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Flat 5, 44 Burdon Terrace, Newcastle, Newcastle, NE2 3AE

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These properties are being given a Student Cribs face-lift for the 2020/2021 letting season. The photos are an example of similar properties we have in other cities. Structural works will not be undertaken so the floor-plan will remain the same. If you have any specific questions about the proposed works to your chosen property please contact our sales team Flat 5, 44 Burdon Terrace located in the highly sought-after Jesmond area of Newcastle is a spacious 1 bedroom property, perfect for a group of university friends to let next year. Flat 5, 44 Burdon Terrace includes 1 well furnished double bedrooms spacious double beds, chair and desk and a good amount of storage for your belongings. This comfortable 1 bedroom property also has great communal space including, an expansive kitchen with high quality appliances and a dinner table to socialise with your housemates over dinner, a large lounge boasting a great flat screen tv and sofas, making this the perfect home to live in with friends. Living in Flat 5, 44 Burdon Terrace ensures you will have a property with a comfortable and well-equipped bedroom to study and rest, plus unbeatable communal spaces to socialise and relax in after a hard day on campus. Located in the Jesmond area of Newcastle, Flat 5, 44 Burdon Terrace is extremely conveniently located for students in both Newcastle University and the University of Northumbria. The property is only 19 minutes by foot to The University of Northumbria and just a 30 -minute walk to Newcastle University. Please note that these properties are currently being refurbished to Student Cribs standards, ready to be moved into ahead of the next academic year. The images shown here are example imagery of similar Cribs.
Bills are £18 per person per week.

The landlord/letting agent would like to let this property as a whole. Most commonly to be offered on a joint tenancy agreement though some landlords may be able to offer individual tenancy agreements. If the property is for a single dweller an individual tenancy applies.




Flat 5, 44 Burdon Terrace, Newcastle, Newcastle, NE2 3AE

Amenities (6)

  • Dishwasher
  • Flat screen tv
  • Bedroom tv's
  • Wi-fi
  • Washer
  • Sound bar


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