How to upskill during lockdown

Emma Seton·16 June 2020·5 min read
How to upskill during lockdown
Over the past few months, the world has changed in ways previously unimaginable. With the job market taking a plunge, and uncertainty becoming all too familiar, many individuals are choosing to use their extra time indoors to enhance their CV and career prospects. Whether you are looking to learn a new language or brush up on your IT skills, many online platforms have become widely available to support online learning and upskilling during lockdown. Many students are returning to the (virtual) classroom to better equip themselves with relevant skills for the ever-changing economic environment.

What platforms are available for upskilling:

Coursera: This platform offers a wide range of online courses from Universities or other educational establishments around the world. The courses are often free, allowing students to develop their knowledge, with a payable option to gain a certificate.

Class Central: This site offers thousands of online courses for free, including massive open online courses (MOOC’s). Class Central offers individuals the opportunity to specialise in: business; computer science; humanities; art and design; personal development and data science. Individuals are able to browse a selection of courses, reading detailed reviews about each course, to ensure they choose the right course for them. The aim of Class Central is to ‘make online education work for everyone.’

Skills Tool Kit : This is a government website that provides an opportunity to enhance your digital and numeracy skills. Research shows that digital and numeracy skills are most desired by employers, gaining these skills can not only boost your job prospects but also your earning potential.

LinkedIn Learning: this site offers a range of courses to help boost and enhance your CV. After completing the course, you will receive a certificate that can be displayed on your LinkedIn profile, allowing employers to acknowledge your new skill. LinkedIn Learning offers over 9,000 courses, taught by industry professionals and experts to help people to develop their career aspirations. Courses range from business skills, to software management to leadership skills, the site adds at least 25 courses per week, keeping up with current trends. The site uses personalised data to tailor the courses to support your specific career goals.

Duolingo: If you’re looking to learn a new language, this is the platform for you. Duolingo offers bite-size courses in over 30 languages and is available through the language learning website or the mobile app. It is free for users, but also offers a paid premium service.

Google Digital Garage: This offers a range of free digital skills, ranging from basic website functioning skills to data technology to marketing strategy. Google Digital garage allows you to learn at your own pace, and even provides users with a certificate of completion to display on their Linkedin profiles or CV. In the digital era, enhanced digital awareness has never been more relevant.

Tech Nation: this is a digital business academy helping businesses with start-ups, if starting your own business is an aspiration of yours, this platform will help you gain the necessary skills to become a successful entrepreneur.

Hubspot Academy : This company prides itself on keeping up to date with current trends and offering free online training in marketing and sales. It offers single topic courses, lessons specific to professionals looking to enhance their career, and comprehensive certifications. Hubspot Academy aims to offer free training to allow individuals to develop in the digital age.

By upskilling, in whichever area you desire, you are ensuring that your skillset remains relevant and is adapting to the changing times. While the job market is inevitably affected by the current economic uncertainty, there are ways to use this time to your advantage. Whether you are on the pursuit of upskilling for your career potential or learning for personal development, there is an array of online resources available for you to utilise. Upskilling during lockdown may set you apart from other professionals within your field, allowing you to diversify your skill set, in disciplines external to your specialism.