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London's Landlords Are Increasingly Buying Outside Of The Capital

London's Landlords Are Increasingly Buying Outside Of The Capital

London's landlords are increasingly buying outside of the capital

London's landlords are increasingly buying investment property outside of the capital, one lettings index has reveale

Posted by on 17/04/2019 14:12:11
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Manual Underwriting Call From Professional Landlords

Manual Underwriting Call From Professional Landlords

More than one in three property investors are calling for buy to let lenders to apply a manual underwriting process aimed at professional landlords, a new survey reveals.

The findings from MT Fina

Posted by on 17/04/2019 12:56:43
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Section 21 Notices To Be Scrapped

Section 21 Notices To Be Scrapped

In a bid to protect tenants from 'rogue' landlords, Section 21 notices for eviction are to be scrapped, the government has announced.

In the announcement, the government says that Section 8 evictions will also be r

Posted by on 17/04/2019 12:26:46
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The UK's buy to let hotspots revealed

The UK's buy to let hotspots revealed

The UK's best buy to let hotspots have been revealed with the news that average rents grew in the year to March by 0.96%.

According to the research from Landbay, the best city for rental growth in that period w

Posted by on 10/04/2019 15:09:49
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Eu Tenants ‘Will Struggle To Rent Post-Brexit’

Eu Tenants ‘Will Struggle To Rent Post-Brexit’

Tenants from the European Union will struggle to rent private accommodation once the UK leaves the EU, one landlords’ organisation is warning.

The Residential Landlords' Association (RLA) says the UK go

Posted by on 10/04/2019 15:04:51
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Buy To Let Landlord Exodus Fears Over Tax Blow

Buy To Let Landlord Exodus Fears Over Tax Blow

Fears of a new buy to let landlord exodus have been raised over a new tax blow.

It's been revealed that the government is looking to reform lettings relief, which currently sees a landlord earning up t

Posted by on 10/04/2019 15:01:34
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Rent Hikes ‘Fuelled By Landlord Exodus’

Rent Hikes ‘Fuelled By Landlord Exodus’

The growing exodus of landlords leaving the buy to let market has led to the highest number of tenants experiencing rent hikes since August, figures reveal.

According to Arla Propertymark, 34% of letting agent

Posted by on 02/04/2019 14:27:02
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Areas With The Highest Rental Demand Revealed

Areas With The Highest Rental Demand Revealed

The areas that have the highest rental demand from tenants in the UK have been revealed.

Verismart, a property compliance specialist, says it has analysed rental data from property portals to find where

Posted by on 02/04/2019 14:14:52
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Landlords Can't Afford New Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Landlords Can't Afford New Energy Efficiency Upgrades

The introduction of tough new laws covering energy efficiency for rental properties means one in three landlords cannot afford to upgrade, one organisation warns.

The Residential Landlords Associ

Posted by on 02/04/2019 13:49:55
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Buy To Let Outperforming Most Asset Classes

Buy To Let Outperforming Most Asset Classes

Research has revealed that an investment in a buy to let property has outperformed just about every other major asset class over the past 10 years.

Most of this performance is down to increasing rental yie

Posted by on 27/03/2019 11:15:44
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'No Sign' Of Rising Rents Abating

'No Sign' Of Rising Rents Abating

Private rents rose by 1.1% in the year to February across the UK, the Office for National Statistics says.

The data reveals that, on a monthly basis, rents grew by 1%.

In England and Wales, rents rose by

Posted by on 27/03/2019 11:04:51
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Rogue Landlords Warned Not To Exploit Students

Rogue Landlords Warned Not To Exploit Students

Rogue landlords have been warned that they face legal action if they are found to be exploiting students, one government minister warns.

As new regulations to give tenants more power come into force, r

Posted by on 27/03/2019 10:55:36
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Buy To Let Investors Are Getting Younger

Buy To Let Investors Are Getting Younger

The average age of buy to let investors in the UK has fallen by 3.5 years over the past 12 months, one online estate agency says.

According to yieldit, the average age of a BTL investor using their services h

Posted by on 22/03/2019 14:33:55
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Tenant Issues Revealed In A New Poll

Tenant Issues Revealed In A New Poll

Around half of tenants say they have fallen ill or been injured by their rental property's condition, one survey reveals.

The findings have been published by Aspect to coincide with the new Fit for Habitation rul

Posted by on 20/03/2019 16:54:51
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HMRC Urges 'Accidental' Landlords To Pay Tax

HMRC Urges 'Accidental' Landlords To Pay Tax

A campaign launched by HM Revenue and Customs aimed at accidental landlords urging them to pay tax might be failing, one accountancy firm says.

The Let Property Campaign was launched in 2013 to encourage

Posted by on 20/03/2019 14:38:05
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Rents Are Increasing Quicker Than Inflation

Rents Are Increasing Quicker Than Inflation

Average monthly rents have increased by 3.8% over the past year, which means rents are increasing at a rate quicker than inflation, one index reveals.

The figures from HomeLet highlight that the average re

Posted by on 13/03/2019 12:13:47
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What Tenants Want From A Home

What Tenants Want From A Home

A survey of what tenants are looking for from their rental property has been revealed.

The findings from Zoopla found that when looking for rental properties in England, Wales and Scotland, the most coveted feature want

Posted by on 13/03/2019 12:07:11
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Rising Costs Lead Landlords To Cut Spending

Rising Costs Lead Landlords To Cut Spending

Higher taxes and rising running costs have led to 36% of landlords reducing their expenditure, research reveals.

The data has been published by Kent Reliance, a specialist mortgage lender, who say that the

Posted by on 13/03/2019 12:02:30
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Government Plans DSS Advert Crackdown On Landlords

Government Plans DSS Advert Crackdown On Landlords

The Government has announced that it will start cracking down on those landlords who refuse to let a property to tenants receiving benefits.

Plans have been revealed that will end discrimination ag

Posted by on 08/03/2019 12:06:47
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BTL Tax Reforms Are 'Misguided'

BTL Tax Reforms Are 'Misguided'

The government is being urged to reconsider its BTL tax reforms as rents begin to soar and the number of landlords begins to fall, one firm of estate agents say.

According to data from haart, the number of landlords r

Posted by on 08/03/2019 11:58:39
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Rent To Rent 'Breaches Human Rights

Rent To Rent 'Breaches Human Rights

The Government's controversial Right to Rent scheme has been ruled by the High Court to breach human rights.

The scheme demands that landlords check the immigration position of a potential tenant before they are a

Posted by on 08/03/2019 11:46:50
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Btl Investors Look To The North West

Btl Investors Look To The North West

Growing numbers of buy to let investors are looking to the North West of England in the search for better returns than can be enjoyed in London, one real estate firm says.

According to Savills, the North West has

Posted by on 27/02/2019 15:22:00
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Btl Confidence Remains High Despite Market Challenges

Btl Confidence Remains High Despite Market Challenges

Investors remain confident in the buy to let sector and there's little sign of a market slowdown, says one online agency.

In an analysis from yieldit, the firm says that the number of new listing

Posted by on 27/02/2019 15:15:01
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Highest Rent Rises Since September Are Recorded

Highest Rent Rises Since September Are Recorded

Growing numbers of landlords put up rents in January to record the first rises since September 2018, according to data.

ARLA Propertymark has crunched the numbers and found that the number of letting

Posted by on 27/02/2019 15:02:39
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Landlords Could Be Illegally Letting Energy Inefficient Properties

Landlords Could Be Illegally Letting Energy Inefficient Properties

There could be tens of thousands of landlords who are unwittingly renting out a property illegally because they do not have an energy performance certificate of at least an 'E', one technology f

Posted by on 21/02/2019 12:28:18
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Buy To Let Lending Suffers A Slump

Buy To Let Lending Suffers A Slump

Fewer landlord investors took out a new BTL mortgage in December, leading to the continuing slump in mortgage activity, one organisation reports.

According to UK Finance, just 5,100 new buy to let mortgages were ag

Posted by on 21/02/2019 12:21:25
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Students Call For The End Of 'Landlord Exploitation'

Students Call For The End Of 'Landlord Exploitation'

The National Union of Students is calling for an enquiry into the way landlords and agents are letting homes to students after a survey found many have adopted 'unfair practices'.

The organisation

Posted by on 21/02/2019 12:07:40
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Average Tenancy Deposit Cost Revealed

Average Tenancy Deposit Cost Revealed

The average tenancy deposit value across the UK has risen over the past year, according to The Dispute Service (TDS).

In a report, the organisation says that the average value of tenancy deposits and the number

Posted by on 14/02/2019 12:28:59
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Economic Uncertainty Boosts Rental Home Demand

Economic Uncertainty Boosts Rental Home Demand

Economic and political uncertainty is boosting demand for rental properties, one index reveals.

According to HomeLet, the private rental sector is offering greater security and certainty for those who a

Posted by on 14/02/2019 12:23:15
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Landlords Hit By A Decline In Tenant Numbers

Landlords Hit By A Decline In Tenant Numbers

For the first time in more than 10 years, the total amount of rent being handed to landlords has fallen, a survey reveals.

The findings from real estate firm Hamptons International reveals that fewer peop

Posted by on 14/02/2019 12:05:11
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Property Professionals Looking To Expand Portfolios

Property Professionals Looking To Expand Portfolios

Most property professionals in the UK are looking to expand their portfolios this year, one survey reveals.

The survey was carried out by MT Finance which found that affordability issues and politi

Posted by on 08/02/2019 09:59:06
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Big Rise In Landlord Numbers Leaving The Sector

Big Rise In Landlord Numbers Leaving The Sector

Along with rent rises for tenants, there's been a big jump in the number of landlords who are leaving the rental market, according to a report.

The findings from Arla Propertmark are based on December

Posted by on 08/02/2019 09:53:32
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The PRS Trends That Will Dominate The Sector Revealed

The PRS Trends That Will Dominate The Sector Revealed

A new report reveals the trends that will dominate the UK's private rental sector over the next few years.

The report has been compiled by real estate firm Knight Frank and it makes for interest

Posted by on 08/02/2019 09:45:33
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What Student Tenants Are Looking For

What Student Tenants Are Looking For

Landlords looking to exploit the student tenant market need to understand what students are looking for in a property, one organisation says.

To help those buy to let landlords who have bought properties close

Posted by on 01/02/2019 10:17:57
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Landlords Claim Billions In Tax Relief

Landlords Claim Billions In Tax Relief

The UK's landlords claimed a record amount in tax relief last year despite new fiscal regulations, one lettings agency says.

According to ludlowthompson, landlords claimed £17.7 billion in relief, which is up

Posted by on 01/02/2019 10:13:45
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Most Prs Landlords 'Still Make A Profit'

Most Prs Landlords 'Still Make A Profit'

Despite regulatory changes, most landlords in the private rental sector are making a profit, a new report claims.

The report has been published by BM Solutions who say that 88% of those landlords it surveye

Posted by on 01/02/2019 10:05:40
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Landlords Are Facing A 'Watershed' With Tax Bills

Landlords Are Facing A 'Watershed' With Tax Bills

Landlords are facing a 'watershed' this month because of tax changes being reflected in their tax bills for the first time, one trade association warns.

The Intermediary Mortgage Lenders' Associatio

Posted by on 24/01/2019 14:44:32
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Landlords Opting For 5-Year Btl Fixes

Landlords Opting For 5-Year Btl Fixes

Landlords are increasingly opting for five-year fixed rate buy to let products, one index has revealed.

The data from Mortgages for Business highlights that in the last quarter of 2018, 84% of landlords had opt

Posted by on 24/01/2019 14:39:40
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The Number One Location For Property Investment

The Number One Location For Property Investment

A unique algorithm has ranked 172 BTL locations in the UK to find out where the best area is for buy to let property investment.

The analysis by One and Only Pro, a property investment portal, utilised

Posted by on 24/01/2019 14:30:52
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UK Property Investment Remains Positive

UK Property Investment Remains Positive

The sustained demand for property and growing rents means UK property investment 'remains positive' for investors, according to one index.

The findings from Homelet reveal that in the year to December 2018, ave

Posted by on 16/01/2019 13:43:51
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London's Landlords Worse Off Because Of Brexit

London's Landlords Worse Off Because Of Brexit

Since the vote to leave the European Union in June 2016, London's landlords have been left worse off, says one index.

The data from Landbay highlights that landlords may have seen rent growth being 2.

Posted by on 16/01/2019 13:39:04
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How Long To Sell A Btl Property?

How Long To Sell A Btl Property?

For those buy to let landlords in the UK looking to offload their property, a new report highlights how long it will take to sell it.

The findings have been published by a specialist online agency that has looked at

Posted by on 16/01/2019 13:32:19
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Fewer Tenants See Rent Rises

Fewer Tenants See Rent Rises

Fewer tenants saw their rents rise in November, the lowest level since February, new data reveals.

The findings from Arla Propertymark highlights that November was the third consecutive month in which the number of rent

Posted by on 09/01/2019 16:28:32
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Property Investment In The North Picks Up Speed

Property Investment In The North Picks Up Speed

Property investors in the north of England are enjoying some of the highest percentage returns in the UK for their investment, an analysis reveals.

