10 Ingenious Recipes For Students Using Leftover Easter Eggs

AFS Team·20 April 2016·5 min read
10 Ingenious Recipes For Students Using Leftover Easter Eggs

There are two types of people in the world: those who cannot eat their Easter eggs quickly enough, and find themselves tearing through the plastic and foil before breakfast, and are having a sugar crash by 9:30 am, and those who keep their Easter eggs in cupboards for later, eventually having to throw them away when they open them six months later and find grey, furry chocolate.

If you’re the latter group, we've got ten delicious recipes for you to use that chocolate before it's too late. If you’re the former, get yourself a few more bars, and if you haven’t eaten them by the time you get home try these recipes.

1.) Chocolate Shake with a Twist

Why just eat your chocolate when you can drink it with rum? Find that one person you know whose parents bought them a blender and make yourself a killer hard milkshake. Although the recipe asks for chocolate ice cream, add pieces of real chocolate for an even more decadent treat.

via Hexjam

2.) Rocky Road

If anyone knows how to make chocolate (even more) sexy, then it’s Nigella. Her ‘rocky road crunch bars', which combine biscuit, marshmallow, syrup, butter and chocolate to make something even better than all five ingredients alone, are simply incredible. She says it makes 24 bars, but you’ll find it difficult not to eat the whole thing in one guilty go.

via Nigella.com

3.) Chocolate Peanut Butter Mug Cake

This microwavable marvel, which has been doing the viral rounds ever since Buzzfeed first featured it in 2013, will single-handedly make up for all the disgusting, greasy, tasteless ready meals your microwave has given you over the years. Substitute chocolate chips for easter egg chunks for an extra chocolatey kick.

via Yammie’s Noshery

4.) Caramel Egg Stuffed Easter Croissants

Does your student budget mean that you could only afford Cream Eggs or Caramel Eggs this easter? Luckily, (but not so luckily for your heart or pancreas) we’ve got you covered with these croissants stuffed with chocolate eggs. Yes, there’s something inherently wrong with it (especially as it uses tubes of croissant dough, making it lazy as well), but it's also a delicious guilty pleasure.

via Taming Twins

5.) Choc-Egg Lollies

For those wanting to upgrade their bog-standard easter eggs try this recipe, which look great and proves you’re never too old for cake sprinkles, especially when they’re on top of brownies covered in melted chocolate.

via BBC Good Food

6.) Chocolate Tofu Pots

Sure, it sounds completely disgusting, yet this tastes like the best chocolate mousse without anywhere near the guilt of eating a whole mixing bowl of chocolate mousse. Hunt down your nearest vegan (just tell them its carob) and try the ultimate tofu treat.

via The Guardian

7.) Chocolate Cornflake Cakes

Pretty much the only food from your ‘90s school dinner that hasn’t since been banned by Jamie Oliver, there is no beating a chocolate cornflake cake. Plus be honest with yourself, when was the last time you were up in time to have those corn flakes for breakfast?

via BBC Good Food

8.) Homemade white chocolate truffles

Don’t think we’ve left you out, Milkybar fans. These white truffles, which also come with a healthy kick of Bailey’s, are the perfect adult way to enjoy your childish sweet tooth.

via Food Network

9.) Easter Egg Fridge Cake

Not a great cook? Waitrose has you covered with a fridge cake that uses three different types of Easter chocolate and gets its look from shards of Easter eggs. Plus, you know “easy enough for kids to make" means you can make it hungover.

via Waitrose

10.) Double Chocolate Easter Candy Doughnuts

For when that doughnut just isn’t artery-clogging enough, why not coat it entirely in smashed-up pieces of mini eggs for a treat your dentist will despise but you can’t help but love.

via The Recipe Rebel

By Samuel Spencer