The best party universities and the most affordable nightlife

AFS Team·19 July 2018·6 min read
The best party universities and the most affordable nightlife
By Elizabeth Whittingham

Check out our top list of the ultimate party universities, affordable night life and student night’s out

The University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle tops the night life charts as the university with the best night life and the biggest partying ethic- with its wide variety of partying districts attracting people from all over the world!

There’s the Bigg Market and the Diamond Strip (formally frequented by the Geordie Shore lot…) as well as countless student bars and pubs that you can always head to.

Ouseburn Valley is a rather hipster area of Newcastle, with its selection of quaint coffee shops, craft beer bars and restaurants, then there’s Jesmond, a leafy suburb just outside the city centre which hosts a variety of student bars and there’s also the thriving LGBTQ+ night life and community based in the centre of town!

No wonder Newcastle pips everyone to the post for nightlife!

The University of Liverpool

Birthplace to the Beatles, Liverpool makes for a great city for night life with its wide array of bars constantly playing live music night and day- although it is mainly Beatles’ covers!

There are also multiple student bars and night’s out to be had in Liverpool which will definitely not leave you skint- from The Brooklyn Mixer through to Level where double vodkas are only £2.50, yes, you heard that correctly.

Liverpool plays host to a whopping 250 bars and nightclubs so you’re really not going to struggle in terms of finding a venue for a night out- the small size of Liverpool also means that walking between different clubs and bars is incredibly accessible with many students hopping from bar to bar throughout their night- making for a super sociable atmosphere!

The University of Leeds

Leeds is pretty much rammed with bars and nightclubs to suit everyone’s needs. You’ll probably find the vast majority of these bars in the student district of Headingley which rivals any town centre in its sheer size and array of night life! There’s also Call Lane if you would like a wide variety of bars and clubs with affordable drinks and a handy McDonalds in the midst of all of this.

When it comes to clubs, there’s plenty to choose from such as the Mint Club, The Warehouse Project or Club Mission, all of which offer a wide array of music. Warehouse project only comes to Leeds a few times a year with pretty pricey tickets so keep your eyes peeled!

Known as the trendiest university, Leeds offer a pretty eclectic mix of nights out, you can head over to Beaver Brooks, a converted Victorian warehouse for a dance night, they have different acts each week and often sell tickets over on skiddle!

The University of Manchester

Also the beholder of a rich musical heritage, with the likes of OASIS and Morrissey hailing from the northern city, the University of Manchester has become known as the university with the best night life in the north. Whether it’s heading to Fifth Avenue for their 90’s 90p drink’s night, or to ‘quids in’ Mondays at Factory 251- where, you guessed it, the majority of drinks are just £1, there is not really a shortage of opportunities for night’s out in the northern powerhouse.

If you like a more indie, OASIS based vibe then you can head straight to 42 nd Street Nightclub where they thrash out the likes of the Arctic Monkeys and Two Door Cinema Club until 3am.

Failing all of this, you can head to the many bars of the Northern Quarter or go for a two for one cocktail at Turtle Bay!

The University of Bristol

When it comes to student nightlife, Bunker is probably Bristol’s most popular student club, it’s pretty popular and well know because of its multiple themed nights and pretty affordable drinks!

If you’re hunting for some genuine cheese then there is always Lizard Lounge. They tend to play a pretty strange mixture which centres mainly on pop and always make sure to play a few One Direction tunes!

Propaganda host some pretty standard and popular student nights, they aren’t really linked to any particular club, they just tour the UK and set up in a few locations, but they are often in Bristol.

If you’re looking for a much more laid back evening then Bristol of course have a wide variety of local pubs, from the White Hart through to the Anchor and the Cider Press.

Failing all of this, when it comes to nightlife, Bristol have THE biggest Wetherspoons in the UK which can definitely be utilised as a great night out.

If you would really love to visit a super old venue then you can always head to Small Bar in Bristol, situated in the smallest building I’ve ever seen, this adorable pub serves 2/3rd pints which is pretty interesting!

The University of Birmingham

Whilst there are a few Peaky Blinder’s themed bars that you can head to, Birmingham really gets its nightlight label from its thriving dance music scene with multiple raves happening up and down Digbeth at affordable prices.

If you would like a bit of cheese then you can always head to Walkabout on a Tuesday in Birmingham for their karaoke night- all drinks are just £2!

If karaoke is not your thing then you can head to the Individual Bar in Birmingham where their student night is rather fittingly named ‘amnesia’ with their staggering low drink prices, you can grab shots for £1 and doubles for £2.50 whilst a bottle of wine is just £6!

Birmingham’s wide variety of small restaurants and bars also means that it’s a great city for heading out on a date, with cafes such as Mockingbird and Tilt- which is a café where the tables are actually ping pong tables! It’s also open at night as well, meaning that you can enjoy a game of pinball whilst slightly tipsy…