How to create a productive environment for students

AFS Team·22 February 2017·4 min read
How to create a productive environment for students
If you’re currently hunting for the ideal student accommodation, one of the things you need to consider is whether a property’s design features will boost your productivity and help you to achieve the grades you want.

The best landlords give proper thought to the needs of the modern student, and there are certain things to look out for when deciding upon a property.

These include:


The colour of a room can have a huge impact on the mood of its user.

Blue, for instance, is a calming colour that has a positive effect on the mind. For this reason, it’s a great choice for rooms used for studying as it enhances mental focus.

Yellow is a great choice for encouraging creativity and is perfect if you are going to use a workspace for art projects or free thinking.

Red is associated with physical endeavour. It creates quite a distracting environment where concentration is concerned, so is best avoided in rooms in which you plan to study.


The effect of lighting on productivity should not be underestimated and it is recommended that a working environment should have a 300-500 lux. Reason being, a dim interior increases the work asked of our eyes, causing poor focus and often even headaches.

Concentrating on your studies can be difficult enough without poor lighting, so be sure to assess the brightness of the room in which you would plan to work.

Likewise, artificial lighting that’s particularly harsh has been proven to negatively affect a room’s inhabitants, often causing poor sleep, eye strain or migraines.

The ideal workspace for academic work is one that is flooded with natural light. Failing this, the ideal design for students will feature good quality lighting and the ability to differentiate between different let settings depending on what is required at the time.


The way a room is furnished has a massive impact on how its inhabitants perform daily tasks. Poorly chosen furniture causes fidgety, distracted occupants who are not well-placed to produce their best work.

Also, boring furniture dampens innovation and lead to inertia.

Instead, you want to find accommodation that contains high quality student furniture that is functional, stylish and comfortable, thus lending itself to productivity as well as relaxation.

Use of Space

A cluttered workspace leads to a cluttered mind, so you want to make sure that the property you settle for has ample space and relevant storage options for your belongings.

What’s more, make sure that the amenity space or common area is designed in a way that encourages communication and collaboration with your housemates.

Taking the points in this article, you should use colour, space, light and furniture to create a workspace which boosts productivity for its occupants.

This article was written by Ben Hall from Student Furniture. Student Furniture provide stylish, functional and durable furniture specifically designed for student spaces, with student needs in mind.