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Life for most students means two things - no money and high expenses. The really annoying thing is the cost of basics like food and drinkÖ essentials that you need for survival!

Donít worry, because we are here to help. Believe it or not, there


If youíve got your offer from university and youíre all set, ready and raring to get going but youíre not sure where to start with packing- then this is the guide for you!

Whilst there are plenty of items that you defini


If youíre looking around for accommodation and struggling to find the one that is right for you, then try not worry, at least you have left plenty of time.

Believe it or not, so


Wanting to make the most of your summer but lacking in the funds?

Donít worry, these are the best summer student jobs ideas for you to try your hand at!

If you live in a densely populated neigh


If youíre planning on moving back home after graduation and are not really sure how you are going to cope, then check out our ultimate guide on how to survive home life after three years of getting up at noon and making pasta at 4am.


Discover a new hobby

Summer is the perfect opportunity to discover a new hobby due to the amount of free time that youíre going to have.

Being at university can sometimes feel a little stifling as so much effort is focused on one subj


All set for your graduation yet struck by the fear of what to do next?

Donít worry, youíre not alone!

Thousands of students each year


If youíre moving into a shared student house this coming September and youíre unsure about how the whole venture is going to play out, then try not to worry.

Similar to living with anyone, basic rules and codes of respect, understanding, politeness and kindness a


The majority of disputes between tenants and landlords happen at the end of the tenancy and the vast majority of these disputes are based around the topic of cleaning and the payment of the deposit.

Whilst it is apparent that certain landlords are well within the


University in 2018 is not cheap.

Fees are now reaching a staggering sum of £9250 whilst the average graduate is likely to be in debt by around £40,000 by the time they leave university, mainly due to university fees an


There are plenty of destinations dotted around the UK hosting a variety of holiday opportunities, from the rocky coasts of Cornwall through to the rolling hills of the Peak District or the enticing Highlands.

Check out o


If are looking to travel the world after you graduate but you are unsure about where to go, what to organise and who to go with, then here are some handy tips on how to get the most out of the experience.


Once it was pretty rare for students to be looking for a place to live in the late summer. Now itís common. If you are looking for somewhere to stay right now, chances are you are one of a growing band of students who have found a place at University throu


A big chunk of money paid into your account at the end of the academic year is always a plus point in the life of a student and is definitely something that is worth fighting for.

Even if like most students,


Moving out of your student house can seem like a stressful process. Whether youíre moving to another property or are at the end of your university career, there are a few steps that you can take to make the big move that bit less chaotic. Then you can focus on enjoying t


Prepare and plan

As soon as you are aware of when exam season will begin, get planning and preparing.

A great idea is to purchase some new stationery;


Head off to an American Summer Camp

If you are looking to head abroad this summer and you love working with people in groups or trying out new experiences, then heading off to an American Summer Camp is a brilliant idea!

They usually last aroun

Organising a student house can sometimes be a stressful experience, yet it is definitely something which you can easily cope with if you plan correctly. Here are some very important tips and snippets of advice to help you when choosing your house and to allow you to essentially Ď


Over the last five years have worked closely with Glide, a company that specialise in shared bills for students.

During this period, the proportion of properties advertised


Valentineís Day is a lovely idea for those of us who are in relationships. It gives you the opportunity to tell your other half how much you love them whilst scoffing on overpriced love heart chocolates from Tesco- the dream. However, if youíre still young


When you are renting student accommodation in the UK, you are likely to be asked to provide a rent Guarantor. This article provides a summary of what a Guarantor is, to get the full low down head over to  

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It’s coming to that time of the year when you’re starting to think about houses. Whether you’re in halls or looking for a new house, this is a big decision that needs to be thought through carefully. Fear not, however, because we’ve made a tip-top list



University may well be the first time you've lived with someone who hasn't been your Mum, Dad or siblings. It's a big change bu



It goes without saying that going to university is a scary and exciting time. You probably have loads of questions about everything from


So, you’re all set, you’ve got the approval and you know which halls of residence you will be moving into. Before you jump in the car and set off for some fresher’s fun, read this article for some top tips and bits of advice for moving into accomm

If youíre currently hunting for the ideal student accommodation, one of the things you need to consider is whether a propertyís design features will boost your productivity and help you to achieve the grades you want.

The best landlords give proper thoug


That dreaded lump sum of deposit you have to pay before you move in is even more of an annoyance if you don’t receive it back. Student houses are bound to be messy and a bit chaotic, but if you take certain actions throughout the year, it’s not so hard to get your


Your years at university are likely to be among the most memorable, exciting, and fun years in your life. You will be living with friends, going out lots, and generally enjoying being young and still relatively free.

Despite this, it is easy to struggle at times, wheth


Across the UK, thousands of people give up a few hours every Christmas to help those less fortunate than themselves.

Regardless of whether you’re a regular volunteer, or if you’re a total newbie, there’s volunteering opportunities for everyone.



