investing in your company if you already have not acheived the investment you are seeking. Please get in touch if you are interested.
John H

I enjoyed your pitch on the Dragon's Den and can't say how please I was to see you walk away.
Richard S

Please let me have your business synopsis for consideration.
Kevin C

Watch Dragon's Den last night and I personally thought 4 out of the 5 dragons missed the whole point of your site! Great to see that one of them took you on though and I hope all is well.
Lee S

Is there still an opportunity to invest?

We thought you got a rough ride on last night's programme.
Richard C

Hi William
Just a note to say saw Dragons Den last night and really well done to you - they were being far too greedy.
Your Student accommodation site looks brilliant - how have you managed to get to No 1?
Once again - well done

Hello William. I watched Dragon's Den last night and I just wanted to congratulate you on your presentation and the fact that you walked away with your dignity in tact. It's certainly not always easy but you proved to all that you firmly believe in your product by not 'giving it away'.


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