Optometry Student Gets Tattoo of Ed Miliband

AFS Team·25 January 2016·4 min read
Optometry Student Gets Tattoo of Ed Miliband

We’ve all been there: being so in awe of a politician that you just can’t help but get a massive picture of their face tattooed on your body for all to see. Alright, so maybe we haven’t all been there, but someone certainly has.

Hannah Scott is 18 years old, studies optometry at City University London, and – oh yes – has a huge tattoo of Ed Miliband permanently emblazoned on her thigh.

The tattoo shows Miliband smiling above the dates of his five-year Labour Party leadership. Speaking to Buzzfeed News, Scott says that she met Ed before last year’s election, and it “all started from there." She refers to Ed as her “hero" and says she misses his direction and leadership over the Labour Party.

“He’s just an inspiration to me," says Scott. “I miss his direction of the Labour party at the moment so I woke up yesterday and thought, ‘Why not?’"

This was presumably not a question she asked her mother, who probably would have had a few reasons up her sleeve: “She wasn’t speaking to me for several hours," says Scott. “Last night she was pacing the house, crying, saying she didn’t know why I’d done this to myself."

The student went on to say that her sister apparently captured a “brilliant" reaction video, which her mum has forbidden her from sharing.

But not everyone seems unhappy with Hannah’s choice of tat. Her flatmate apparently described the image as “cool" and a boy that Scott is “a bit involved with" said that he loved it. Even the tattoo artist himself, who works at Into You in Clerkenwell, was impressed with Hannah’s request: “It’s quite a serious tattoo place," Hannah said. “People come in and they’re covered head to toe in various arty things, and I just went in and said: ‘Can you draw Ed Miliband on me, please?’ But he liked it, I think, he was laughing – he seemed pleased with his work."

Hannah herself says she will never regret her decision to have a six-inch image of Ed Miliband's face on her leg for the rest of her life: “I like it, I think it’s cool."

However, public reaction remains mixed. “I got some odd looks this morning but it does look good so that’s the main thing. It would be really embarrassing if you got one and then it was rubbish as well – at least it’s a good drawing, if nothing else."

Yes, Hannah, at least your tattoo of Ed Miliband is recognisably a tattoo of Ed Miliband. Thank goodness for that.

Hannah even hopes that Ed might make a return to his role of Labour Party leader at some point, so that she can get new dates tattooed beneath the current ones, despite the fact that the dates were “like, the second most painful bit." Probably after the big face above them.

Hannah has tweeted an image of her ink to Ed Miliband's official twitter, saying “@Ed_Milliband hope you like it!!!"

No word yet on how the man himself feels about the tattoo, but it’s probably not quite the leg-end he originally imagined his leadership would bring.

By Nicholas Cairns