How to tell if he’s into you

Holly Smith·4 March 2017·6 min read
How to tell if he’s into you

Our generation are victims of the “play hard to get” mentality, making it frustratingly difficult to read the signs of the opposite sex. Every guy plays a different game, and some guys might not even be aware they’re playing a game. But each will try and understate how much they’re into you, trying to appear cool, collected and incapable of cringe emotions.

With a bit of research and some personal experience, enlighten yourself girls in this list of tips and signs to work out once and for all whether he’s into you.

His body language

Picking up on his body language is key to your detective work. Have a think, when you’re sat next to each other does he bend his knees and point his feed towards you? Does he learn closer you to hear you and rarely have his back faced to you? If the answers are yes, he’s showing signs that he’s attracted to you as this body language demonstrates that you have his full undivided attention.

His eye contact

If his gaze is locked to yours during a conversation, this flirty eye contact displays signs of romance. Eye contact is often a “sexual tension” sort of indicator, and he will be well aware of this. Nevertheless, don’t confuse a timid guy’s awkward eye contact with someone who’s disinterested.

He teases

Every girl has a love/ hate relationship with teasing. Flirty banter is always well received, but too often it turns into endless winding up which can get tedious and tiring. Although his sarcasm and mocking might start to overwhelm you, guys are convinced that girls love it and so it’s definitely a sign he’s into you.

His touch

He might play fight, touch you when you’re laughing together or accidently brush your leg without moving away. Body contact reveals a lot about your level of intimacy, and if he’s happy to make body contact with you in public then he’s likely to be keen.

He compliments you

Has he commented on your clothing, perfume or make up? Or has he openly stated that he’s impressed with something you do? Giving someone a compliment takes guts, so you must be worth it in his eyes.

how to tell he's into you

He overcompensates

Regularly, boys will put on an overly confident front, reasoning that they need to love themselves in order for you to love them. This alpha male façade can be painful at times, but deep down they’re usually just insecure and trying to make up for it.

He adds you on social media

Think back, who added who on social media? Did he come up with a sneaky way to find out your Snapchat name? Boys are often awfully slow a replying on social media to everyone, so don’t overthink that too much.

His friends

A guy’s friends can often give you clues into their feelings. For instance, they might make more effort than usual to get to know you or smile at you is if they know something.

He acts interested in things you’re interested in

If he asks genuine questions about your hobbies and interests, it shows he’s eager to get to know you better and likes you for more than your looks!


He notices when you change your look

Men are infamous for failing to notice even when their wife dyes their hair purple, so don’t hold your breath on this one. If he does make a comment on a new style or a new piece of clothing, however, you’re definitely onto something good.

He doesn’t use his phone around you

Texting and checking social media around a girl is such a faux pas. So if you can tell he’s making a conscious effort not to scroll through Instagram and reply to his meaningless Snapchats, your company is obviously worth something.

He gives you a nickname

Depending on the name, nicknames can show that he’s trying to “personalize” you, as if to add a little bit of him onto you. That sounds creepy, but trust me it’s a good sign.

He hangs out in a group only because you’re there

When a guy doesn’t mind socialising with you and your group of friends, it says a lot about his approach to your relationship. Especially if this means he has to discuss Mac lipstick over coffee with you and your four gal pals!


He initiates

This may be a conversation, a kiss, a day plan, a night plan. Whatever it is he initiates, it emphasizes that he’s actively seeking your attention.

He listens and remembers the details

If he remembers things as boring as your uncle’s cat’s name and your best friend’s favourite pizza, he’s openly declaring his love for you!

He doesn’t just message you to do things at night

Sleeping over at his after a night out might be fun, but wanting to do things when you’re both sober and in the day time shows a lot more commitment than the standard “friends with benefit” set up.

He has told his friends about you

Unlike girls, boys don’t necessarily keep their friends up to date with every bit of gossip about a girl they are seeing. By telling his friends about you, however, he’s prompted a whole lot of bullying and banter from his friendship group. They’ll soon be calling him “whipped”.

He makes it up to you

He might screw it up from time to time and there should definitely be room with second chances in the early stages of a fling. However, if he actively makes an effort to make it up to you, whether that be with dinner or flowers, he’s obviously keen to stay in your good books. Just don’t let it become a regular occurrence.