Things Every Student Should Know Before University

AFS Team·30 August 2017·4 min read
Things Every Student Should Know Before University


It goes without saying that going to university is a scary and exciting time. You probably have loads of questions about everything from your flat, to lectures, to just exactly what you can or can't put in the washing machine (don’t worry, you learn fast). Luckily, we're on hand to offer up some advice that might put you a step or two ahead ;)


You'll take more stuff than you need but always forget something


Some careful planning when you pack for university is a great tip. Make lists of everything you'd like to bring and tick it off as it goes in boxes or your suitcase. However, be aware that you can't prepare for every eventuality. Don't worry about it! Forgetting to bring something to prop your door open with will mean an excuse to go a jaunt to the local Poundland with your new hall buddies and flatmates. The best friendships are made surrounded by unnecessary plastic objects and £1 packs of biscuits.


Everyone is in the same boat


You might be terrified about heading down the motorway - or across the country, or the world - to a new place where you don't know anyone. But guess what? Literally everyone feels this way. Everyone will be new, nobody knows where to buy milk, and everyone is just as worried about making no friends and spending all of Fresher's week in bed with Netflix. So just get out there, be the first to say hello, admit you're nervous and you're already half way there.


Think about money


Your student loan might see your bank account raise to the highest figure you've ever seen in your life (cha-chingg!). Don't go crazy though. Stuff is expensive and that money needs to last weeks, if not months. So, get in the habit of budgeting, writing down what you spend, working out what you have as spare cash and always aiming for the best value option. You will thank yourself later.


Stay safe


University is a big place, city life can be overwhelming, especially if you've never lived away from home before. We hate to sound like your Mum but take care when you're heading home after a night out, always try and get a taxi with trusted friends and keep an eye on your belongings wherever you are. Shut windows at night, make sure your door is locked. You know the drill!


Plan, plan, plan


University is not like school and you won't have teachers breathing down your neck making you do your work. Get in the habit of studying early. Buy yourself a diary well before day one and actually use it, make sure your notes and neat and in order (this means a shopping day for stationery - yay!) and please don't start assignments the night before. Trust us, it doesn't work. Work hard and there is more time for fun.


You've just got to live it


No matter how prepared you try to be for the big step of heading to university, there will always be unexpected events, things you didn't consider or stuff you'd never thought you'd do. It will all seem impossible until it's done. Before you know it, it'll be your graduation day, so just enjoy the hard work and the fun.