The findings from Your Move highlights that the hig

Posted by on 09/01/2019 16:21:50
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Big Rise In Middle Age Tenant Numbers

Big Rise In Middle Age Tenant Numbers

There has been a big rise in the number of middle age tenants renting a home in the UK, a survey has revealed.

Intus Lettings has found that many middle-aged workers cannot afford to buy their first home or hav

Posted by on 09/01/2019 16:17:04
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New Guidance On Hmo Room Size Regulations Unveiled

New Guidance On Hmo Room Size Regulations Unveiled

The new guidance covering minimum room size regulations for HMOs has been welcomed by one landlords' association.

The guidance is aimed at councils and has been published by the Ministry of Housing

Posted by on 07/01/2019 10:22:43
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2019 Will Be 'Difficult' For Landlords

2019 Will Be 'Difficult' For Landlords

The UK's letting agents say that 2019 will be 'difficult' for landlords, according to a survey.

The findings from ARLA Propertymark highlight that the next 12 months could be a mixed year for property investor

Posted by on 07/01/2019 10:03:40
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What 2019 Has In Store For Landlords

What 2019 Has In Store For Landlords

After a year that saw a flurry of regulatory and tax changes, 2019 will offer landlords little respite from more upcoming changes, experts say.

Among the moves to affect the buy to let sector will be new client m

Posted by on 07/01/2019 09:55:21
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Most Students Get On With Their Landlord

Most Students Get On With Their Landlord

Despite the commonly held view that landlords exploit student tenants, a survey highlights that students are happy with the services and living conditions being provided by landlords.

The research from a stud

Posted by on 02/01/2019 14:55:17
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Areas for the UK's fastest growing rents revealed

Areas for the UK's fastest growing rents revealed

The areas for the UK's fastest-growing rents have been revealed in a survey with Edinburgh topping the list.

According to Landbay, the average annual rent in the Scottish city rose by 4.63% this year

Posted by on 02/01/2019 14:49:07
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Landlords Are Increasingly Selling Up

Landlords are increasingly selling up

Landlords in the UK are selling up their buy to let investments and leaving the sector but it's not as many as has been feared.

The findings from franchise letting agents Belvoir shows landlords are increasingly

Posted by on 02/01/2019 14:41:01
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The Uk's Student Accommodation Sector 'Is Still Booming'

The UK's student accommodation sector 'is still booming'

The student accommodation sector in the UK is still booming despite Brexit, says one leading real estate firm.

The student property team at Knight Frank says that in 2019, more than 29,000 pur

Posted by on 02/01/2019 14:18:12
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The Days Of Low Btl Rates 'Numbered'

The days of low BTL rates 'numbered'

Landlords will be seeing the end of rock-bottom buy to let mortgage interest rates with one expert saying their days may be ‘numbered’.

While BTL landlords have more choice today than they have had before when ar

Posted by on 02/01/2019 14:15:01
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Sharp Slowdown In Rental Market Activity

Sharp Slowdown In Rental Market Activity

A sharp slowdown in rental market activity has been recorded in the run-up to Christmas, new data reveals.

The property activity index from Agency Express highlights that the proportion of properties 'to let'

Posted by on 02/01/2019 14:09:26
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Landlords will be deterred by three-year tenancies

Landlords will be deterred by three-year tenancies

The prospect of the Government introducing mandatory three-year tenancies will see 32% of landlords being put off from investing in new rental homes, a survey reveals.

The findings from Paragon reve

Posted by on 11/10/2018 17:07:41
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Student landlords are forced into making deductions

Student landlords are forced into making deductions

Growing numbers of student landlords are having to deduct money from their tenants' deposits when the students leave their rental property at the end of their academic year, research reveals.


Posted by on 11/10/2018 16:56:05
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Tax break for landlords selling-up to tenants

Tax break for landlords selling-up to tenants

Landlords could be offered financial incentives by the government for selling their property to a long term tenant, media reports suggest.

It's been mooted that the upcoming Autumn Budget may offer a tax

Posted by on 11/10/2018 16:49:03
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Warning over HMO tenants facing eviction or rent rises

Warning over HMO tenants facing eviction or rent rises

A landlords' association is warning that thousands of tenants who live in shared houses are facing rent rises or eviction because of rule changes.

The warning comes from the National Landlords'

Posted by on 03/10/2018 10:06:00
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No sign of mass BTL landlord exodus

No sign of mass BTL landlord exodus

Concerns that regulatory and tax changes could lead to an exodus of buy to let landlords from the sector may have been premature, say researchers.

The findings from Foundation Home Loans reveals that a year after

Posted by on 03/10/2018 10:01:22
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Tenant gripes over landlords revealed

Tenant gripes over landlords revealed

Among the biggest gripes for tenants are landlords hitting them with 'out of the blue' rent rises along with being slow to repair faults, a survey has revealed.

Researchers from wallpaper firm Graham and Brown q

Posted by on 03/10/2018 09:45:49
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How much tenants will pay for furnished homes revealed

How much tenants will pay for furnished homes revealed

Landlords can charge tenants up to 21% more per month for renting a two bedroom furnished flat than they can for an unfurnished property, research has revealed.

The findings from OnTheMarket, a

Posted by on 26/09/2018 11:04:40
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Landlords call for Rent to Rent to be suspended

Landlords call for Rent to Rent to be suspended

Landlords are calling for the Government's Right to Rent scheme to be suspended as the Home Office reconvenes its stakeholder panel.

It's doing so after appeals from the Residential Landlords' Associat

Posted by on 26/09/2018 10:47:22
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New Section 21 rules cause landlord confusion

New Section 21 rules cause landlord confusion

New Section 21 rules are causing confusion among letting agents and landlords, says one law expert.

The new rules come into effect from October for tenancies created before October 2015.


Posted by on 26/09/2018 10:36:03
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The best university for buy to let locations revealed

The best university for buy to let locations revealed

With growing numbers of property investors looking to the student accommodation sector for its impressive returns, knowing where to invest can be an issue and a new survey may help.

Property webs

Posted by on 19/09/2018 14:33:39
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Rents continue to rise across the UK

Rents continue to rise across the UK

The latest data on rents being paid across the UK has delivered good news for landlords as rents have risen in all regions.

The findings from HomeLet highlight that the average rent is now £947 in the UK which is

Posted by on 19/09/2018 14:14:45
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Tenants Increasingly Opt To Rent Long-Term

Tenants increasingly opt to rent long-term

Growing numbers of tenants are adopting a long-term view when renting their home with more renters wanting to renew their current contracts, research reveals.

The findings from Hamptons International highli

Posted by on 19/09/2018 14:09:06
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Buy to let landlords split over futures

Buy to let landlords split over futures

Buy to let landlords in the UK are split over the future of the sector with 44% looking to sell up, a report reveals.

However, according to Octopus Choice they say that 56% of buy to let investors are looking

Posted by on 12/09/2018 10:27:21
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Landlords look forward to rent growth

Landlords look forward to rent growth

Around a quarter of landlords in the UK say they are expecting rents to rise over the next six months, a report reveals.

The research was carried out by buy to let consults BDRC who also found that 41% of landlo

Posted by on 12/09/2018 10:23:34
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Property investment still attractive to Brits

Property investment still attractive to Brits

A surprising number of Brits are looking to invest in property this year, a survey has revealed.

The findings from Sainsbury's Bank Mortgages also highlights that most landlords in the UK do not give up

Posted by on 12/09/2018 10:14:16
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Top agency says landlords are being forced to quit

Top agency says landlords are being forced to quit

One of the UK's leading letting agents says the government is forcing more landlords to quit the rental sector because of punitive tax policies and increasing legislation.


Posted by on 30/08/2018 13:43:33
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As landlords leave the BTL sector, rental demand increases

As landlords leave the BTL sector, rental demand increases

As landlords begin leaving the UK's buy to let sector, rental demand has hit its highest level this year, figures reveal.

According to Arla Propertymark, the number of prosp

Posted by on 30/08/2018 13:34:29
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Landlords' day jobs revealed

Landlords' day jobs revealed

The most common day jobs for landlords have been revealed by researchers with office admin roles taking top spot.

While many landlords will not have their property investment as

Posted by on 30/08/2018 13:32:59
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BTL Mortgage Brokers Say Business Will ‘Stabilise’

BTL mortgage brokers say business will ‘stabilise’

Most mortgage intermediaries are expecting levels of landlord business to stabilise over the next year, one index reveals.

Paragon's Financial Adviser Confidence Tracking Index found that 65% of bro

Posted by on 28/08/2018 09:51:08
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BTL Landlords Begin Leaving The Market

BTL landlords begin leaving the market

Growing numbers of landlords are leaving the UK's buy to let market after tougher borrowing conditions and tax changes have taken effect.

The warning comes from the One Savings Bank's sales director John Eastga

Posted by on 28/08/2018 09:36:42
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Student Accommodation Is Tops For Yields

Student accommodation is tops for yields

For landlords facing dwindling profits, the best yields in any UK town or city is for those with a high student population, research reveals.

The findings from Totally Money highlight that in university citie

Posted by on 28/08/2018 09:33:22
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Locations where the UK's most vulnerable landlords reside are revealed

The UK's most vulnerable landlords are to be found in Chichester, research has revealed.

The findings from Gatehouse Bank show that landlords in the city are facing 269 days, on average, without a tenant in their property.

The study set out to find wh

Posted by on 14/08/2018 15:21:19
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ls media turning landlords away from private rental housing?

Research has revealed that growing numbers of landlords are becoming increasingly unhappy with the negative portrayal of landlords on TV.

Despite providing homes for millions of tenants, two in three landlords say they have been demonised by TV shows which is for

Posted by on 14/08/2018 15:07:58
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Landlords urge ambition for Government energy efficiency targets

The government needs to be more ambitious in pushing its energy efficiency agenda for the UK's rental housing, landlords say.

All new and renewed private sector tenancies since April have required that the rental property has an Energy Performance Certificate rat

Posted by on 14/08/2018 14:41:43
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What Students Seek

Our friends at Glide Student, know what makes students tick. In the best tradition of successful student businesses, Glide was set up by James Villarreal who was a student himself at the time.

As the business has evolved they have st

Posted by on 01/08/2018 16:45:27
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Rents Set To Rocket By 15%

Rents set to rocket by 15%

Because landlords are being squeezed by the government and many are deciding to sell up, rents could rocket over the next five years by 15%, one organisation is warning.

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) sa

Posted by on 31/07/2018 17:04:47
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Finance Firm Reports 30% Rise In Company Landlords

Finance firm reports 30% rise in company landlords

There has been a big rise in the number of company landlords incorporating their portfolios between the first and second quarters of this year, a finance firm says.

Thistle Finance, a specialist pac

Posted by on 31/07/2018 16:50:10
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Landlords Face A 'Serious Issue' With Rent Arrears

Landlords face a 'serious issue' with rent arrears

Landlords are facing a ‘serious and real issue’ if rents continue to rise and tenants fall behind with rent payments, one organisation warns.

Estate agency RentalStep says landlords should begin tak

Posted by on 31/07/2018 16:47:48
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The Best Buy To Let Hotspots Revealed

The best buy to let hotspots revealed

The best places for buy to let investors to focus their attention have been revealed as Luton and Colchester by one BTL index.

The analysis by LendInvest looks at 105 postcode areas to determine which of

Posted by on 26/07/2018 10:26:27
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Drop In But-to-let Investors Hits London's House Prices

Drop in BTL investors hits London's house prices

A collapse in the number of buy to let investors in London is being blamed for falling house prices.

The Land Registry’s index for house prices reveals that London has seen its l

Posted by on 25/07/2018 17:12:44
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Five Year Mandatory Electrical Checks For Landlords

Five year mandatory electrical checks for landlords

It will become mandatory for electrical checks to be carried out every five years for all landlords in the private rental sector, it has been revealed.

This is just one of the comp

Posted by on 25/07/2018 11:38:11
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More UK students than ever are applying for university

Despite rising fees, there has been a substantial rise in university applications across Britain, meaning that more young people than ever are heading off to university.

The main findings of increased applications point to a definite increase and were taken and d

Posted by on 20/07/2018 10:31:17
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From cradle to grave: are millennials set to rent for the rest of their life?

With more and young people not expecting to get themselves onto the property ladder until their 30s, it looks like more millennials are heading down the route of renting, with many set to continue in the renting sphere for many years.


Posted by on 10/07/2018 10:13:54
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With university costing thousands, are maintenance student loans unrealistic?

A recent study by Accommodation for Students has revealed that two thirds of students have more than one form of income, meaning that thousands of students around the country are now working jobs on top of their degree just to support themselves.

Posted by on 09/07/2018 14:24:46
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Studying Abroad: Why it is so popular?

According to a report by Accommodation for Students, there are 207 million higher education students worldwide, a figure that has more than doubled since 2010.


Posted by on 09/07/2018 11:21:06
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Only 32% of students think their degree is good value for money

The annual AFS Student Lifestyle Survey explores key characteristics of students’ life at university including course satisfaction, finances, social life and eating habits. In 2018, the survey also included questions about equal opportunities, diversity an

Posted by on 12/06/2018 17:29:15
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Landlords offload 4,000 BTL properties a month

Spiralling landlord costs has led to nearly 4,000 buy to let properties being sold every month last year, official figures reveal.

