Results: Higher number of clearing spaces expected as applications fall

Elizabeth Whittingham·17 August 2017·4 min read
Results: Higher number of clearing spaces expected as applications fall

Applications for university have fallen by 2% this year, whilst EU applications have fallen by 3 %, this means that there is a higher chance of a wide variety of clearing options becoming available today!

Recent figures from UCAS this week have revealed a sharp decline in university entries, similar to 2012 when fees were raised substantially.

With Brexit now a reality and with no reassurances for EU students from the government, applications from students from the European Union have dropped alongside UK students.

The Head of Admissions at a Midlands university has expressed concern at these alarming declines, commenting that “It’s the toughest season I can remember. We’ve all got our fingers crossed’.

The sharp decline has also lead to innovative marketing schemes across cities, as buses in London were decked out in yellow to promote London Metropolitan whilst tube stations are smothered in posters promoting the high employability rate of students who achieve a degree.

Various universities have been championing their gold awards in excellence such as De Montfort whilst universities such as Sheffield are relying on the links that they have built around Europe for their EU expected students.

Christina Edgar, head of admissions at Sheffield University has commented that the drop in applications means that there will be a wider range of places available on results day.

This means that many students may opt to take a look, to see if they can improve on what they have gained on results day. Edgar has commented that if students are canny then they can have a look at what’s on offer after results;

‘It means that if a student wants to take a fresh look in August, or has changed their mind about what course they want to do or what part of the world or what part of the country they want to be in, they’ve got the choice to do that.’

Due to the wide availability of places expected, online marketing and research ideas have been increasing. Google Ad searches show that universities such as Aberdeen, Huddersfield and Roehampton have been purchasing advertisement space at the top prices, whilst social media has also been set up to communicate with students today, such as snap chat and Facebook live.

Staffordshire University have also revealed that they will be willing to deal with the high numbers of spaces available by making and accepting offers from students via twitter!

There is also the unavoidable fact that there has been a substantial fall in student nursing applications, with the bursary being cut by the government earlier this year. Whilst the fall in part time and mature students, mainly due to the government cuts, has also drastically affected figures.

The BBC have commented that results this year will be a ‘buyer’s market’, as Russell Group Universities will be expected to take lower grades in order to reach entry quotas.

Numbers this year are much smaller than last, with numbers of high school students wanting to go to university at an eight year low.

We are entering a new age where clearing is now decided on twitter, and with a substantial drop in applications, it seems there may be a high chance of students securing Russell Group university places where before they were unattainable.