Tips for move in day and for your first week of university.

Emma Seton·22 September 2021·5 min read
Tips for move in day and for your first week of university.

Moving to university is often a big step for most people, and the biggest adjustments will probably take place during the first week that you arrive. It’s a lot to get used to and that’s okay. Take your time with the adjustment and just know that you will be fine.

It’s normal to be upset when you say goodbye to your family.

Although you might be really excited to move away to university, it’s still normal to be upset when you’re saying goodbye to your family. Don’t put pressure on yourself to feel really excited all the time. Allow yourself to accept that this is a big change and understand that it might take time to adjust. These feelings can often come because you might be nervous about moving away, or about meeting new people.

Take time to get to know your new flat mates.

While you might wish to just stay in your room when you first arrive, it’s really important to take time to get to know your new flat mates and to spend some time with them. Perhaps try and plan your first night out with them so that you can all get to know each other better. Whether your flat mates turn out to be your best friends throughout university, or whether you make better friendships with other people, these people will still be the ones that you’re going to live with so it’s important to try and get along. Buying a door stopper is a great idea to make sure that you can prop your door open and create a welcoming environment. Who knows, someone might even pop in for a chat.

Explore the area once you arrive.

One of the best ways to help you get settled into university is to explore your new home. Take some time to find out where the local shops are, the local clubs, the local bars and how far these are from your accommodation. Maybe even check out the local bus routes so that you know how to get around your new city or town.

Keep your crockery in your own cupboard if you still want it at the end of the year.

While sharing your crockery might seem like a good idea, once your flat mates start using your stuff, things start getting broken, scratched and damaged. If you want your crockery to remain yours (and in good condition) then definitely keep it in your own cupboard.

Set up a bin rota and don’t be the one that cleans up after everyone.

When it comes to house chores, it’s definitely best to set up a rota. Otherwise, you can often find yourselves in the habit where one person is clearing up after everyone else and people aren’t pulling their weight. It’s important to remember that a lot of people are moving away from home for the first time, and they might never have had to do their own cleaning before. Don’t be the person that does the cleaning for everyone or your flatmates will start to rely on you to do it. Making a rota makes sure that everyone is treated equally and does their fair share.

Go to your 1:1 meeting with your academic advisor.

Although you might be partying hard in your first week of university, and heading into university to meet your academic advisor might not seem like your top priority, it’s a great idea to get to know them. This will be the first person that you’ll speak to if you ever need any support during your time at university so getting to know them in your first week can really pay off.

Extra helpful advice:

Someone is going to lose their key card or student ID on the first day, try not to let that be you.

Wash your tea towels regularly, they will start to get dirty.

If your flat suggests doing something together like going to the shop, go. It’s good for getting to know each other.

Buy lots of cold and flu remedy. Freshers’ flu is very real.

Wear sliders or slippers in your flat kitchen.

Eat as many nutritious meals as possible.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Don’t forget to check your university emails.

Go to the Freshers’ fair – try to join at least one society.

Attend as much as you can during the first week.

Get to know your Students Union.

The first week of university can be challenging for everyone, but hopefully there will also be some time for lots of partying and other fun. If you’re struggling during your first few weeks remember that you’re not alone and your university will have services on their websites that you can reach out to for help.