It's the first drop in the number of rental homes being available in the UK for 18 years.

The figures are contained in a Ministry

Posted by on 12/06/2018 10:22:11
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Buy to let is set for 'massive surge'

Despite the gloom over the UK's buy to let sector, landlords are being encouraged that the market will surge over the next seven years.

Research from estate agency Hamptons International says that despite anti-landlord legislation increasing rec

Posted by on 31/05/2018 09:27:43
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AFS Website Update

We have continued to make further enhancements to over the last few months, resulting in significant improvements to the user experience and ultimately,

Posted by on 21/05/2018 16:19:33
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The Glide guide to maintaining a positive relationship with student tenants.
The first step to developing a good relationship with your student tenant is understanding what they are looking for from the accommodation. For a number of years, Glide have surveyed landlords and students and used these results to enhance our understanding
Posted by on 21/05/2018 15:01:55
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Landlord and Letting Agent Survey 2018

Since 2013, AFS have regularly conducted the Landlord and Agent Letting Survey trying to achieve a complete picture of how landlords and letting agents view the student. accommodation market. In early 2018 we conducted a further survey among our registered

Posted by on 21/05/2018 12:59:23
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Labour pledges a ‘living rent' for tenants

The Labour Party is pledging to introduce a ‘living rent’ for tenants that will be at one third of the area's local average income.

This will make the homes dearer than renting social housing but cheaper than renting from a private landlord.


Posted by on 14/05/2018 16:26:17
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Tenants attracted ‘by cost and not location’ of property

Landlords are being urged to forget the old adage of ‘Location, location, location’ and instead focus on rent costs.

According to Dlighted, the most important factor for tenants who are choosing a rental property is not where it is located

Posted by on 10/05/2018 11:41:54
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The best areas for rent growth revealed

For those landlords wondering where the best and worst areas in England for rental growth are, then a new survey has revealed all.

Landbay says that the average rental property grew by 0.64% in England in the 12 months to April.

With rents fall

Posted by on 09/05/2018 14:18:59
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The latest Buy to Let hotspots revealed

The best buy to let property investment hotspots in the UK have been revealed and it appears that the Midlands offers the best opportunities.

According to LendInvest, the property finance experts, the Mid

Posted by on 18/04/2018 16:42:44
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Rent to Right scheme slammed by Government inspector

The flagship government Right to Rent scheme which compels a landlord to check the immigration status of their potential tenants has been criticised by a government inspector.

David Bolt, the Borders and Immigration’s independent chief inspector,

Posted by on 12/04/2018 10:29:03
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Rental deposits could be capped at five weeks' rent

The government says that rental deposits being charged to tenants should be capped at five weeks’ of rent.

The Housing, Communities and Local Government committee has been struggling to find an acceptable level for deposits that are demanded from

Posted by on 09/04/2018 10:47:18
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Record low rates for buy to let five-year mortgages

The rate for an average five year fixed buy to let mortgage has fallen to 3.43%, a figure not seen since last October, data reveals.

The Moneyfacts website says this drop in rates is down to lenders wanting to attract potential borrowers who are consid

Posted by on 22/03/2018 13:23:08
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The north is 'best to invest' in property

The Northwest of England is offering buy to let landlords the best opportunities of increasing yields, says one vital specialist.

Sequre Property Investment says that the latest index from Hometrack highlights that the UK’s house price inflation

Posted by on 22/03/2018 11:22:46
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Northern Powerhouse highlighted as a global property investment hotspot

The future potential of the Northern Powerhouse has been highlighted as a global property investment hotspot for property investors.

Property investment firm IP Global has carried out research by analysing the world's leading property investment market

Posted by on 22/03/2018 11:13:16
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New housing watchdog will target rogue landlords

The government is to create a new housing watchdog that will tackle rogue landlords over the state of home repairs.

The watchdog will have the power to resolve disagreements between tenants and landlords and also the ability to name and shame those who

Posted by on 15/03/2018 14:24:17
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Number of accidental landlords on the rise

There has been a big rise in the number of accidental landlords over the last three years, say researchers.

The findings from estate agents Bairstow Eves reveal that growing numbers of those who are currently letting a property had previously tried to

Posted by on 14/03/2018 15:10:48
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One in three landlords looking to expand portfolios

A third of property professionals and landlords in the UK are looking to expand their portfolios this year despite a growing number of challenges, a survey reveals.

The bridging finance firm MTF says that 33% of landlords in the buy to let sector are l

Posted by on 14/03/2018 15:09:01
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AFS Website Update

As part of our ongoing upgrade of we are currently focusing on improving the highest traffic areas of our website. The latest improvement is the launch o

Posted by on 09/03/2018 15:57:24
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Buy to let investors 'unload properties'

Growing numbers of buy to let investors are starting to unload their properties, according to NFU Mutual.

The financial advice firm made the announcement after analysing the tax receipts in January and found that the Treasury raked in £5.5 billio

Posted by on 07/03/2018 15:42:47
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The Benefits of Bills Inclusive

Over the last five years have worked closely with Glide, a company that specialise in shared bills for students.

During this period, the proportion of properties advertised

Posted by on 06/03/2018 15:16:44
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'No DSS' landlords could be breaking the law

Landlords who say they will not accept DSS tenants in the private rental sector may be breaking the law.

The news comes after a recent legal case when a single mother won compensation from her letting agency after winning her claim for sex discriminati

Posted by on 06/03/2018 11:21:29
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Landlords warned - prepare for more regulation

Landlords in England are being warned that they should prepare for more regulation after the government published a consultation.

The warning comes from Tim Miles who is a partner at law firm Clarke Willmott.

He says that the Government is cons

Posted by on 28/02/2018 16:22:18
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Top University Cities

One of the key criteria for a thriving student accommodation market in a city is a successful University.

The better the reputation of the University, the more likely the student population is to grow and increase the demand for accommodation. T

Posted by on 20/02/2018 11:10:38
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What are students looking for from accommodation?

Student habits can change pretty quickly and what was once a new trend can quickly become an established feature of a dynamic market.

For this reason

Posted by on 07/02/2018 11:21:00
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2017 Rent Reviews

As part of our ongoing programme of research we regularly review rents. We do this by using the rental data from our website as well as from external sources.

This year we have reviewed rents across private housing, private halls and univer

Posted by on 31/01/2018 10:49:58
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Landlords are increasingly unwilling to accept universal credit tenants

A big rise in the non-payment of rent in those areas where universal credit has been introduced has been predicted.

The National Landlords’ Association (NLA) says that universal credit will lead to a decrease

Posted by on 16/01/2018 12:12:59
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Landlords: How to winter-proof your properties

With the recent cold snap comes advice to help landlords winter-proof their properties in a bid to protect them from plunging temperatures.

The offering from Simple Landlords Insurance is to help landlords avoid a

Posted by on 16/01/2018 12:09:56
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New minimum HMO room sizes for landlords revealed

Following on from the government’s announcement for a national mandatory HMO licensing scheme, comes news of new minimum room size requirements for HMO rental properties.
The government says this will help reduce the issues of over-crowding and also deal with po

Posted by on 12/01/2018 15:22:36
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Research reveals that 2017’s rents fell in real terms

The rents being paid to landlords in all parts of the UK fell in real terms during 2017, research suggests.

The findings from HomeLet reveal that rents in November rose by 0.7%.

That's the 11th straight month that rent increases have fallen beh

Posted by on 12/01/2018 15:12:34
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Landlords can now receive Universal Credit directly

Moves by the Government to change Universal Credit so direct payments for a tenant's rent can be made to landlords more easily have been welcomed.

The Residential Landlords' Association (RLA) has been campaigning for the move since the introduction of

Posted by on 12/01/2018 14:56:54
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Tax relief worth billions still available for landlords

Despite the recent changes to the tax relief system, buy to let investors can still enjoy around £16.7 billion worth of tax relief, say researchers.

The revelation from estate agents ludlowthompson points to the fact the money is available over t

Posted by on 12/01/2018 14:54:16
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UK's student accommodation sector will continue strong growth in 2018

The provision of student accommodation in the UK will continue to grow through 2018 after a record-breaking 2017, says one real estate firm.

Cushman & Wakefield has carried out research that reveals 30,000 bed

Posted by on 12/01/2018 14:41:47
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Tenants are put off by misleading property adverts

Most tenants say they have been deterred from renting a property because of misleading property adverts or having a bad experiencing when viewing one, according to research.

The findings from online letting agency Upad reveal that 80% of tenants say th

Posted by on 14/12/2017 09:23:32
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Landlords more willing to let to Universal Credit claimants

Landlords are apparently increasingly willing to rent their properties to Universal Credit claimants but say the government needs to address their concerns.

Research carried out by the Residential Landlords’ Association (RLA) reveals that 36% of

Posted by on 14/12/2017 09:21:40
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Draft Tenant fees Bill
On the 1st of November 2017, the government published the draft tenant fees bill. You can read the full document here
Posted by on 17/11/2017 11:27:16
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Landlords could increase rents after rates rise

Landlords could push up rents more quickly after the first interest rate rise for 10 years and could lead to the sector being 'galvanised', according to the Landbay Rental Index.

The founder of Landbay, John Goodall, said that landlords have been facin

Posted by on 15/11/2017 12:24:08
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UK's landlords see rents slide in October

Landlords around the UK have seen rents fall in October with the biggest falls being in the South West, according to one index.

The HomeLet rental index reveals that every region was affected with the south west seeing a fall of -2.9%, while in the sou

Posted by on 15/11/2017 12:22:34
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Number one reason for tenant deposit deductions revealed

The main reason why tenants see deposit deductions being made has been revealed by research from the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA).

The organisation says that tenants who fail to clean their property properly when leaving is the top

Posted by on 15/11/2017 12:18:23
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Letting agent fees WILL be banned

New legislation has been unveiled that will see letting agent fees being banned and hefty fines being imposed on those who try to charge them.

In addition, agents in England and Wales also face imprisonment if they have already been fined £5,000

Posted by on 06/11/2017 10:10:08
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Landlord confidence shows signs of improvement

The levels of confidence amongst landlords is improving after suffering from historic low levels, according to one index.

BM Solutions says landlords expressing confidence in their business has seen its biggest improvement to 41%, an increase of 5% on

Posted by on 06/11/2017 10:08:54
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Rents increase and yields are stable

Landlords with rental properties in England and Wales have seen rents increase in most areas over the past year, according to the latest index.

The findings from Your Move show that the strongest rent growth was seen by landlords in the North West.

Posted by on 06/11/2017 10:07:19
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Rents for the UK’s rental properties rise by 2.1%

The average rent for a buy to let property grew by 2.1% in the year to September, an index has revealed.

The figures from HomeLet show that the average rent now being paid is £927 every month.

For landlords in London, rents rose by 1.9% o

Posted by on 26/10/2017 11:21:12
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Landlords prefer childless couples as tenants

The best tenants being favoured by landlords are childless couples, says a new survey.

According to Intus Lettings, these couples are considered to be the 'perfect tenants' by landlords with 29% stating that couples without children are their preferred

Posted by on 16/10/2017 09:33:02
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One in 20 BTL properties fail minimum energy standards

It has been revealed that one in 20 properties in the UK's private rental sector are failing minimum energy standards.

The findings from AXA Direct also reveal that landlords are making progress towards meeting the sector’s required standards.

Posted by on 13/10/2017 14:15:32
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Landlords start exiting the buy to let sector

One leading firm of letting agents is warning that buy to let investors are beginning to exit the sector.

The warning comes from Belvoir who say that while the numbers of landlords leaving is not huge, there is a trend appearing.

The firm's chi

Posted by on 12/09/2017 17:23:28
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Landlords increasingly look to sell one or more units

Landlords around the UK are increasingly looking to sell one or more of their investment properties over the coming 12 months, according to a survey.

The Residential Landlords’ Association (RLA) questioned nearly 3,000 landlords about their futur

Posted by on 11/09/2017 17:42:29
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Private sector rents up in June

An index has revealed that private sector rents for landlords in England and Wales grew by 1.6% between May and June.

The findings from Your Move's buy to let index show that the average rent being paid is £827 per month; that's 2.1% higher than

Posted by on 08/09/2017 17:12:50
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Landlord confidence takes a knock

Despite the prospect of high yields and profitability, a survey has revealed the landlord confidence around the UK has fallen.

The findings from BM Solutions looked at all the key indicators for the second quarter of 2017.

They say that the lev

Posted by on 06/09/2017 17:27:40
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Young tenants turned away for late payment fears

Shocking new research has revealed that young tenants are increasingly being turned down by landlords because they fear rent arrears.

The findings from a university reveal that landlords are increasingly likely to refuse a tenant under the age of 35 fr

Posted by on 31/08/2017 16:39:57
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Landlords 'don't know what tenants want'


Landlords in the private rental sector are out of touch with their tenant’s wants and needs, according to new research.

