1 bed, 1 bath flat

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Whitefield Terrace, , Plymouth, PL4 8NH

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Entire property £736pm

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AVAILABLE SEPTEMBER 2020 These one bedroom apartments are set at a great price and offer smart spaces. A step up from a studio, with out to much of a financial leap means you can enjoy a real home. Whether on your own or with a partner these apartments are strong rebookers and that means they are great to live in! Whitefeild Terrace is sat a few moment walk from Aldi and 10 minutes from the main campus and art college. Location allows you to enjoy a dropped back area but be on the edge of the North Hill mayhem in minutes. With communal parking at the back (first come first serve), it is just an easy place to live. Also, did i mention the EPIC communal roof terrace. Get yourself up there when the sun is out and enjoy a view across the city and sea.

The landlord/letting agent would like to let this property as a whole. Most commonly to be offered on a joint tenancy agreement though some landlords may be able to offer individual tenancy agreements. If the property is for a single dweller an individual tenancy applies.




Whitefield Terrace, , Plymouth, PL4 8NH


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