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The 5 most common types of student accommodation
Posted 30 / 09 / 14
Halls of residence

Generally owned by the University and tend to be for first years only. They are a great way to adjust to living away from home, and making new friends. There are a variety of options including catered/self-catered and ensuite/shared bathrooms.


House/flat share

This is the most common type of private accommodation for students, where you can rent a property with friends. If you're considering this, then , has the largest selection of properties available in cities all over the country.


Room in a private house


This is where you rent a room out in a house where the landlord currently lives. Whilst this probably isn't the type of accommodation you imagined during your Uni days; if you've left it late looking for private rented housing, it's probably preferable to the more dingy student houses.


Private flat

Private flats can appear extremely appealing if you've had bad experiences previously sharing with other students. The two things to consider are firstly, whether you enjoy your own company – understand that whilst you'll probably be out socialising in the day; you'll most likely be by yourself most nights. The other thing to consider with private flats is the price – they're the most expensive accommodation on this list.


Private sector halls of residence


These properties tend to be similar to University owned halls of residence, except they're open to everyone, and are generally more expensive as they're privately owned. The contracts are normally 52 weeks and as they're independent, you will be sharing with a diverse mix of people from a range of Universities – perfect if you like meeting new people! There are many different halls in almost every University city, so have a look on to see which one is best for you.

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