The findings from an online letting agent revealed that tenants are clear most often about what they want and t

Posted by on 18/08/2017 15:44:30
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BBC landlord show is an 'industry eye-opener'

It's a popular peak time programme and now one industry body says that ‘The week the landlords moved in’ on BBC1 is an eye-opener for the lettings industry.

The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) says the biggest issue being

Posted by on 18/08/2017 15:42:55
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Landlords remain confident over future

Despite the impact of higher buy to let taxes on the sector, research reveals that landlords remain confident about their prospects.

The findings from investment platform Property Partner reveal that 57% of landlords had not changed their view of the

Posted by on 18/08/2017 15:41:10
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Long distance commuters boost rise in residential rents

Demand for lower rents from long distance commuters is one factor leading to rents in the East of England recording strong growth, reveals one index.

Landlords with properties in the East of England saw their residential rents grow at four times the av

Posted by on 11/08/2017 15:59:05
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The most attractive locations for landlord investment revealed

New data has revealed which are the most attractive UK locations for landlord investment and Manchester is quickly closing in on London.

The figures from UK Finance, an industry body, says that landlord investment has dropped since April last year by m

Posted by on 11/08/2017 15:58:13
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Landlords lose confidence in profitability

Less than half of landlords in the UK are optimistic about the reliability of a steady rental yield, according to a new survey.

The National Landlords’ Association (NLA) says that over the last two years the number of landlords who expressed conf

Posted by on 11/08/2017 15:55:51
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Rents in London will fall but rise elsewhere

Landlords with a property in London will see rents falling by up to 2% this year but they will rise elsewhere, according to an analysis.

Hometrack has published a report that reveals that in 2017, the average rent for a property in London will drop by

Posted by on 14/07/2017 17:41:52
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Landlords target high yielding properties

Landlords are increasingly targeting cheaper properties that deliver higher yields, say researchers.

The findings from Mortgages for Business in its latest buy to let index reveals that of the mortgages arranged in the second quarter of 2017, most of t

Posted by on 14/07/2017 17:10:11
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Landlords ‘unprepared for tenancy turnovers’

Landlords could be losing money when tenancies turnover because they have not prepared properly, particularly in the UK’s student rental market, says one organisation.

The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) says landlords should p

Posted by on 14/07/2017 17:08:29
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Glide revolutionises broadband offer

Following the successful launch of Risk Free Bills Inclusive last year, our partners, Glide, the specialist student utilities and service provider, have launched an exclusive new broadband prod
Posted by on 21/04/2017 16:16:41
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Fears of a property sell-off by landlords

Fears are increasing that buy to let investment for landlords is becoming less attractive and may lead to a property sell-off.

The warning has been issued by the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) who say that the pa

Posted by on 07/04/2017 10:52:46
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Landlords predict a successful 2017

The confidence of buy to let landlords has been underlined with a report that points to growing confidence and predictions for a successful 2017.

The report from Shawbrook Bank reveals that 81% of landlords say they are confident

Posted by on 07/04/2017 10:50:34
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Landlords switch to limited companies

In a bid to beat the tax changes and save profits, growing numbers of landlords are opting to use limited companies for their buy to let portfolios.

According to Mortgages for Business, 77% of BTL applications in the first three m

Posted by on 07/04/2017 10:48:03
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Landlords will still use letting agents despite fees ban

Most landlords across the UK will continuity use letting agents despite facing a proposed tenant fees ban, says a new study.

The UK Association of Letting Agents (UKALA) says that 79% of landlords believe their agent fees will inc

Posted by on 24/03/2017 16:05:47
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Landlords increasingly looking to avoid upcoming tax changes

Among the moves being considered by landlords to avoid upcoming tax changes is an increasing attraction to commercial buy to let, say researchers.

The National Landlords’ Association (NLA) says that the changes to the reduct

Posted by on 24/03/2017 16:02:58
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Student landlords alarmed by fast track degrees

Landlords with student tenants say they are worried about the prospect of the Government introducing two-year fast-track degrees, says a survey.

According to one student tenancy website, landlords believe their rental business wil

Posted by on 24/03/2017 16:00:51
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2017 Student Lifestyle Survey

We are pleased to announce that our findings from the 2017 student lifestyle survey have now been released. Over 1000 students took part in the research, answering questions on student finance, term time employment, student social life and future housing aspirations alon

Posted by on 22/03/2017 16:54:59
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Landlords at risk when using DIY inventories

Inventories when done properly can be crucial in a tenancy deposit dispute but many landlords are putting themselves at risk by using a DIY inventory rather than a professional one.

Now digital inventory firm Imfuna Let says landl

Posted by on 08/03/2017 15:10:06
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Landlords see rents and demand rocket

Landlords in England and Wales has seen a strong start 2017 with rents rising in every region but one, according to a buy to let index.

The research by Your Move looked at the year to January and found the area with the quickest g

Posted by on 08/03/2017 15:07:27
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Where the UK’s tenants say they are happiest

The happiest tenants in the UK are found in the North East of England, according to a survey, where 52% of those questioned said they were happy with their landlord.

The findings from Intus Lettings reveals that tenants in London

Posted by on 08/03/2017 15:01:59
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Britain's best areas for BTL returns revealed

One of the most important aspects for landlords is to invest in property that offers the best buy to let returns to make their investment a lucrative one.

Now the average rental yield for 50 cities and towns in the UK have been analysed by Kuflink, a p

Posted by on 17/02/2017 15:13:49
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Buy to let set to become more expensive

While landlords with buy to let properties around the UK have been enjoying low rates for mortgages are now being warned that their borrowing costs look set to rise.

Data from Mortgage Brain reveals that the sector has had several years of strong reduc

Posted by on 17/02/2017 15:11:55
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Nearly one in five home will become unrentable

Fears have been raised that if the Government’s plans for new energy legislation proceed then nearly 17% of rental properties could become unrentable by 2018, according to data.

Those are the findings from who say that the minimum ene

Posted by on 17/02/2017 15:09:09
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Landlords face fury with Santander contract clause

Housing groups and tenants have reacted with fury after the revelation that landlords with a Santander buy to let mortgage must raise their rents by as much as they possibly can.

The revelation was made in a mortgage magazine and the landlord that unco

Posted by on 08/02/2017 10:49:16
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Landlords warned about using rogue tradesmen

Landlords and letting agents are being warned to be on their guard against rogue tradespeople who are looking to rip them off with dodgy work on rental properties.

The warning comes from the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) who say th

Posted by on 08/02/2017 10:46:41
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Landlords - beware of holiday sublets

Landlords should be vigilant when tenants go away for holidays and decide to sublet their rental property without the landlord's consent.

The warning comes from Total Landlord Insurance which says it has seen a 14% increase in the number of accidental and malicious dam

Posted by on 03/02/2017 14:21:23
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Student rents set to rise across UK

A critical shortage of student housing in many of the UK's key university cities will see rents increase, says a new survey.

The findings come from a student platform which examined student demand for accommodation in some of the country's top university towns and foun

Posted by on 03/02/2017 14:19:10
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Finding the right landlord is key, say tenants

Nearly half of tenants questioned in a survey say that getting the right landlord is a crucial factor when choosing somewhere to rent.

Estate agency Your Move says 46% say finding the right landlord is the most important factor while 45% said value for money was their

Posted by on 03/02/2017 14:16:57
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Latest landlord and agent research

Accommodation for Students is very pleased to release our latest Landlord Research Report. Firstly, a big thanks to all those that took part - your data has been vital!

This year’s survey has shown us that overall attitudes to
Posted by on 06/01/2017 09:54:50
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Rents will rise if landlords pay agent fees

Rents for tenants across the UK could rise by between 2% and 3% in 2017 if landlords are forced to pick up letting agent fees that are charged to tenants currently, says one City analyst.

James Fletcher works for Cenkos Securities and he says that for

Posted by on 09/12/2016 14:37:54
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Landlords boosted with tenant demand news

News that demand from tenants for private rental properties will remain strong should bring a boost for landlords around the UK, according to a report.

Real estate firm Knight Frank says that demand has remained strong despite what is a usual seasonal

Posted by on 09/12/2016 14:36:06
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Rents hit second highest record

Landlords in England and Wales have seen rents hit the second highest ever recorded amount at £900, according to an index.

Your Move says that the average rent being paid in October is the second highest it's buy to let index has recorded

Posted by on 30/11/2016 12:33:38
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Best BTL areas revealed

The best area for buy to let is in Luton where landlords are enjoying yields of 4.8%, according to an index.

The latest LendInvest report on the UK's buy to let market has found that the country's top 10 areas are all in South East, with

Posted by on 30/11/2016 12:28:42
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Landlords told to visit properties to prevent damage

The growing problem of tenants damaging their rental property could be resolved if landlords visited their properties more frequently, says one organisation.

Imfuna, a digital inventory app provider, says that issues over

Posted by on 30/11/2016 12:25:54
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Landlords and agents 'don't know the law'

An industry body is warning that letting agents and landlords in the UK are not up to speed with laws covering the lettings sector.

The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) says its members are increasingly receiving inquiri

Posted by on 18/10/2016 11:01:48
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UK's buy to let sector bounces back

Buy to let investors around the UK have returned to the market following a lull in purchases after the stamp duty surcharge deadline in April, says one report.

Rightmove says in its report that the third quarter of 2016 sa

Posted by on 18/10/2016 10:58:22
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Best towns for rental yields revealed

Landlords keen to know where the best towns for rental yields in England and Wales are will find a report from Lendinvest interesting.

The financial platform analysed the areas that offered the best returns in the year to July 2016 and found that the best average yield

Posted by on 30/09/2016 14:18:54
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Councils must tackle rogue landlords

An organisation representing landlords says that local authorities need to step up their efforts in tackling rogue landlords in a bid to better protect tenants in private rented properties.

The Residential Landlords' Association (RLA) made the announcement in response

Posted by on 30/09/2016 14:17:00
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Deposit disputes reach record figure

The number of deposit disputes between landlords and tenants are at their highest since 2007, according to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS).

In a report, TDS says that in the nine years to March, there were nearly 173,000 tenancy deposit disputes.

There are thr

Posted by on 30/09/2016 14:11:14
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AFS Student Accommodation Rent Report 2016

The 2016 AFS Student Accommodation Rent Report has found that the overall weekly rent value for 2016 is £86.76.

This is a £1.27 increase from 2015 and a £13.03 increase from 2010.

The average weekly rent costs (ARVs) are highest in London,

Posted by on 28/09/2016 12:09:06
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Landlords ‘take £32 million’ slice of student rent deposits

Around 40% of students moving into private rental accommodation this autumn expect their landlord will retain about a third of their deposit when they come to move out, according to research., a comparison webs

Posted by on 19/09/2016 14:44:29
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Student landlords see rents rise

As students return to university, one specialist student provider says rents for private student accommodation have risen for the autumn.

Glide Utilities says since 2013, rents have risen by an average of £10 a week every year or by £43 a

Posted by on 19/09/2016 14:40:12
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AFS Private Halls Rent Report 2016

With data collated from online research between May and July 2016, AFS found that the total average weekly rent value (ARV) for private halls in the UK has increased by £6.36 in comparison to last year.

The UK’s private halls ARV now stands at £144.42, ex

Posted by on 12/09/2016 16:40:14
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Tenants Being Rushed Into Tenancy Agreements

The demand for private rental property in the UK is so strong that one in four tenants say they have been rushed into their tenancy agreement, according to research.

Ocean Finance says 27% of tenants they questioned said t

Posted by on 19/08/2016 14:23:04
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Rents And Demand For Landlord’s Property Grows

The demand for private rented property as well as rents is continuing to grow in the UK, according to a survey.

HomeLet says that in July rents across the UK rose to underpin the rises seen through the year but the firm is predicting a re

Posted by on 17/08/2016 15:13:43
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Buy To Let Landlords Face Lending Clampdown

Buy to let landlords in the UK are facing a tightening of the lending criteria for buy to let financial products.

The move follows an announcement by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) that the sector's standards are falling and may ha

Posted by on 17/08/2016 14:27:44
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Steady Rise in Number of Over-50s Renting Continues

The number of people aged over 50 living in rented accommodation has continued to grow steadily over the last five years, according to new research.

Saga Home Insurance says that one in three people aged over 50 is currently living in a rented home – a rise fr

Posted by on 08/07/2016 14:32:26
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Tenant Satisfaction Grows With Demand

Tenants say they are satisfied with their private rented accommodation, according to a survey of more than 1,800 tenants and landlords.

The survey by Paragon Mortgages found that 79% of tenants surveyed said they were satisfied with their landlord and 85% said

Posted by on 17/06/2016 10:09:47
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Rents Set to Rise Quicker Than Property Prices

Rents across the new UK are set to rise much more quickly than property prices and people's incomes, according to a new report.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) says that house prices are set to rise quickly though rents are to rise even qui

Posted by on 14/06/2016 12:23:58
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Mortgage Lender Forced to Refund Buy-to-Let Landlords

Thousands of buy-to-let landlords who took out tracker mortgages with the West Bromwich Mortgage Company are set to be refunded more than £27.5 million in total.

The lender, which is part of the West Bromwich Building Society, was forced into handing back cash

Posted by on 13/06/2016 10:43:58
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Landlords Warned Tenants Have No Plans to Cover Rent

Landlords are being warned that around five million tenants in the UK have no plans in place to pay their rent should they fall ill, according to a report.

