How to get the most value for money from your university

Elizabeth Whittingham·26 November 2017·4 min read
How to get the most value for money from your university

Always remember just how much you are paying for your studies, if you feel that your university is not supporting you, then take the initiative to make them!

Make the most out of those office hours please!

I know all the lecturers and tutors say this, but office hours really are there for a reason and can be a brilliant help. If you are unimpressed with your grade, then go along and chat to your tutor, they will usually pull your work up on the screen and chat through everything. It can be really useful. Don’t be afraid to ask the bare basics, request if they could find some good resources for you and even express just how you feel about the course in general, it will help you and it will also give them some indication of how the course is going. Trust me, the majority of tutors just sit in the office waiting for students to show up, so go along and make the most of them!

Keep a look out for workshops, from organisation through to essay planning

Universities tend to offer great little workshops, usually located in their libraries, which run through certain skills that are important for university life. There can be ones on citation, organisation and planning and they can be really useful if you are struggling! They are usually available to browse on your university website or the library website. They serve tea and biscuits at the one at my university, so you never know, there could be cake at yours!

Go to all the careers events

These are so handy! Most careers events are catered to specific areas of work, for example, as a history student, I went along to the culture and heritage one. They can be great opportunities to browse information and chat to people who are working in the field that you want to in the future after graduation.

Recommended talks are good, go to them!

I know the whole idea around non-compulsory talks can be a little laid back, with the vast majority of students not bothering. However, the thing here is that the talks can actually be very beneficial, whether it’s a little added information that only you now have for your essay, a new opinion, some handy tips and even some detailed planning techniques, you are bound to come away having learnt something. If have learnt something, then it’s an hour well spend isn’t it?

Mental Health Services!

If you are struggling at university, then making the most of the services they have on offer can be a great help. Most universities have a night line service, which is usually open throughout the night and can be a great outlet for students who are struggling under the stress. There are also free meetings at the majority of universities where you can discuss your course and the effect it may be having on your mental health.

Remember to make the most of it all and good luck!