7 Penny-Pinching Student Discounts You Need To Know About

Holly Smith·9 June 2016·4 min read
7 Penny-Pinching Student Discounts You Need To Know About

When you’re a student, you have to hold onto every penny you’ve got. That means making sure that you get student discount whenever and wherever you can. Well, there are a few places that you might not even know offer this discount. Check out some of the best ones that you definitely need to know about.


1. Apple


If you’ve been lusting after a brand new Macbook, it might be just a little cheaper for you just because you are a student. Check out the Apple Store for Education. You can get a range of discounts just for people in education. From 15% off Macbooks to 5% off iPads, it’s well worth your time.


2. McDonald’s


If you have a valid NUS Extra card, you can get something on the side with your meal for NOTHING. Buy any Big Mac or McChicken sandwich meal and you can get a free side of extra fries without paying a penny for them.


3. Film tickets


The cinema is getting more and more expensive these days, and us poor students can barely afford a ticket. Well, if you take a look at Show Film First and sign up with a student email (that’s one that ends with .ac.uk), you can see free previews of films in your area.


4. Spotify


Where would you be without a music streaming service, eh? Back in the dark ages, that’s where. Students can actually get a whopping 50% off their Spotify Premium subscription. What an absolute bargain.


5. Amazon


Many people don’t realise this, but Amazon actually offer student discount on most of their stock. In some of the major categories, you can get between 5 and 10% off certain items. It is well worth putting your NUS code in at the checkout to see if you can get money off.


6. Topshop and Topman


If you flash your student card in one of these shops, you will be in for a real treat. Topshop and Topman offer a 10% discount as standard for students. What’s more, you can often get a little extra when it comes to money off. Sometimes, this means that you can get up to 15% off! And, yes, it does work on sale items.


7. Co-Op

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Want to get a little money off your food shopping? Then Co-Op is the place to go. If you show your NUS card at the register, you can actually get a 10% discount. Just think of all the money you will save on your weekly supply of noodles.