The most random university societies on offer right now

AFS Team·5 September 2018·3 min read
The most random university societies on offer right now

Viking society anyone?

By Elizabeth Whittingham

So, you’ve got your university place! Freshers is nearly upon us all and to celebrate, here at Student Life Guide we have decided to explore some of the strangest societies on offer at the fairs all across the UK in September.

The Viking Society

Popping up at universities such as York and Plymouth, the Viking society does exactly what it says on the tin. Basically, you dress up as Vikings and are educated on Viking ways- there are Viking themed parties and games, you have to be clad in full Viking kit to take part.

The Hummus Society

This is basically a society where people who share a common love for hummus go to eat it and relax. This society is based at the London School of Economics, however, remember that you can always start your own society! If hummus is a love of yours, feel free to get more people involved.

The Harry Potter Society

This society is full to the brim with lovers of the wizarding world. Based at Cardiff University, challenges are completed by members that eventually end up in a tri-wizard tournament!

The Zombie Apocalypse and Survival Society

Based at The University of Manchester, this society teach survival skills and mainly what to do in the unfortunate case of a zombie apocalypse.

Hide and Seek Society

The Hide and Seek society take the traditional game to astonishingly professional levels… Based at Exeter University yet appearing at many more, the society simply have massive games of hide and seek on campus, fun fun fun!

The Pirate Society

These can be spotted at pretty much every university across the UK! This is mainly because they are just so dam easy to spot, being dressed up as pirates and all… Basically, if you are in the pirate society then you can enjoy pursuits such as dressing up as a pirate, with little to no judgement (everyone just knows you are in a pirate society), and partying pirate style.

The Curry Society

This club do exactly what the title suggests: they just go out for lots of curries! The society in Leicester hold regular meetings at Indian and Thai restaurants where everyone just sits down to a jolly good curry with pals!