Exam Season: How to Destress

Elizabeth Whittingham·22 December 2017·5 min read
Exam Season: How to Destress

Pace Yourself

Remember that you need to pace yourself, and not set yourself too much today in one day. Create a time table and follow it religiously, this will help you to calm down and know exactly when to work. Give yourself regular breaks and mix up the style of revision, for example, make mind maps for one hour, then notes for the next.

Get some exercise

Exercise releases endorphins and these make you feel good, a great idea is to have a break in the middle of the day where you complete at least half an hour of exercise. It will make sure that you are raring and ready to go as soon as you get back, you will also feel justified in sitting down for the rest of the day!

Mediate and have a shower!

This sounds silly, I know, but sometimes work can pile up on top of you and cause for a stressful experience. A great way to unwind is to run a bath and just relax, maybe read a book or put a TV show on whilst you soak.

Another great way to relax is to meditate, put on your favourite music or find a meditation video online, put in on and relax.

Review your notes

If you are feeling far too stressed to actually sit down and get some work done, then sit down with your notes and get some reading in. Reviewing your notes is fantastic as it is a relaxing method of revising when you are a little bit stressed and overwhelmed.

Reward Yourself

Make sure that you recognise your achievements and reward yourself for them.For example, if you have had a productive day working, then head out for a meal in the evening, or put on a movie and relax with friends and family. It is important to reward yourself for your hard work, it will give you something to work towards.

Believe in yourself

You will never get anywhere if you just don’t believe in yourself. Self confidence and determination can be a great way to help with the nerves, to get you working and to get you believing in your abilities.

Focus on the positives and stay calm

Focus on the positives, think about how hard you have worked, recognise that you have tried your best.

It may be a good idea, as a way to calm yourself down, to look through all your notes, you will get in a bit of revision whilst helping to calm yourself down by letting yourself know just how much work you have done!

Organise your stationary

A great way to relax and unwind when you are revising is to make sure that all your folders and stationary are in order, this really helps to allow you to relax. Filing your folders also feels like you are organising your life, trust me!

Recognise your achievements

If you feel that you have had a great day revising, then recognise this! Allow yourself to be proud and feel accomplished, then have a rest!

Eat right and get enough sleep

I cannot stress this enough, make sure that you are sleeping right and eating right. The optimum hours needed by your body, concerning sleep, is eight hours, so make sure you get this each night.

Make sure that your bedtime routines occur roughly at the same time each night, this will really help to balance your sleeping patterns. Concerning food, make sure that you are getting three meals in each day, paying close attention to breakfast!- as this will start your work day on the right foot!