How to live with people without falling out

Elizabeth Whittingham·23 August 2017·4 min read
How to live with people without falling out

With university looming and many of you planning to move into either brand new student halls or accommodation, there is the likely possibility that you will be moving in with new people. Follow these top tips to avoid clashing with your fellow students this year, to avoid drama and to have a relaxing and enjoyable experience.


A key to avoiding any unfortunate awkward silences or frosty looks is communication. If someone upset you by stealing your food, being too noisy when you have needed to sleep, spilt drink over your carpet or left a mess in the kitchen- you need to talk to them about it. Leaving it to hang over the halls is a bad idea as it just creates ‘elephants in the room’ and makes the whole experience ten times worse.

Listen to people

Listen to people. If someone clearly states that they have an exam in the morning, don’t play music as loud as you can, or if someone clearly buys themselves milk, don’t steal it. These things may sound simple but sometimes in the chaos of fresher’s and first year, people tend to not listen at times and do things that they would not normally do. Think about it, if you wouldn’t like it done to you, do not do it someone else.

Respect each other

Respect each other and be kind. Welcome people into your room, leave your door propped open, make everyone a cup of tea and have a chat. Getting to know your floor and gaining a respect amongst you and everyone will lessen the chance of people falling out.

Tidy up after yourself

A great way to avoid any confrontation is to always clean up after yourself when cooking. If you are going to start leaving dirty dishes there for weeks, under the impression that someone else will magically clean them for you, then you are asking for confrontation. Keep it clean, respect other people’s belongings and everyone should be happy.

Be polite

This one is always a given- just be polite! This way politeness will usually come back to you. If someone is not interested in being polite to you, then there is little you can do, but one thing that many people learn at university if that the majority of people are in the same position, everyone wants to make friends and most people are friendly.

Give each other space

A tip to avoid falling out with people is to give your flat their space when they need it. If someone wants to go in their room on their own for a few hours, respect this, knocking on their door and questioning their habits will probably just annoy them.