The report from Royal London Intermediary also highlights that 27% of tenants who work say they know of

Posted by on 01/06/2016 09:45:49
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Huge Opportunities for Landlords Outside the South East

Landlords looking to invest in buy-to-let property could enjoy huge opportunities by looking for investments outside of London and the South East.

The latest LendInvest buy-to-let index says that rental properties in London offer less attractive opportunities

Posted by on 31/05/2016 09:30:27
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New Tenancy Agreement Rents on the Increase

Most landlords in the UK have seen their rents rise for new tenancy agreements with the highest rises seen in the East Midlands and Scotland, according to one rental index.

HomeLet says that between February and April the average rent rose to £764 per month, o

Posted by on 23/05/2016 10:14:12
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Landlords Warned to be Aware of Student Accommodation Risks

Despite the fact that the UK's student accommodation sector is booming, one investment firm says landlords should be aware of the potential risks of investing in student rental properties.

The Mistoria Group says there are pitfalls that come with letting stude

Posted by on 19/05/2016 09:29:29
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Cleaning Issues Top Deposit Disputes

The issue of tenants not cleaning their homes properly is still a problem in deposit disputes, with a 50% rise in complaints over the past five years, according to the Tenanty Deposit Scheme (TDS).

In a recent report, the TDS says that cleaning has stubbornly

Posted by on 16/05/2016 11:47:45
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The 'Average' BTL Landlord Revealed

The turnover and assets of a typical buy to let landlord in the UK have been revealed in a new survey.

BDRC Continental has found that the average landlord has a property portfolio consisting of eight buy-to-let homes worth around £1.3 million, which will be a

Posted by on 13/05/2016 09:38:33
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Rent Arrears Show Monthly Increase

Landlords in England and Wales have revealed that the level of rent arrears is on the rise and currently stands at 9.1% - though this is still much lower than the record figure of 14.6% which was set in February 2010.

According to the figures from Your Move an

Posted by on 11/05/2016 10:23:22
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Landlords Opt to Upgrade Rather Than Buy

Landlords are increasingly looking to upgrade their property portfolios rather than buying new properties, according to a recent report.

Paragon Mortgages interviewed more than 200 landlords and they say that in the first three months of this year, the number

Posted by on 06/05/2016 09:33:48
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Buy-to-Let Sales Fall After Surge

With buy-to-let investors rushing to snap up properties before the stamp duty hike came into effect in April, buy-to-let mortgage applications fell by 26% in March according to recent data.

That's the equivalent of a drop in sales worth £1 billion as many buy-

Posted by on 04/05/2016 10:54:22
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‘Shambolic’ Universal Credit Slammed by Landlords

The new Universal Credit payment system has had a disastrous effect on landlords in the private rental sector, says one organisation.

The Residential Landlords Association says growing numbers of landlords look set to refuse offering homes to tenants who claim

Posted by on 28/04/2016 10:06:40
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Landlords Look to Cover Tax Costs with Higher Rents

The vast majority of landlords in the UK are looking to increase rents as a result of recent tax costs they will have to meet, according to one survey.

The Residential Landlords' Association (RLA) says 84% of landlords in the private sector are considering ren

Posted by on 26/04/2016 10:35:18
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Rents in the UK Rise by 2.6%

Landlords have seen rents rise by an average of 2.6% in the UK in the year to February, according to official figures.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveals that rents in England grew by 2.8%, in Wales they grew by 0.2% and in Scotland rents rose by

Posted by on 18/04/2016 11:12:48
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Stamp Duty Hike Will Not Deter BTL Investors

Fast rising house prices will compensate buy to let investors moving into the sector and the Government's stamp duty hike will not deter investors, according to one national estate agency.

Jackson-Stops & Staff says that the biggest losers from the 3% increase

Posted by on 15/04/2016 10:14:56
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Latest Research Report
Our 5th report on students and their accommodation requirements highlights the most important aspects students consider when they decide to search for accommodation. The report also considers in some detail how satisfied students are, how well the accommodation is
Posted by on 14/04/2016 12:54:06
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Buy-to-Let Investors Beat Stamp Duty Hike

Buy to let investors flooded into the UK's property market in February in a bid to beat April's stamp duty tax hike, according to recent figures.

The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) says that buy to let investors saturated the market, with 85% of

Posted by on 12/04/2016 09:39:43
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Landlords Will Continue to Enjoy Strong Rent Demand

Landlords have been assured that there will be no waning in the demand for private rented properties over the coming years, according to recent research.

Real estate firm Hamptons International says demand will remain high, since it takes a tenant many years t

Posted by on 07/04/2016 10:15:24
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Landlords Pay the Price for Councils’ Guidance on S21 Notices

Landlords are currently left paying the price for tenants who choose ignore a valid section 21 notice, with councils stating they must wait to be evicted by bailiffs, says the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC).

The AIIC says that when they ana

Posted by on 05/04/2016 10:26:20
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Rents Rise by 3.3% Over the Past Year

Landlords with properties in England and Wales have seen rents rise by 3.3%, according to an index published by Your Move and Reeds Rains.

However, for landlords in Scotland, rents rose by just 2.1% over the past year. When the Scottish regions are analysed to

Posted by on 01/04/2016 10:03:27
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Rent Increases Begin to Slow

Landlords around the UK are seeing the rate of rent increases beginning to slow, according to research.

The figures have been provided by the HomeLet Rental Index which shows that in the quarter to August 2015, landlords were charging new tenants, on average,

Posted by on 30/03/2016 09:21:12
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Supply of Private Rented Homes Hits Annual Low

The number of properties being registered to rent over the past year has hit a record low for the last 12 months despite growing demand.

The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) says that the number of homes to rent that have been registered with l

Posted by on 24/03/2016 09:27:46
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Agent Assure

Accommodation For Students is delighted to announce a new partnership with Agent Assure, part of Arthur J. Gallagher. Founded in 1927, Arthur J. Gallagher has grown to be one of the largest, most successful insurance brokerage and risk management companies in the wo

Posted by on 23/03/2016 17:08:54
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Evictions in England Reach Record Levels

Evictions in England and Wales have increased by 50% in the last four years to 43,000 households being evicted in the first half of 2015, according to the Ministry of Justice.

The figures also reveal that while repossessions are rising, the number of landlords

Posted by on 23/03/2016 09:44:50
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Landlords are Stressed by their Responsibilities

Nearly one in three landlords has admitted that the role of renting out a property is more stressful than they had expected, according to recent research.

They say that the ‘full-on’ nature of the job has created more stress in their lives than they ever belie

Posted by on 18/03/2016 11:18:45
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Survey Reveals Where the Most Satisfied Tenants Live

The area with the most satisfied tenants is the East Midlands, where 83% of renters said they were happy with their landlord, according to a recent survey.

The National Landlords’ Association (NLA) also found that 82% of tenants living in the south-west and no

Posted by on 15/03/2016 10:52:32
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Private Residential Halls for Students: Why the Sector is Changing

One of the common trends of recent years has been the fact that the quality of student accommodation is changing and this is due, in large part, to the provision of private residential halls for students from private developers.

The knock-on effect of this is

Posted by on 07/03/2016 12:15:04
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Right-to-Rent: Landlords Still not Aware of Responsibilities

It has been revealed that most landlords have no appreciation of their responsibilities under the new Right to Rent scheme which is now in force.

From February 1 it became law for letting agents and landlords to carry out immigration checks on their prospectiv

Posted by on 01/03/2016 11:37:39
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Landlords Criticised for Forcing Tenants to Buy Insurance

Landlords have come under fire for apparently insisting that their tenants take out accidental damage insurance, which may set them back more than £68 a year.

One national newspaper has reported that a growing number of landlords and letting agents are now ref

Posted by on 29/02/2016 12:08:22
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Tenant Evictions at a Record High

Tenant evictions are at record high, with landlords evicting more than 170 tenants every day in 2015 according to the Ministry of Justice (MoJ).

The figures cover England and Wales and show that bailiffs forcibly removed more than 42,720 households from their

Posted by on 24/02/2016 14:59:06
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Residential Rental Growth in the UK Slows

The growth in rents is beginning to slow and is now matching the rate of house price growth, according to HomeLet.

The firm says that after sustained growth over nine months the rate of increase is slowing down.

They say that while rents are 10% high

Posted by on 16/02/2016 15:06:03
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Risk Free Bills

Get risk free bills inclusive on your properties

Our friends at Glide are making bills even simpler for landlords and letting agents across the country with their new Risk Free Bills Inclusive product.

How does thi

Posted by on 15/02/2016 17:08:17
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Investment in Private Student Residential Halls Continues

A growing student population in the UK means that investors are increasingly looking to invest in private student residential halls in greater numbers.

Over the past five years, investment in student accommodation in the

Posted by on 10/02/2016 10:59:11
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Landlords Could Profit from Short Term Lets

While the trend for tenancies has been for longer periods there's a growing opportunity for landlords to profit from shorter contracts as demand grows, says real estate firm Knight Frank.

They say that while many people looking for private rented homes are still

Posted by on 03/02/2016 09:53:51
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Landlords Will Carry out Right to Rent Checks

The controversial Government Right to Rent scheme is to be rolled out this February, meaning all landlords in England will need to carry out compulsory checks on their new tenants.

The move follows a six-month pilot in the West Midlands when 109 tenants were f

Posted by on 27/01/2016 12:35:28
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Councils Not Cracking Down on Rogue Landlords

Fears have been raised that good landlords are being affected by the failure of councils to crack down on rogue landlords.

According to the Citizens Advice Bureau, in the last eight years around 2,000 landlords have been prosecuted despite 740,000 families livin

Posted by on 18/01/2016 11:00:54
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Average Rents Hit New Record

Landlords in England and Wales have seen the average residential rent hit a new record of £800, according to a buy to let index.

The data comes from Your Move and Reeds Rains who say that rents are growing at their fastest since 2009 when they began keeping reco

Posted by on 14/01/2016 11:48:27
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3 Bed Homes to Rent in Demand

A new index analysing rental trends in the UK has revealed that rents for three bedroom homes are among the fastest risers with a 4.6% growth over the past year.

The Landbay Rental Index is the first to analyse rental properties by the number of available bedroo

Posted by on 13/01/2016 10:07:01
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Private Halls – increasing demand, higher rents

The student accommodation market has seen a proliferation of purpose-built and re-purposed private halls developments over recent years, aiming to offer students an attractive accommodation option outside of the traditional choice between university-owned halls and

Posted by on 10/11/2015 10:32:23
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AFS Landlord and Agent Survey

Continued Success in Student Lettings

Letting success in the student market continues to be high: 87% of the respondents to the survey rented out all of their properties, with 97.3% who let exclusively to students claiming to have l

Posted by on 03/11/2015 12:02:52
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The Best Places for Buy-to-Let Investment

A study has revealed the best places for landlords to invest in buy-to-let properties, with the historic city of York and topping the list.

Real estate firm CBRE undertook the recent survey, and their findings have und

Posted by on 24/08/2015 14:06:13
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Tenants Fail to Attend Property Checkout

Landlords are continually reminded of the importance of carrying out a full inventory check when a tenant moves and for when they move out of a property – but tenants do not always have the same commitment.

Now the D

Posted by on 12/08/2015 12:05:10
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Buy to Let Continues to Boom

A new survey has revealed that the buy to let market in the UK is showing no signs of slowing down, with a growing number of landlords looking to grow their portfolio.

According to Simple Landlords Insurance

Posted by on 11/08/2015 12:53:51
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Top Apps to Make life Simpler for Landlords

To coincide with the launch of its smart new App, Glide, the utilities and service provider for student households, has developed its 2015 recommendations for the best apps on the market that simplify life for landlords.

1. Legal 4

Available for f

Posted by on 30/07/2015 11:34:04
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Average yields falling for landlords
The average yield for landlords with residential rental properties have fallen in the last three months, according to research. Data from Mortgages for Business reveals that landlords with rental properties saw their yields fall to 5.8% from 6.4%. Landlords with hous
Posted by on 22/07/2015 12:15:03
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Number of buy to let landlords rockets
The number of buy to let landlords in the UK has rocketed in number since 2000 and have racked up debts worth £200 billion to fund their property ambitions, says the Bank of England. In 2000, the buy to let debt in the country was valued at £10 billion but today it's ri
Posted by on 22/07/2015 12:11:38
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Rental property demand at an all-time high
A new index to measure the private rental sector has revealed that demand for rental properties is at an all-time high. The data comes from Rightmove which also reveals that the best area for growth in demand has been seen in the East of England. Demand for rental ho
Posted by on 22/07/2015 12:09:06
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BTL landlords want 3 bed semis
Landlords in the UK looking for private rental properties are increasingly turning their attention to three bed semis, according to research.

At the same time demand for terraced houses from landlords to rent out has fallen to almost half their previous level, say
Posted by on 12/06/2015 16:30:33
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BTL mortgage finance products decline in number
The latest buy to let product index has revealed that the number of BTL mortgage products has fallen by more than 25% in April.

