Finding Career Advice

AFS Team·13 May 2016·4 min read
Finding Career Advice

Whether you’re in your first or final year, as a student the question of what you will do after uni is always lingering in the back of your mind. There are plenty of resources out there to find advice, yet it is often hard and time consuming to find out options specifically related to you. Here we provide you with a guide to the various places students can look for career advice, so you can easily discover all options available to you.

1. The Internet

Graduate careers websites such as Prospects are usually the first place students look for advice. However, often the advice provided isn’t detailed enough to find out the full extent of options available. You should look for websites that focus solely on your area of interest to find out all possible opportunities out there. Also looking at descriptions of jobs you are interested in can be useful, as you can find out the specific skills employers look for and know what to develop. You don’t want to miss out on your dream job so search thoroughly!

2. Career Guidance Counsellor

Everyone should book an appointment with the career guidance counsellor in Uni at least once. They can often pinpoint where exactly you should be researching for opportunities to make the process a whole lot easier. They can also give you details of opportunities that might suit you that you may never have even thought about.

3. Get a Mentor

Finding a mentor that works in a career you’re interested in can be invaluable. Seeing the route they took to get to their present job can help you discover the best route for you. The best way to find a mentor is through your Uni’s careers service. They will have a list of alumni who are now working in various different sectors who will be more than happy to share their experience with you.

4. Insight Day

If you have come across a particular Company you are interested in, you should see if they hold insight days. Many of the bigger corporations will bring Uni students in, show them around and talk about the type of work they do. This will give students an idea on whether it would be a place they would like to work.

5. Attend a careers fair

Attending a careers fair will mean everything's in one place. Before attending a careers fair, make sure you find out which companies will be there, research their opportunities and make a list of questions to ask. It will be a lot more beneficial for you to be prepared with specific questions than just being thrown a leaflet that you can find on the internet.

6. Youtube

A source that is often never considered is watching Youtube videos. There are tons of videos from companies and employees giving insight into their day to day lives of their chosen career. Sometimes seeing someone talk about their experience can give you a better idea of whether it is for you or not.

By Amy Moore