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The English Language

International students often take the opportunity to study in the United Kingdom in order to perfect their English language skills English being the language of international business.

As the United Kingdom is also a member of the European Union, many students studying commercial subjects consider it a great opportunity to get a closer look at the European market as well. Destinations in Europe are easily accessible and all modes of transport are available, often at highly competitive prices. Visits can give valuable insights into these major trading partners.

Need to improve your English language skills?


One of the biggest stumbling blocks to coping with the new demands placed upon you, both academically and socially, may be your command of the English language.

If you want to come to the UK to become more fluent in English or to improve your English to help your university/college/school studies, there are hundreds of accredited English Language Teaching schools across the country.

Many universities, colleges and schools provide this service, and it is important to establish which course will benefit you the most. There are around 400 accredited members, including private language schools, educational trusts and charities, and language centres in further education, providing courses that range from 1 to 50 weeks in length.

We advise you to check that these are accredited by the British Council in partnership with English UK.

For more information visit:


Useful tips on improving your English

Read as many English language newspapers and magazines as you can: many are freely available online and most have an online subscription service so you can begin to browse long before you arrive in the United Kingdom. Remember American and English spellings are different in many subtle ways. Do watch English TV channels and befriend English speakers as much as possible. Whilst it is comforting to stick to students of your own nationality, this will not improve your English skills. By participating in clubs, societies and arranged social activities with English speaking students, your English language skills will improve dramatically. Networking is known to be a very important social skill, and one that will often lead you to work opportunities.

Your university, college or school will most probably have specially arranged classes for international students whose first language is not English. Ask your Student Advisor more about this.


Understanding English terminology

Some words used by English people can be confusing because these words have a different meaning in the UK from their meaning in other parts of the world.

A bill the charge for a meal

Busker Street musician

Cheap not expensive

Jumper/jersey sweater, woollen item of clothing

Lift elevator

Fortnight two weeks

Football soccer

Tea a drink, a cup of tea, and can sometimes mean an evening meal

Dinner can sometimes mean a midday meal, or sometimes can mean an evening meal

High tea is a meal eaten at about 5pm, comprising sandwiches and cakes

Pudding dessert

Crisps potato chips

Chips fried potatoes

Film cinema

Off-licence store where you purchase alcohol

Chippy Fish and chip shop

See you later Goodbye

Take Care Goodbye

A pint a beer

Roundabout a traffic circle

The High Street the main shopping street


This information is supplied by UK Work Study specialists in helping international students come to the UK.

Contact for more details on our UK Study Pack.
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