The survey has been put together by Mortgages for Business which says that there was an average of 609 BTL mortgage products for landlor
Posted by on 12/06/2015 16:23:48
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Call to regulate the UK's private rental sector
A leading letting agency is calling for the raising of standards in the private rental sector to be implemented by the Government.

The call is being made by Finders Keepers, which is based in Oxford, who say that poor property standards as well as poor servicing f
Posted by on 12/06/2015 16:13:44
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Landlords now looking to grow portfolios
The rate at which landlords are looking to grow their property portfolios is now growing more quickly than at any time this year, according to a survey.

Mortgages for Business say that 65% of landlords in the UK are now looking to buy at least one more rental prop
Posted by on 12/06/2015 16:01:14
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Letting agents predict rent increases
According to the UK's letting agents, rents for private rental properties will be rising over the next five years.

The news comes from the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) who say that 79% of their members are predicting growing rents.

Posted by on 12/06/2015 15:05:30
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Buy to let landlords earn £112 billion
The growing attraction for investing in buy to let property in the UK has been underlined with news that rents are now worth nearly £4 billion every month.

The figures come from a report published by mortgage firm Kent Reliance which shows that landlords earned
Posted by on 12/06/2015 14:46:15
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Rents in London to rocket by 19.5%
Rents in central London are set to soar by 19.5% over the next five years as the property sector moves forward after the general election, according to a report.

In addition, prices for houses in the capital will rise by 18%.

The predictions are being
Posted by on 12/06/2015 14:26:55
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Buy to let landlords’ income under threat
Fears that the benefit cuts being made by the government will threaten buy to let landlords' income have been raised.

The warning comes from the Financial Times which says that huge a part of the south coast and outer London will see landlords being hit hard by
Posted by on 12/06/2015 14:16:44
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Areas for best buy to let yields revealed
A survey has revealed where the best areas in the UK are for buy to let property yields and it points to the north-west of England where landlords do best.

HSBC mortgages says that the city of Manchester is home to the highest rental yield of 7.93%.

Posted by on 12/06/2015 13:53:42
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Jim Skelton

This month the AFS team caught up with Jim Skelton. Jim has been a landlord for over 25 years and his portfolio extends across Manchester and includes Fallowfield, Rusholme, Victoria Park and Withington. Jim has advertised his properties on AFS for a number of years and over

Posted by on 11/06/2015 12:11:00
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Win a free 12 Month Advertising Credit

Win A Free 12 Month Advertising Credit

Take part in our latest survey of the student landlord market and you will be entered into a draw to win a free 12 month advertising credit, a To-Let board and a package of 25 property boosts.

Posted by on 05/06/2015 14:57:20
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Glide's Alex Back on Bills Inclusive Rents

This week, the AFS team caught up with Alex Back of Glide Utilities and discussed the benefits and challenges associated with offering bills inclusive rents.

51% of the properties on AFS offer bills inclusive, why do you think this is?

Posted by on 24/04/2015 14:52:15
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Call to ban letting agent fees

A Citizens Advice report is calling for the banning of letting agents fees to help protect tenants in England and Wales.

The charity says in a report that letting agents are refusing to adopt measures meant to bring competition and transparency to the market.

Posted by on 13/04/2015 14:46:16
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Subletting fears for landlords

It did not get much publicity when the Chancellor made his budget speech in Parliament but one piece of small print could bring huge problems for landlords.

That's because the government is going to make it easier for tenants to sublet their properties.

Posted by on 13/04/2015 14:28:58
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Landlords face growing problems with cleaning issues

Tenants are increasingly leaving their property in a dirty condition for letting agents and landlords leading to an upsurge in deposit disputes, according to a report.

Inventory software solution provider, Imfuna Let, says that the proportion of deposit disputes

Posted by on 13/04/2015 14:18:55
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Landlords and letting-Agents agree, students make good tenants
Landlords and letting-agents believe students make better tenants than non-students, according to findings from Accommodation For Students’ Annual Landlord Report 2014/2015. 73% of Landlords and 68% of Letting Agents stated they have had a better experience letting to student ten
Posted by on 20/03/2015 12:07:48
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Record low buy to let rates entice investors
The growing popularity of the UK's buy to let sector has been underlined with news that buy to let mortgages are at their lowest rates ever and more people are investing.
According to, the increasing competition between BTL mortgage providers has grown in r
Posted by on 13/02/2015 10:44:49
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Secrets that tenants keep from landlords revealed
A new survey has revealed what the most common secrets are that tenants keep from their landlords - and not paying the rent is number one.
The findings have been published by Property Let By Us which found 63% of tenants have tried to avoid paying their rent and made excuse
Posted by on 13/02/2015 10:42:15
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Photographic evidence 'not enough' in tenant disputes
Landlords and letting agents are being warned that the use of photographs to illustrate the state of a rental property when a tenant moves in may not be good enough to use in a dispute.
The warning comes from My Property Inventories who say that photographs often do not have
Posted by on 13/02/2015 10:41:16
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Record number of BTL products available
Landlords in the UK are now able to choose from a record number of buy to let financial products which have risen in number by 16% in the last three months, a survey has revealed.
The findings come from Mortgages for Business who say there are now 817 products and that lower
Posted by on 13/02/2015 10:29:05
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Loan schemes for rental home deposits grow
Increasing numbers of employers are offering loans to help employees pay a deposit on a rental home and the latest to join the list is the British government.
The government has announced its support for a new rental deposit loan scheme which will enable thousands of its st
Posted by on 13/02/2015 10:28:20
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Property rents up and voids down in 2014
Landlords with rental properties in the UK have reason to celebrate after it was announced that buy to let rents rose by 1.7% in 2014, according to official data.
The figures have been provided by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) and reveal that rents rose by 1.8%, o
Posted by on 13/02/2015 10:27:25
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Landlords warned on over-confidence for capital gains
As the UK's buy to let sector continues to boom, a warning has been sounded for new landlords in particular that they should not rely on rising property prices to deliver big profits.
The warning comes after a survey by the National Landlords' Association (NLA) which reveal
Posted by on 13/02/2015 10:22:32
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Rental property hotspots revealed
It's one of the most popular questions being asked by landlords new to the rental sector and that is ‘Where are the best areas for rent?’ - and now one firm has revealed what the answers are.
The data comes from reference processing firm HomeLet who say that rents in Leices
Posted by on 13/02/2015 10:21:54
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Letting agent complaints soar
Growing numbers of people are filing complaints about their letting agent as awareness of their rights to redress become better known, according to new figures.
The Property Redress Scheme (PRS) adds that complaints are also growing against estate agents and property managem
Posted by on 13/02/2015 10:21:14
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London landlords will continue enjoying growth in 2015
The strength of London's economy is underpinning a growth in demand for rental properties and this will continue through 2015, according to a new report.
The findings come from Savills, the real estate firm, who are also indicating that demand will also ripple out to other
Posted by on 02/02/2015 09:26:20
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Eviction costs for landlords will rocket
Proposals to push up the cost of evictions for landlords have been revealed in a consultation document released by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ).
The aim is to introduce a £75 hike in the cost of applying for County Court evictions which will see the department save around
Posted by on 02/02/2015 09:22:29
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Ticking timebomb for BTL landlords over energy efficiency laws
Landlords with buy to let properties in the UK are facing a 'ticking timebomb' as they struggle to bring properties up to the legal minimum energy efficiency standard.
A legal firm is warning that landlords need to begin complying with new standards on energy efficiency for
Posted by on 02/02/2015 09:19:21
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Despite demand landlord expect low rent increases in 2015
Despite the growing demand from a large number of people looking for rental properties in the UK, the potential for large rent increases are 'muted' according to one firm.
Belvoir Lettings has carried out an analysis of the market and found that the uncertainty about the Ge
Posted by on 16/01/2015 10:50:19
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Late rent payments stress landlords the most
Landlords are caused more stress from late rent payments than they are from badly behaved tenants, according to a new survey.
In the survey by PropertyLetByUs, the issue of late rent payments was cited by 25% of landlords as their biggest concern whereas 20% said tenants fr
Posted by on 16/01/2015 10:47:52
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The scale of the UK's buy to let sector revealed
Investors are still being drawn to the UK's buy to let sector with the promise of good returns and two surveys out this week reveal just how well things are going.
In the first news from real estate firm Savills, landlords have made £177bn in capital growth from their portfo
Posted by on 16/01/2015 10:46:52
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Landlords need fair rules when calculating compensation
Landlords could save themselves lots of trouble if they could calculate the correct compensation charges when a tenancy comes to an end rather than entering an unnecessary dispute with a tenant, says one leading organisation.
The Association of Independent Inventory Associat
Posted by on 12/01/2015 11:37:26
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Large numbers of landlords face 'no rent January'
Landlords around the country are facing the prospect of around three million tenants not paying their rent as they try to pay their Christmas bills instead, according to the housing charity Shelter.
The charity says that nearly 60% of people questioned in a survey said they
Posted by on 12/01/2015 11:34:49
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Rent rises should be capped - thinktank
A leading thinktank is proposing that tenants of private landlords should have a new rights that will guarantee rents not increasing by more than inflation.
The idea comes from Civitas who are also saying that tenants should be allowed to live in their home for as long as th
Posted by on 12/01/2015 11:31:43
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Landlords lose money by being 'unaware of crime and weather' risks
Being unprepared for burglars, winter storms and cold snaps could cost the UK's landlords dearly because there's such a poor awareness of weather and crime risks, says insurance firm AXA.
In a survey of tenants, AXA found that 48% of respondents, or nearly four million homes
Posted by on 12/01/2015 11:30:10
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Landlords unfamiliar with immigration checks
Landlords in the UK are not familiar with the planned new immigration checks that they will be required to undertake - and those who are already doing them are not happy, according to research.
A pilot scheme for the new immigration checks has begun in the West Midlands wher
Posted by on 12/01/2015 11:27:33
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Rents fall for the first time in eight months
Rents have fallen for the first time in eight months and now stand at an average of £768 per month, a drop of 0.2% from November's figure, according to the latest index.
The index is put together by Your Move and Reeds Rains, the country's largest lettings network, and they
Posted by on 12/01/2015 11:25:05
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One in three landlords has experienced rent arrears
Nearly one in three landlords in the UK say they had experience of rent arrears in the past year, says the National Landlords Association (NLA).
This means that nearly half a million landlords have had to chase rent with the typical amount outstanding being £1,649.
Posted by on 12/01/2015 11:22:37
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Landlords predict 1.8% rent increase
Despite growing demand from tenants, landlords across the UK predict rents will increase by just 1.8% in 2015 which will be below the rate of inflation.
That's according to a survey carried out by the lettings agent network run by Your Move and Reeds Rains which also found t
Posted by on 12/01/2015 11:13:48
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Damage tops landlord and tenant disputes
Resolving a tenant dispute can be a costly exercise for many landlords but there are steps they can take to prevent such disputes from taking place.
Here at we often highlight how a landlord can save money
Posted by on 12/01/2015 11:11:10
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Database reveals landlord prosecutions under the Housing Act
Tenants can now discover at-a-glance which landlords and letting agents have been prosecuted under the Housing Act 2004 after a freedom of information request was granted.
The database was created by the Ministry of Justice to record the details of private landlords who have
Posted by on 12/01/2015 11:06:42
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Landlords see boost in demand for student accommodation
A boom in demand for student accommodation has led to growing numbers of students having to share rooms, according to a BBC report.
With 30,000 extra places being offered in this academic year, compared to last ye
Posted by on 12/01/2015 11:01:54
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Landlords have speedier route to evict rogue tenants
A new online service that enables landlords in the UK to begin the accelerated section 21 eviction process of tenants by simply filling out a form has now gone live.
The service has now been launched by the Government after the idea was proposed by tenant eviction experts, L
Posted by on 24/11/2014 12:21:33
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Tips for landlords to invest in a successful buy to let property – and save money!
Here at we are committed to highlighting how a landlord can save money and boost the profitability of their rental property. However, we realise too that buy to let property investment is growing in popularity as increasing numbers of investors look for b
Posted by on 24/11/2014 11:56:45
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Buy to let sector to be boosted with pension cash
Changes to the pension pot rules from next April will fuel a surge of investment in buy to let properties from pensioners keen to unlock their savings without paying hefty penalty charges.
Many buy to let mortgage firms are already seeing a big increase in the number of enqu
Posted by on 24/11/2014 11:29:02
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New Universal Credit arrears rules for landlords
The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has announced a change to its previous stance of how much money will be diverted from a tenant receiving Universal Credit who falls into arrears with their landlord.
Until the announcement, the department said that only 5% of a tena
Posted by on 24/11/2014 11:20:35
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Landlords struggle for buy to let finance
A survey has revealed that a third of landlords are looking to extend their portfolio by using buy to let lending but many of them will not get the finance, says the National Landlords Association (NLA).
Despite there being a record number of buy to let financial products cu
Posted by on 24/11/2014 11:14:29
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The most profitable improvement for buy to let property
Landlords with buy to let properties are continually looking at ways of boosting returns and yield and a survey has revealed which property improvements will bring the most reward.
The survey been undertaken by peer-to-peer lender Zopa who say that more than 82% of buy to le
Posted by on 24/11/2014 11:11:09
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Most landlords are seeing high demand from tenants
Most landlords around the UK say they are experiencing high levels of demand from tenants with just 3% saying demand is falling, according to a survey.
The findings from Paragon Mortgages revealed that 41% of landlords said that demand was growing while 51% said demand was s
Posted by on 24/11/2014 11:06:41
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Tips for landlords on protecting property this winter
Tips for landlords on protecting property this winter Now that the autumnal months have come to an end and the cold harsh winter months are upon us, now is the time for landlords to begin protecting their properties and save money at the same time.
Not only should landlords
Posted by on 24/11/2014 10:54:23
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Invest in student accommodation - the best asset class
With increasing numbers of investors casting around for better returns on their money, many are being attracted to the potential of student rental properties.
Many investors are aware that buying a property to rent out to tenants is a very popular way to boost income since
Posted by on 24/11/2014 10:43:19
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How to find the UK's property hot and black spots
One of the big issues facing buy to let investors in the UK is deciding where they should buy their investment property.
That's because the location is crucial to its success in delivering decent yields and returns some investors must undertake a lot of market research.
Posted by on 03/11/2014 09:36:58
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Landlords warned over cannabis farming
Landlords in the UK are being warned to be on the look-out for tenants installing a cannabis factory on their property.
The warning comes as police are increasingly discovering cannabis factories around the UK, particularly in Sheffield, Huddersfield, Leicester, Bath and Gri
Posted by on 03/11/2014 09:30:30
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Landlords urged to invest in three-bedroom properties
Buy to let investors are being urged to ignore the common belief that they will need to buy a one or two bedroom property to enjoy big rental profits.
Instead, particularly if they are investing in a prime London location, they should focus on buying three bedroom properties
Posted by on 03/11/2014 09:24:34
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Landlords suffer more stress than ever before
It won't come as a surprise to many landlords but new research shows that life as a landlord is becoming more stressful.
Around 25% of new landlords say the business is brought more stress than they had been led to expect and two thirds of landlords said their lives were m
Posted by on 10/10/2014 11:57:11
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Property Ombudsman sees a sharp rise in complaints
There has been a sharp increase in the number of complaints being made to The Property Ombudsman for the residential lettings sector.
News of soaring complaints comes in the same week that all letting agents in England must now, by law, be registered with an approved redress
Posted by on 10/10/2014 11:53:01
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Buy to let landlords may need 40% deposits for a mortgage
Plans by the Bank of England for more powers over the mortgage market could see buy to let landlords having to stump up 40% deposits before being granted a BTL loan.
The revelation comes from an analysis by Countrywide Residential Lettings which says the new planned powers w
Posted by on 10/10/2014 11:47:38
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New model tenancy agreement launched by Government
A new model tenancy agreement for use by landlords in the private rental sector has been unveiled by the Government.
The agreement is for assured short hold tenancies, particularly those of two or more years, and there’s built-in provision for rent reviews and an ability to
Posted by on 26/09/2014 14:52:46
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Buy to let landlords enjoy rents record
The cost of renting a home in the UK has now hit an all-time high record figure of £761 a month, according to research.
The LSL Property Services index says the figure matches the peak in tenants looking for new homes to rent.
The firm, which owns Your Move and Reeds R
Posted by on 26/09/2014 14:45:25
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Five tenants now chase every rental property
Demand for rental properties in the UK continues to rocket with news that five tenants are now chasing each rental property, according to a survey.
The findings have been revealed in the Countrywide Monthly Lettings Index covering August which highlights that rents have gro
Posted by on 26/09/2014 14:36:03
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Landlords prepared to pay a premium to expand their portfolio
Around two-thirds of landlords are willing to pay a premium on a property’s purchase price to expand their portfolio when the property is in mint condition, research has shown.
The study was undertaken by HSBC which revealed that renovated buy to let property was more attrac
Posted by on 10/09/2014 10:41:38
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Landlords fail to protect tenant's deposits
A survey has revealed that 38% of landlords have never heard of tenancy deposit protection schemes which the CEO of one scheme said was 'worrying'.
The figure relates to the number of worried landlords calling Landlord Action’s legal helpline for advice on how to evict a t
Posted by on 10/09/2014 10:38:51
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Many UK landlords lose money
The need for professionalism when becoming a landlord has been underlined by a survey which reveals that more than a quarter of landlords with one property lose money or just break even.
The survey was undertaken by the National Landlords Association (NLA) which also found t
Posted by on 10/09/2014 10:35:40
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Average student rents in UK fall
The average rental value (ARV) of student properties in the UK has fallen slightly over the past year, according to a survey.
Leading student accommodation website Accommodation for Students says that the ARV is now £79.27, a drop of 37p from the £79.64 being paid last yea
Posted by on 03/09/2014 11:48:46
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Landlords at risk from ghost tenants
Landlords with buy to let properties in the UK have been warned to check who is living in them after fears that millions of ghost tenants could be secretly living there which could put their livelihood at risk.
The warning comes from The Online Letting Agents which is urgi
Posted by on 03/09/2014 11:43:43
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Survey reveals landlords will not use an online letting agent
More than half of landlords would never consider using an online letting agent and would prefer to use a traditional High Street agency instead, according to a survey.
The annual landlord survey by Property Academy showed that out of nearly 3,000 landlords questioned, only
Posted by on 03/09/2014 11:36:39
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Letting agency reveals barmy tenant requests
One of the ‘joys’ of being a landlord is dealing with some of the strange requests from a tenant about how their property can be better managed or improved.

