Looking for student accommodation just got easier

Emma Seton·2 July 2021·3 min read
Looking for student accommodation just got easier

Looking for a student property? We’ve got you covered. At Accommodation for Students we’ve made some slight adjustments to our website to make your student property search as quick and simple as possible. Take a look at what’s changed, and how we’ve improved your user experience.

New search function:

You can now search for your perfect student property by using geo-location. You’ll be able to view your property on the map, as well as through the traditional list view.

Pushing the boundaries of search

In our recent focus groups, we asked students what they wanted in their search bar, and they requested additional filters. We will now be using a search based on Elasticsearch, which enables your search to be accurate and user friendly. The new search will include filters for:

  • City
  • Street name
  • Postcode
  • Student area
  • University building
  • Landmark

If you’re a student in a large town or city, this new function will be of great benefit to you. You can quickly find an exact match for your property requirements and find landlords that offer you and your flat mates the perfect property.

View on map

If you want to check out how close your new property is to relevant amenities and areas of interest, we’ve got you covered. At the request of students, we’ve added a map view for our properties, as well as a traditional list view. This way you can really get an idea of the area that you want to live in.

We here to help

Even though we have invested heavily in our new search function to make life even easier for you, we do appreciate that sometimes you might need a little extra help. If you find you need a bit more support this summer, get in touch with our live help team – they can offer advice, support and assistance…they can even do all the hard work for you and find your new term time home. You can chat live online or email [email protected]