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Public telephones/payphones

Public telephones/payphones are widely available in public places. These are particularly convenient if you have run out of credit or battery power on your mobile.

The public phone booths normally accept coins and/or phone cards. Most phones also have a call back facility (where you can get the person you want to speak with to call you back), which is accessed by dialling the operator on 100.

International phone cards can be purchased from retailers and can be used from public and private landlines.

Mobile telephones

In this age of convenience, there are mobile phone and satellite phone companies that cater for overseas students and workers, by providing excellent overseas rates for phoning long distance.

International Callcards and SIMcards there are several Pay As You Go SIM card options that are tailor-made for long distance calls. The SIM card that the UK-Study-Pack offers is, in many instances, as competitive as VOIPHONE options. Pay As You Go also allows you to keep a tighter control on your budget.

The UK Study Pack includes a SIM card with credit, allowing you to contact home as soon as you arrive. This has the benefit of having a UK phone number before you leave your home country. We also provide cheap international phone calls, all calls free to receive and no roaming charges please call us on +44 (0) 20 3582 8994, email us at [email protected] or go to our website .

This information is supplied by UK Work Study specialists in helping international students come to the UK.

Contact for more details on our UK Study Pack.
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