Everything that will happen in your second year of university

Elizabeth Whittingham·18 September 2018·6 min read
Everything that will happen in your second year of university

because going out takes a lot of effort...

The time has come, you’re moving into your second year of university, and you’re pretty sure that you’re ready for the year ahead. However, whilst you may think you’re a dab hand at the whole university thing, second year of studying tends to have this nasty habit of being completely and utterly different to first year, meaning that you usually end up with a lot of different experiences in comparison to the first time round.

First of all, second year does actually count- meaning the work load tends to feel a little bit more intense. Secondly, you’re probably going to be living in a shared student house this time, which means that you’re going to have to experience the whole deposit/splitting bills and messy housemates thing…

Let’s have a quick rundown of everything you are definitely going to experience during Second Year University, from flat mate feuds through to all-nighters.

You’ll definitely pull an all-nighter

The shock of second year can be quite intense, and still behaving like a first year means that you’ll probably end up completely forgetting about a few essays. Step forward: the all-nighter.

Although many first years may shy away from working all the way through the night, for many students who don’t transition into a second year way of thinking, these tend to be a regular occurrence. Sometimes, it takes an all-nighter to pull you into the reality of second year, it’s pretty grim.

You’ll probably fall out with 50 per cent of your house mates

Although second year of university means that you have free range and freedom of choosing your housemates (no more strange night owls), you’ll probably encounter a few tell-tale second year gripes. There’s just something different to living with a group of people out of the space and freedom of university halls- where there were reluctant cleaners to sort everything and give it all a good clean… You’ll soon realise that your house mates are pretty messy-whilst house tensions can cause rifts and splitting up of the group. Despite this, unless something really drastic happens, debate and passive aggressive notes are all part and parcel of the experience!

You’ll make a rota which everyone will ignore

Yourself, or someone else in the house will have a big rant on wattsApp before making a rota which everybody will completely ignore and probably hide or destroy. No matter, at least you tried!

You will hit up fresher’s week and will probably feel old

Fresher’s Week is a great experience for all and can be brill during second year as well! The only thing is that you’ll probably feel really old during the celebrations whilst constantly telling yourself off for wanting your bed at 11pm.

You will miss first year

Despite the fun of second year, there will always be that pull of first year that you can’t really shake during the second year of studying. It’s important to remember the bad times as well as the good times to recognise that the present is what counts, and to realise how you have grown as a person.

You’ll experience some existential dread

Although second year has only just started, you’ll soon be getting people telling you that you’re already half way through, like you didn’t know already, whilst also following up this statement with the age old question; ‘what are you doing after university?’ Oh, brilliant. Remember, you have another year to worry about that- it’s fine.

You’ll fight the second year slump

According to the Guardian, the vast majority of students experience what is known as a ‘second year slump’ during their studies. This can usually be caused by second year being more achievement driven, meaning that students are under much more stress, with the added fear of life after university causing worry and apprehension. Try not to worry, every student goes through this and it’s just a natural part of the university experience and will pass.

You’ll start to prefer night’s in

FOMO (fear of missing out) will no longer be a thing as you’ll probably be much more accustomed to sitting in with a good movie, lots of snacks and your new housemates. Although nights out are great, you’ll soon start to realise that they don’t have to happen every night, and will hopefully spend time relaxing and recuperating.

You’ll start to be more yourself

Without the pressure of first year to impress, socialise and to make new friends, you’ll start to realise that there’s nothing to lose and plenty to gain from simply being yourself.

Parties are much better

Although first year parties are absolutely original and hold many great memories, you’ll also start to realise that there’s a certain charm behind second year parties. Everyone knows eachother, nobody tries too hard, and the atmosphere tends to be a lot more relaxed, yet still good fun.

You’ll never get lost on campus, hopefully…

After one year of studying, you’ll probably know your way relatively well around the campus, you’ll be able to find the library and you’ll have worked out the best libraries to work in depending on the type of work you’ll be doing. This knowledge will continue until you get given your timetable and you have no idea where the Building H45T6AD is…

You won’t have to endure fire drills anymore

Remember in first year, you had to endure at least one fire drill a week in the dead of night, standing in nothing but your dressing gown? Well, as a second year student, you will definitely not experience any impromptu fire alarms ever again. That’s right, this time you’ll be perfectly aware that the fire alarm is going to go off, as either you- or one of your flat mates will be floundering around the kitchen with a slice of burning toast.