Here are the funniest stories from Fresher's so far

Elizabeth Whittingham·18 September 2018·6 min read
Here are the funniest stories from Fresher's so far

a round up of the best...

First year is renowned for being a time to make mistakes, and boy did you guys prove this to be true. We spoke to Fresher’s across the country to find your most hilarious/cringe worthy tales and let’s just say it didn't disappoint. Here's a round-up of the best:

Tom, Maths, Manchester

I went to see Wiley perform at my SU. Me and my mate managed to sneak backstage, hoping to get a selfie with the Godfather of grime. Just before his set a group of lads strode up next to us, so I turned to one of them asking if Wiley was actually going to turn up (he has a rep for sacking off gigs last minute). The guy sniggered and told me ‘any minute now’ before jumping on stage and starting his set. I just asked Wiley if Wiley was turning up. Mortifying.

Rory, PPE, Leeds

Me and my flat went for pre drinks at someone’s house before heading out. At one point later in the night we realised we’d lost one of my flatmates, but just assumed she’d pulled and gone home. When we saw her the next day she lividly explained how she’d actually got locked in the loo and had to climb out the window onto this balcony before jumping to freedom. How she emerged unscathed from that raucous affair I will never know but fair play for the initiative.

Emily, Geography, Kings

Me and the girls in my flat went on a big night out in London. We were dancing on this platform bit when a couple of guys came up to us and started speaking in French. My friend and I turned to each other in confusion before shouting ‘English! We’re English!’ at the lads. We found them later in the smoking area and quickly realised that they weren’t speaking French, they were from Newcastle. I’d never felt like such a Southern snob in my life.

Ellie, Politics, Manchester

I went to a gig with my boyfriend and we both got more drunk than is acceptable. After the gig was over we thought it would be a good idea to wait by the stage doors and get a selfie. After about 15 minutes the lead singer came out, so we pounced on him begging for a photo. He seemed really confused and uninterested but we kept pushing (probably much more aggressively than is acceptable) claiming that he was a diva and didn’t respect his fans. Eventually we got the picture, only to realise the next day that it wasn’t with the lead singer, but his younger brother who actually lived in the flat opposite us. Needless to say our encounters in the hallway have been far from friendly.

Katie, Advertising, Manchester

Me and my mates live in this really tall tower block of uni accommodation. We were all really drunk before a night out so decided to get the lift down. As fate would have it, the lift broke and we ended up being stuck in there for an hour and a half! Clearly, safety wasn’t a priority of ours as the first thing we did was ring the club night we were going to asking if we could still get £1 entry, as had it not been for the lift fiasco we would have made it in time. To be fair, it paid off as the promoter found the whole thing so funny he gave us free entry and shots as soon as we got there!

Lauren, Biochemistry, Southampton

I pulled a guy at this club and brought him back to my flat. After being back for five minutes my beer goggles disappeared and I quickly realised this wasn’t the guy for me. I felt too awkward to kick him out, so I said I was going to the loo and got my flatmate to angrily barge into the room saying it was hers. She kept shouting ‘Get out of my room!’ until the poor lad scampered out in fear. It’s funny, because my room is covered in pics of me and my mates but I think he was too traumatised to notice.

Hannah, Fashion Marketing, Manchester

I was at an SU night with my course mate and we were both throwing some pretty brave shapes. I got a bit too enthusiastic at one point and slipped on the floor, resulting in a monumental fall onto my back. My course mate then just walked away because in embarrassment, leaving me a pile of shame and regret on the VK-doused floor.

George, Medicine, Newcastle

My flat and I had a ludicrously heavy sesh one night, leaving us all very worse for wear the next morning. I was in a highly fragile state, but managed to make it into the kitchen to get a vital cuppa. Much to my surprise, I was met by my flatmates parents who were visiting for the weekend. Overcome by a sudden wave of uncontrollable, hellish nausea I chundered all over the floor, some of which splashed back onto the shoes of my friend's mum. Brilliant.