6 Sports That Every Student Should Try

AFS Team·20 July 2016·4 min read
6 Sports That Every Student Should Try

Fed up with the same old sports dominating the television and BUCS leagues? Wanting to try something new and a little obscure? Take a look at these weird and wonderful sports that are starting to make it big in the UK right now.

1) Hashing

A non-competitive, alcohol fuelled cross-country come orienteering running club where the objective is to start at the pub and well… finish at another pub. The hares (route planners) lead the hounds along a trail that has been clearly marked on the ground by chalk. Every 500m, the trail reaches a check point and the front-runners search for the new trail that will be marked somewhere in the vicinity. The course is normally around 4-7miles in total, with a pub marking the finishing line. Find out more at their website.

2) Bossaball

2 teams play against each other in this mad sport involving elements of volleyball, football, gymnastics and the Brazilian martial art of capoeira. It is played in an inflatable court with a trampoline on both sides of the net. The sport also incorporates the use of music, giving a festive feel to the game. Bossaball has grown massively since its birth in 2003 and is now played internationally: it’s definitely a sport that everyone should try.

3) Rat-Racing

Remember how much you loved the obstacle race when you were younger? Well Rat Race has taken this to a whole new level. Over the course of around 5km, prepare to venture down water-slides, jump over tires and squelch through thick mud. Events happen around the country, throughout the year – so keep your eyes peeled. If you’re feeling especially brave, you can take on the world’s biggest obstacle course, happening in 2017, spanning over 20 miles and 200 different obstacles. Rat Race also put on after-parties for all their events (and they’re claimed to be quite legendary).

4) Boggie Bouncing

“Fab, Fun, Funky and Fat Burning." This is what the website claims Boogie Bounce is. It’s a workout session that involves a small trampoline and a dance routine. Think of it like Zumba, but 2 feet off the ground. Using High Intensity Interval Training, Boogie Bounce aims to get you fitter, whilst being fun at the same time. Classes take place at gyms and halls throughout the country – find your nearest one here.

5) Rollerskiing

Try cross-country skiing, without the snow. It’s said to be the ultimate fitness sport. Don some short skis with little wheels at each end, and grab yourself a pole as you ski your way through the parks of London. It’s the perfect sport for those with post-skiing-blues, for those who want to practice technique before heading to the slopes this winter, or for us students who may not be able to afford a costly trip to the Alps. Check out the Roller Directory to see what’s happening near you.

6) Octopush

Underwater hockey couldn’t have a better name. Octopush a game of aerobic strength, stamina and swimming prowess. It was created in the 1950s when divers in Southsea became bored swimming lengths in the local pool. Now the game is played worldwide and has become hugely popular, with both national and university squads having been formed. You get given a mask, snorkel, fins and a water-polo hat to wear while you brandish a small stick, chasing a puck up and down the pool in order to whack it into the opponent’s goal. Find your nearest team here, or check out your university’s sports societies.

By Holly Smith