A Record Return For Students: Vinyl’s Comeback

Holly Smith·12 August 2016·4 min read
A Record Return For Students: Vinyl’s Comeback

Who would have thought that in 2016, vinyl would be something students would even know about? From Walkmans to streaming music online, we’ve experienced enormous changes in music platforms throughout our lifetime. Yet nobody could have predicted that we would be so interested in purchasing massive ‘frisbee like’ music discs that our parents used to depend on.

My first memory of playing music was on a cassette player.

I was perfectly fine, bopping along until a long line of plastic film started falling out of the tape. And that was that. No more listening to S Club 7! Fair to say, these little rectangles had their fair share of faults.

Then came the era of CDs which (some) people still buy today to hold a physical copy of an artist’s music. The days of making a mix tape or burning a disc of some cracking tunes for someone you fancied still stick in my mind. Sadly my mixtape was never as good as Tracey’s. Tracey and Dave are still together today *cries*.

vinyl returns

However, the IPod/Mp3 player was a real game changer. Suddenly you had access to all the music in the world and could download thousands of songs onto this little machine in a click. We have never looked back from this.

Now we can even stream music off the internet without having to download it. Spotify Premium is probably the best thing that’s ever happened for music. Not the free version though, because those ads they play after ever second song make you lose the will to live!

So after progressing so much it may come as a surprise that students are now interested in using old school vinyl.

How did this even happen?

According to an ICM poll, 7% of people who buy vinyl don’t even own a turntable! 41% have one but don’t use it. For these students, vinyl is purely a fashion statement, wanting to appear to be a proper music junkie who is into old school anthems. (Don’t quiz these students on their music though, you may be horrified with their lack of knowledge.)

Then there are those who are genuine music fans who miss having a physical copy of an album. Rather than simply purchasing a CD, these students purchase the vinyl copy of their favourite albums, to make the keepsake more special. It is their way of supporting an artist.

vinyl returns

With the increase in numbers who illegally download music, music fans know they must support their favourite artists. Most vinyl copies purchased these days also give you a digital copy, because you know, we’re not living in the dark ages.

Students also like getting turntables be it old or new. You can now get modern turntables or students are even revamping old ones as a unique accessory to have in their house. It is definitely something interesting to have during house parties.

The question is, is this just a fad or will vinyl continue to grow in popularity. Of course nobody can predict the future but there is doubt that vinyl will always be a collector’s item for serious music fans.