Now London letting agency Benham & Reeves has revealed some of the weirdest tenant requests they have received.
Posted by on 29/08/2014 15:10:03
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Landlords see rents grow but yields decline
Rents across the UK have grown recently but landlords are seeing a dip in yields, according to several surveys.

In the index put together by LSL Property Services, landlords in England and Wales now charge an average rent of £753 a month.

A year ago, the averag
Posted by on 29/08/2014 14:57:52
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Landlords are reluctant to evict their tenants
Despite media coverage pointing to increasing numbers of tenant evictions, a major survey reveals that landlords are reluctant to evict tenants in most circumstances.

Landlords say that when they do evict it is for serious issues such as anti-social behaviour or major re
Posted by on 29/08/2014 14:51:23
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The best returns for landlords come from furnished flats
Research has revealed that landlords can expect the best returns on their investment if they buy furnished flats in cities and towns, says lettings agency Countrywide.

Their research has revealed that there is an 8% premium on furnished flats and nearly 3% on furnished h
Posted by on 29/08/2014 14:46:01
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'Double dipping' by letting agents is unwelcome practice
The widespread practice of 'double dipping' by unscrupulous letting agents who charge the tenant and landlord for the same service has been criticised by a leading insurance firm.

Direct Line for Business has conducted research which reveals the extent of the problem inc
Posted by on 29/08/2014 14:40:56
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Landlords and agents should appreciate ‘fair wear and tear'
Landlords and letting agents do not have a full understanding of what can be deducted from a tenant's deposit for fair wear and tear, says the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks.

The AIIC says there is widespread misunderstanding of a legal ruling that holds tha
Posted by on 29/08/2014 14:29:18
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Landlords say tenants causing damage is big concern
The biggest cause for disputes between landlords and their tenants is about damage to the property, according to research. Online Letting Agents has revealed that more than half of landlords (58%) said damage was the biggest source for disputes followed by redecoration issues (5
Posted by on 11/07/2014 12:44:42
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How landlords can boost their buy to let profits
Whether a buy to let landlord has one or a portfolio of properties there are always opportunities to save money and boost profits and here's a quick guide as to how it can be done. What follows is a way to squeeze more profit from a current buy to let property without having to
Posted by on 11/07/2014 12:41:12
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Buy to let rents up but income rises too
Buy to let rents in the UK have increased in the past year but they have been matched by incomes which have risen to help make rents affordable, according to a survey. The news will reassure many buy to let landlords who have been fearing that tenants would be priced out of the
Posted by on 11/07/2014 12:38:31
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Buy to let mortgage applications rocket
Increasing demand for rental properties in the UK is seeing growing numbers of new investors piling into the sector to boost buy to let mortgage advances.

Figures from the Bank of England reveal that the value of buy to let mortgages has rocketed by 65% in value from £
Posted by on 19/06/2014 11:44:54
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New law would criminalise landlords
Private residential landlords face the prospect of prison sentences of up to five years if they knowingly rent property to criminal gangs under a new law announced in the Queen's Speech.

The law would effectively see landlords being prosecuted for participating in organi
Posted by on 19/06/2014 11:36:01
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How landlords can avoid fast-growing problem of rent arrears
The fastest growing debt problem for people in the UK is for rent arrears, says a national debt advice charity.

The Money Advice Trust has revealed that the number of calls it is receiving to its national debtline is receiving record numbers of calls from worried tenan
Posted by on 19/06/2014 11:22:24
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How to make a profit renting out student accommodation
It all sounds so tempting to potential buy-to-let student property landlords - cheap property, guaranteed yields and a never-ending supply of quality students who will look after your investment.

But is it all too good to be true?

The simple answer is yes. A
Posted by on 19/06/2014 10:41:44
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Landlords offered cash for energy-saving improvements
An incredible offer from the government for householders and landlords in England and Wales to carry out energy-saving measures could see them pocketing thousands of pounds in subsidies.

It's called the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund and anyone who applies could recei
Posted by on 29/05/2014 16:57:15
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Most landlords plan to increase rents
More than half of all landlords in the UK are planning to increase their rents in the next year, according to a study.

Of those questioned, 90% said they were planning to increase rents with 51% saying they were going to increase their rents by 3%.

However, a 5
Posted by on 29/05/2014 16:54:04
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The UK's BTL hotspots revealed
It's a common question that is being asked by established landlords and newcomers alike: where is the best place in Britain to have a buy to let property?

The answer, surprisingly, is Southampton where property investors have enjoyed yields of 8.7% in the past year, acco
Posted by on 29/05/2014 16:50:42
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More than half of UK homes will be rented
For the first time in 60 years, more than half of the UK's homes will be rented by 2032 according to current housing trends.

The figures come from the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association which says that the private rental sector grew to 18% from 14% of all househo
Posted by on 15/05/2014 17:28:48
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Cleaning issues fuel deposit disputes
Cleaning is the number one dispute between tenants and their landlords when it comes to reclaiming their deposit upon leaving a property, says the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC).

The Tenancy Deposit Scheme says that the proportion of disputes arising
Posted by on 15/05/2014 17:24:59
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Landlords urged to check contracts – or pay the price
Landlords are being warned that the failure to check the contract from a letting agent could cost them thousands of pounds and seriously reduce returns.

An investigation by a national newspaper reveals that landlords who use a letting agency should check the small print
Posted by on 10/04/2014 16:03:52
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Buy-to-let finance products are 'readily available'
With house prices booming around the UK, potential landlords wanting to invest in buy-to-let properties are now enjoying a greater range of potential finance products, according to a survey.

Specialist firm Paragon Mortgages says that landlords who believe that there a
Posted by on 10/04/2014 16:03:12
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Landlord licensing schemes grow - as does opposition
Controversial landlord licensing schemes which compel landlords to sign up with their local authority to be monitored and to ensure they meet minimum standards are on the increase but so is a growing chorus of disapproval.

Enfield Council in London is the latest to agre
Posted by on 10/04/2014 16:02:55
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Landlords licensing scheme is abandoned by council
Landlords around the UK are increasingly facing the prospect of being forced into signing up for council-run licensing schemes which are aimed at rooting out rogue landlords but for many it's just an extra cost to bear.

Now one council is going against the trend and has
Posted by on 20/03/2014 15:21:12
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Landlords could pay for cannabis farm damage
A growing problem for landlords in the UK is to have their properties being turned into secret cannabis farms and now an insurance specialist is warning their insurance cover may not pay out for the damage.

The warning comes from insurance specialist firm Cover4LetProper
Posted by on 20/03/2014 15:20:37
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Call to streamline tenant eviction process
The process for landlords to evict tenants in the private sector should be streamlined and made quicker, says a tenant eviction service.

The call comes as the Government puts together a working group of housing charities and landlords to develop proposals that would see
Posted by on 18/03/2014 17:19:06
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Voids are in decline but most landlords don't prepare
Another indicator that the private rental housing sector in the UK is going from strength-to-strength is that landlords report that the number of void periods they have are falling.

In a survey of 1,000 landlords for the BDRC Continental Landlord Panel, 34% of responden
Posted by on 18/03/2014 17:18:49
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Most landlords only own one rental property
The rise of the 'accidental landlord' has been underlined with new research which reveals that most landlords live within 10 miles of their rental property.

In addition, only 6% of landlords own more than one property, according to lettings firm Countrywide.

Posted by on 18/03/2014 17:18:37
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Why property investors are buying student accommodation
With large investors now piling into the student accommodation market, is this a good time for a private investor to part with their cash?

Investors are increasingly attracted to the rate of student property yields - some developers are offering a 7% yield which is guar
Posted by on 18/03/2014 17:18:24
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Slew of BTL mortgage products hit the market as confidence grows
It's official: there is a revival in the Buy-To-Let (BTL) mortgage sector with a surge in new products and optimism among brokers improving.

