Charlotte Crosby: Interview

Holly Smith·31 January 2017·5 min read
Charlotte Crosby: Interview

Charlotte Crosby is one of the UK’s most popular reality T.V personalities, starring in student friendly T.V. shows Geordie Shore and Celebrity Big Brother, which she won this summer.

Charlotte has been the highest profile star of Geordie Shore since 2011, when the show started. She was famously named as Cheryl Cole’s favourite cast member and has enjoyed and ‘on/off’ relationship with fellow star Gaz Beadle. Her relationship with her co-star has led to some turbulent scenes in the past,  including getting kicked out of the Geordie Shore house back in April following a heated argument with Gaz.

In the past Charlotte has demonstrated a thrifty approach to socialising and eating. She has once admitted that she only ever went out with £10 in her purse, having become skilled at ‘acquiring’ other people’s drinks during the course of an evening. Evidence of her success is that she often found herself waking up in some strange places, including the roof of her own house, a police cell and in the toilet of a bar.

Charlotte regularly exists on the ‘tin diet’ eating only cold food directly from a tin. After leaving college she has worked a number of different jobs, before finding T.V. fame. In addition to Geordie Shore and CBB she has appeared on This Morning and Celebrity Juice.

Who would be your ideal housemate, if you could choose anyone and why?

Holly (Hagan) and Sophie (Kashei) are my ideal housemates. We get on really well and have such a laugh and after having lived together we have become really good mates, which has helped us start a business together.

Who would be your nightmare housemate and why?

Vicky and Bruce from the celebrity big brother house. They are both too angry and judgemental  and it is hard to live with people who are like that.

Any tips for dealing with housemates you don’t get on with?

Avoid them! In the end it is the best thing to do. When I went into the celebrity big brother house I couldn’t choose my housemates and I guess it is a bit like going to Uni and ending up in a hall full of people you don’t know. Some of them you will get on with and some you won’t. Just remember to choose carefully when you get the chance in the 2nd year!

What advice do you have for students who are about to get involved in a relationship with a housemate?

Don’t do it. It could get very messy. Just look at me and Gary. It ended up getting me thrown out of the house a few times. Although getting thrown out does give me a bit of a break and a chance to see my family, its probably not the ideal situation for everyone.

Why do you think you are so popular with Students?

Maybe because they can relate to me? Everything that’s happening on the show happens in real life and students love to party so I think they can actually relate to everything that happens on the show!

 Who did you get on with most in the Big Brother House?

I got on really well with Carol (McGiffin) – she was really nice and great fun.

Did you enjoy being a student?

I was only at college for a year and nothing really exciting happened there, secondary school was the best time of my life and I had so much fun with my friends.  I guess that one of the best things about going to Uni is making new friends and for me the equivalent has been the experience of being in the Geordie Shore house. We’ve become like family so it’s impossible to ever feel lonely in there.

We notice that you fancy being in Downton Abbey. Any other famous houses you would like to live in?

Buckingham Palace!