What? This 12-Year-Old Girl Just Got Into University!

Holly Smith·14 July 2016·3 min read
What? This 12-Year-Old Girl Just Got Into University!

12-year-old, Huang Sihan, has been accepted at the Anhui Professional College of Art, despite still being in primary school.

Most of us follow a certain pattern when it comes to education. You go to primary school then secondary school. You might go to college to get your A Levels, but you might just as well sit them at your secondary school as part of 6th Form. Then, if you’re lucky and your grades are good enough, you get to apply and hopefully be accepted at a top university. Simple, right?


Well, one little girl who is taking her own route to university is Huang Sihan. The rather talented 12-year-old has actually just been accepted at an arts university, despite the fact that she is still in primary school at the moment. 

Hailing from the Anhui Province in China, Huang has studied Hui Opera for just four years, but is already a fabulous talent. When her teacher noticed that she had a real knack for opera, she encouraged her to take things one step further. 


It was then that Huang took an independent exam to get on the sought after five-year opera performance program at the Anhui Professional College of Art. While it may have seemed that her chances would be slim, she defied the odds and was immediately accepted onto the course. 

What’s more, since she has such a talent, she has effectively been given a scholarship to study the art for the entire five-year period. In fact, she has landed herself free admission to the prestigious university. She will be one of the first graduates from her school to attend the university and is due to start soon!