The boom in BTL mortgage applications is not limited to one area; it is being enjoyed around the UK.

And more lenders a
Posted by on 24/02/2014 11:24:49
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Give flood-hit landlords tax relief - NLA
With large parts of the UK under water after some of the worst flooding for decades, the National Landlords Association (NLA) is calling on the government to give residential landlords with properties that have been flooded some council tax relief.

This comes on top of
Posted by on 24/02/2014 11:24:18
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Tenants rent for seven years before buying
Research out this week reveals that those buying new properties have been renting for an average of seven years and have spent £41,900 on their rent with landlords.

Santander Mortgages found that 15% of new home owners had been renting for 11 years.

They found
Posted by on 24/02/2014 11:23:49
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Housing market forces age up for tenants
An increasing number of people renting homes are older tenants and families who cannot afford to get onto the housing ladder.

Research shows that the number of tenants aged over 30 has increased by 6% in the past year fuelled by people who are unable to buy a house by t
Posted by on 13/02/2014 17:05:45
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Landlords making a ‘good living’ from rental properties
Despite tenant demand falling to its lowest level in three years, one in three landlords are looking to expand their portfolio - and around 80% of them are making a decent full-time living.

The figures come from the latest BM Solutions/BDRC Continental Landlord Panel wh
Posted by on 13/02/2014 17:05:23
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Landlords should check flood damage properties carefully
With huge areas of the UK underwater and more storms predicted, one organisation is warning landlords that flood damage may not always be obvious.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) says that flooding issues are likely to continue for several months - pa
Posted by on 13/02/2014 17:04:54
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Cheap BTL mortgages prosper
It's becoming increasingly easier for landlords to get buy-to-let (BTL) mortgages as lenders fall over themselves to bring new products to the market with loan rates now falling to new lows.

Indeed, there are so many BTL mortgages available that they are now at rates lo
Posted by on 06/02/2014 17:30:09
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Landlords warned about commission charges
With growing numbers of 'accidental landlords' and professional landlords having their portfolios run by letting agents comes a warning that they must be vigilant about the charges they are having to pay.

The urge for caution comes from property maintenance firm Aspect
Posted by on 06/02/2014 17:29:56
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Landlords 'misunderstanding' the impact of Universal Credit
Fears that thousands of private tenants will be turfed out of their rented homes with the introduction of Universal Credit is leading to sector leaders to raise concerns about the lack of understanding over the issue.

Already, some large private landlords are hitting the
Posted by on 06/02/2014 17:29:38
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Landlords must update deposit status
Changing a tenant’s tenancy agreement could cost landlords dearly should they not notify their relevant deposit protection scheme in time under new rules.

The warning comes from MyDeposits, one of three schemes allowed to hold deposits, and they warn that any change in t
Posted by on 03/02/2014 11:55:12
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Landlords boosted with good news
Life is looking good for the UK's landlords after news that rents will continue to rise and a survey revealing that most tenants believe their rents are value for money.

The tenants’ survey was carried out by the National Landlords Association’s (NLA) which asked tenants
Posted by on 03/02/2014 11:54:21
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Buy-to-let landlords keen to 'go pro'
With news that buy-to-let landlords have embarked on a property buying spree comes the revelation that a third of them want to 'go pro' and give up their day job to exploit opportunities.

Research by one firm reveals that the number of investors with between five and 10
Posted by on 03/02/2014 11:53:23
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Warnings about becoming a buy-to-let landlord
With increasing numbers of people looking to buy property to rent and become a landlord come two warnings that not everything is as easy as people often believe.

The first warning comes as statistics reveal that the number of repossessions of buy-to-let properties is on
Posted by on 23/01/2014 13:55:00
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Flood insurance for landlords row grows
It looks like landlords are going to be left high and dry under Government proposals to exclude them from a flood insurance plan.

Essentially, all households at risk of flood will be able to access flood insurance - but not if the properties are rented, leasehold or buil
Posted by on 23/01/2014 13:49:07
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Landlords are looking to increase rents this year
Nearly half of all private landlords in the UK are planning to increase their rents this year, some by an inflation busting 3%, according to one website.

The house and flat sharing site carried out the survey to find out what landlords were planning to d
Posted by on 23/01/2014 13:47:24
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Private landlords face cannabis farm worries
As if private landlords didn't have enough to worry about comes news that commercial cannabis growers are increasingly targeting private rental houses to establish drug farms.

Now landlords are being urged by the police to be more vigilant and avoid becoming a victim of
Posted by on 23/01/2014 13:46:06
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Planning your taxes after the Autumn Statement
Landlords should be paying close attention to their tax affairs following the Autumn Statement from Chancellor George Osborne who managed to surprise many commentators but particularly ‘accidental’ landlords.

In his statement, Mr Osborne announced two big changes for cap
Posted by on 12/12/2013 15:25:06
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Student landlords see yields rocket to 10%
Investors are pouring money into student housing at an unprecedented rate to enjoy lucrative yields of nearly 10% - which is a rate of return far ahead of many other investments.

In the first nine months of 2013, more than £1.6 billion was sunk into student housing by i
Posted by on 12/12/2013 15:21:44
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London’s property prices to continue surge in 2014
The incredible rate of property price increases will continue into the middle of next year, according to a leading estate agent.

Prices in the capital have soared by 10.3% in the last 12 months and are predicted to increase still further by between 5% and 7% in 2014; th
Posted by on 12/12/2013 15:18:03
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The main cause of deposit disputes is….cleaning
Complaints over cleaning issues when a tenant leaves a property has led to the highest level of disputes being recorded by the Tenant Deposit Scheme (TDS).

Indeed, the number of cases now being brought is at its highest since the deposit scheme began and has increased f
Posted by on 12/12/2013 15:17:01
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Falling yields put landlords under pressure
Rising house prices are forcing down returns for rental property investors with the average buy-to-let rental yield falling by 10% over the past year and this is putting landlords and investors under pressure.

Landlords have seen average rental yields of 6% in Q3 – a fa
Posted by on 12/12/2013 15:15:57
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House price growth of 27% predicted
One of the big problems for firms and organisations predicting house price growth is that they often have a vested interest in whether the figures go up or down.

The prevalence of predications is also confusing for property landlords who are planning their future busine
Posted by on 12/12/2013 15:15:27
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Tenants struggle to pay their tenancy deposits
A leading tenancy deposit protection scheme has revealed that 40% of tenants struggle to raise the money to pay for the deposit on a new tenancy and is urging the tenant to ensure that the money is properly protected once they sign up as a consequence.

In a survey undert
Posted by on 05/12/2013 15:13:24
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Buy-to-let market set for huge growth
Increasing numbers of potential buy-to-let landlords will help fuel a massive 25% increase in mortgage lending in 2014, according to one forecast.

Specialist mortgage broker, Mortgages for Business, says that the total amount loaned next year will reach £25 billion.
Posted by on 05/12/2013 15:06:16
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New buy-to-let deals launched by the Islamic Bank of Britain
Two new Sharia compliant buy-to-let products have been launched by the Islamic Bank of Britain and they are available to landlords of any faith.

The first of their products is available to customers with a 25% deposit with a two-year fixed rate of 5.09%. This rate is fi
Posted by on 05/12/2013 15:05:32
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Landlords risk being caught up in ID fraud rise
Landlords are being urged to be on their guard against the risk of identity fraud with a general rise in incidents but some areas are seeing seven times the national average in fraud attempts.

The warning comes from a leading independent estate lettings agency, the Esse
Posted by on 28/11/2013 16:02:28
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Wales to introduce new Housing Bill
The first Housing Bill to be introduced by the Welsh Government has been unveiled and one of the policies is to force every landlord with a rental property to register with local authorities.

The Welsh Government says this is a bid to tackle rogue landlords and some of
Posted by on 28/11/2013 16:02:03
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Rents set to increase by 16% in next five years
Things are looking up for the UK’s landlords with another survey predicting good times ahead.

Residential property rents, which have been growing since 2010, are expected to rocket by 16% by 2018, according to a report from international real estate firm Knight Frank.
Posted by on 28/11/2013 16:01:31
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The reasons why tenants leave rental properties
Landlords may be surprised as to some of the reasons given for a tenant leaving their property and now new research reveals what their biggest bugbears are.

Apparently, the biggest reason for leaving a property is to do with poor quality fixtures and fittings, according
Posted by on 21/11/2013 16:45:23
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Rents hit record high
Things are looking good for landlords with buy-to-let properties after news that rents in England and Wales have hit a record high and the number of tenants in arrears has also fallen.

The figures come from the LSL Buy-to-Let Index which reveal that the average rent bein
Posted by on 21/11/2013 16:42:45
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RLA publishes formal guidance to landlords in regards to the Superstrike case
The Superstrike case which earlier this year shook the private rented sector, has found many landlords uncertain about where they stand in regards to tenancy deposit schemes for tenants living in properties with agreements dated before the inception of the tenancy deposit protect
Posted by on 21/11/2013 16:39:33
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National Landlords' Association demands licence fee refunds
The NLA has "written to all local authorities in England after recent court judgments have clarified issues over the licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) and how local lic
Posted by on 21/11/2013 16:37:28
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Experian to include rent payments on personal credit files
One of the world's largest credit referencing agencies, Experian, has announced that from January 2014 it will include rental payments on individual credit reports. The changes will mean landlords and lettings/estates agen
Posted by on 21/11/2013 16:33:49
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Halifax 'dismisses' housing market bubble fears
Halifax, one of the UK's leading landlord mortgage providers, has dismissed fears that the housing market is heading towards another 'bubble'. Halifax's November 2013 House Price Index, highlighted the fact as property prices continued to grow - but with a caveat, at a gradual ra
Posted by on 21/11/2013 16:31:00
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Buy-to-let borrowing rates in surprise drop
Big buy-to-let mortgage providers - Coventry Building Society and Virgin Money - have slowly started to decrease the rates and terms of their mortgage deals. The move, which many analysts argue is a move to get more people to invest into the lucrative buy-to-let marketplace, can
Posted by on 21/11/2013 16:29:29
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Homelet rental index highlights stability in the rental marketplace
According to the HomeLet Rental Index, average rental payments in the UK appear to have plateaued after last month's slight decrease. The data, however, still points towards tenants paying around 2.7% more than this time last year.
Posted by on 21/11/2013 16:26:08
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Landlord fined after "unreasonable delays" on urgent repair work
A landlord in Northumbria has been fined after being found guilty of failing to comply with the Housing Act Improvement Notice regulations in response to his continued failure to act. The landlord, Brij Bushan Chowdhry, was fined £ 1,000. He was also liable for £900 worth of lega
Posted by on 21/11/2013 16:21:37
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Landlords 'Not Worried' About Help To Buy
The National Landlords' Association (NLA) have published a new survey which has found that "just one in five (21 per cent) of landlords say they're worried abut the impact of Help to Buy
Posted by on 21/11/2013 16:16:31
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RLA: Cardiff waste/Recycling collection consultation
The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) are encouraging possible responders to engage with Cardiff Council's new waste and recycling consultation. Cardiff Council want the views of local peo
Posted by on 21/11/2013 16:14:12
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Selective licensing? Try blanket licensing for all Waltham Forest landlords
Waltham Forest, the London Borough, has announced a public consultation on the prospect of joining Newham London Borough Council, by introducing a blanket licensing requirement on all landlords.
Posted by on 21/11/2013 16:11:34
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New guide for buy-to-let landlords launched
The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors has launched a series of free guides to help first-time property buyers through the home buying maze - including those wanting to invest in buy-to-let property.

The guides help buyers and sellers alike understand what is expec
Posted by on 07/11/2013 17:23:34
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Funding options for BTL landlords highlighted
Around one third of people investing in property do not realise there are more sources of funding other than high street banks and building societies, according to a survey.

The survey by Shawbrook Bank, a new savings and lending bank, found that these investors were un
Posted by on 07/11/2013 17:23:23
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Landlords increasingly turning to rents to boost income
One of the biggest reasons for landlords moving into the private renting sector is to help boost their monthly earnings, according to a survey.

With income levels stagnant and the squeeze on disposable income growing, four in 10 of landlords questioned said they were ha
Posted by on 07/11/2013 17:23:10
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Demand for rental properties drops
The latest research on the buy-to-let market reveals that more than one third of landlords reveal that demand from tenants for rentable properties is easing after a long period of high demand.

Around 35% of landlords said that the number of renters looking for property
Posted by on 07/11/2013 17:22:59
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Lowering landlord insurance and the importance of tenant security
This week, Scotland's Police Service and landlords were at loggerheads after a local Glasgow Police Officer, PC Craig Broakes, was quoted as saying; "break-ins could be wiped out overnight if landlords secured their properties properly and strengthened the fixtures surrounding th
Posted by on 31/10/2013 16:56:19
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Haringey council's controversial new HMO licensing scheme attacked by RLA
Haringey Council has launched a public consultation in regards to licensing changes for properties within the council's wards that are Homes of Multiple Occupancy (HMO). The council claims there are three thousa
Posted by on 31/10/2013 16:55:17
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