10 Students Who Totally Nailed Their Test Answers

Holly Smith·21 July 2016·3 min read
10 Students Who Totally Nailed Their Test Answers

Let’s face it, sometimes tests can get a little dry. When you’re in the midst of exam season, you can get a little tired of all the same old questions. Sometimes, wouldn’t it be fun to start messing around a little? Here are 10 students who totally nailed their test answers.


1. Expand this equation


You can’t deny that Peter expanded things here. Sure, that might not be exactly what his tutor wanted him to do, but still.


2. You can’t argue with this one


Those mean giraffes have gone and let their friend starve to death. You can’t really argue over the answer on this one.


3. Wrong beer law


To be fair to this person, as soon as the word ‘beer’ was mentioned, things got super confusing. I mean, after that the guy could probably only think about drinking.


4. The opposite of pro is…


This obviously seriously confused the teacher, but it is technically the opposite, right? This person is not wrong.


5. Hard water is ice, right?


I’m pretty sure that the right answer was something ultra scientific here, but somehow this person went another way with this one.


6. This one is just plain funny


How anyone could moan about this answer I do not know. You have to admit that this one is pretty damn funny!


7. Well, what else is it?


You really can’t blame the student here, can you? That arrow is clearly pointing at the guy’s crotch. I mean, what else could it be?


8. Seems like a legit solution


There’s no doubt that overpopulation is a real problem. It seems that this person has the perfect solution to it. They’ve just taken a little inspiration from literature.


9. Enough is enough, Judy!



I don’t know who Judy is, but I would certainly like to meet her. She seems like a right little joker – as you can see by how annoyed her teacher is!


10. Oh dear…


It seems that this student has a little insider knowledge when it comes to this engineer! Who knew that the guy had been such a naughty boy?