There is nothing worse than opening your laptop to a blank word document that needs to be filled with 2,000 words by next week. (Ok, there are worse things but it is pretty soul-destroying). Itís hard to stay motivated when writing an essay so weíve

University is already a stressful time without the added confusion of living arrangements. Thereís no official date or week when itís best to start looking, but here are some of the main reasons why itís best not to rush into a contract:


Itís that time of year where Graduate Schemes have started opening and the working world is nearing. Whilst Graduate Schemes are extremely competitive, they provide a high standard of training and open up future job opportunities. However, there is a whole ocean of gradu


Procrastination is something we have all experienced at some point. Be it putting off doing an essay, delaying doing housework, or waiting until the very last minute to do something.

Procrastination can take many forms. Staring at Facebook, scrolling endl


A MacBook is the pride and joy possession of most students. Theyíre sleek, ultraportable and super speedy. Thatís not to say, however, that theyíre the only option on the market. If anything, there are numerous models which are much better value for money and perform jus


Itís September, the start of an academic year, and A-level students across the country are thinking about where they want to apply to for university. Soon enough, their parents will bring up the difficult question of where their university of choice ranks for their chose


It has to be said, one of the most liberating parts of freshers is signing up for every society you have a vague interest in. Whether itís something adventurous like mountaineering, something boozy like winesoc or something a bit more unusual like battle re-enac


Freshers' week is quickly approaching so we've got a rundown of the UK's best freshers' weeks for you. If you're going to be a fresher in any of these cities this month, you're in for an unforgettable week.




Semester one is right around the corner, and while you still have a few more weeks to make the most of lazing around at your parentís house, itís time to slowly start thinking about the semester ahead of you.

Start budgeting


A-level results day has been and gone, youíve got into a university: maybe it was your first choice, or maybe you got in through clearing, like a record 64,000 students did in 2015


Most of us go into higher education with the hopes of gaining a first class honour's degree. Getting that first may seem painstaking and at times impossible but I am here to tell you that it is much more achievable than you may think.

Many students hope t

1) Itís important to choose the right degree

After your A-levels, you might doubt your university choices for location or subject. Likewise, you may not have met the right grades for your preferences, or you may feel pressured to make a quick decisio


If youíre doing a Masters youíre probably in the middle of your dissertation, right at the time when most other students are taking long breaks and swanning around Europe. August has hit and no doubt youíre turning around and wondering where the past year has gone. If yo


An obligatory part of being a student is being broke around 90% of the time and if youíre not, then youíre probably doing it wrong. To try and solve this problem, in recent years, there has been a surge of students swarming to charity shops with the hope of being able to pick


Fed up with the same old sports dominating the television and BUCS leagues? Wanting to try something new and a little obscure? Take a look at these weird and wonderful sports that are starting to make it big in the UK rig


With many anticipated releases still to hit screens this summer and later on in the year, it may seem like 2016 has just been getting started in terms of film. However, despite all the blockbusters landing soon, the first half of the year had some brilliant films that are wort


Studying abroad is an exciting and rewarding experience, but the preparation before hand is certainly less enjoyable. It is easy to put the preparation to the back of your mind and convince yourself you will research it later on. It is really important, however, that you are o


Weíre over halfway through the year and have watched some excellent TV shows in that short time. With summer in full swing, there's no time like the present to hope on the sofa and binge on some excellent television. So, for your pleasure, we present a short list of the best T


Have any regrets on leaving university? Donít worry, we all do. From not going out enough, to not studying hard enough, to not spending enough time with friends, we all have our own personal regrets on leaving university - how could we not? So, to make you feel a bit less alon


We've all been there. It's 5AM on a weekday night and you're stuck in the depths of a YouTube rabbit hole with no signs of escape. You're not exactly sure what you've been doing for the past five to sixty hours, but all you know is that you've learnt nothing.

A good


I asked 5 students from different universities about how theyíre going to be spending their summers. Here are their plans!

Freya, Liverpool John Moores:

"To start off the summer period me and my friends from home went to Parklife festival in Manches


Who doesnít remember writing their personal statement? The hours of agonising over quite how many books to pretend youíve read, or even how to get your teacher to write it for you without them realising it? Now that many of us have seen uni to the end, I thought it would be a


Your bank accountís on -£2K, all the pot noodles are empty, and the crippling pointlessness of your own existence is starting to settle in. Summer is here! Hurray! Youíre back in with your parents now, after leaving the safety of the nest so you can pretend to be an adult for


A vice-chancellor has warned that UK university bosses are accepting Ďcounter-productiveí anti-terror legislation out of fear that they will be labelled extremist sympathisers by the media if they do not.

The head of Kingston University in London, Julius Weinberg, re


Unless youíve been living under a rock, Iím sure youíve noticed that more and more young people are running their own blogs these days. According to some recent statistics, around 70% of bloggers are under 35, and over 20% are under 20. This is no surprise to me; within a day


Parents: we love them really. Theyíve helped us with our educations, fed us, clothed us, seen us through our awkward teenage years with astonishing patience and given us a place to live both before uni and during university holidays. And now, for those moving home for summer,


For a lot of students, a Research Masters, or MRes, is the first step to a PhD programme, and perhaps a career in academic research. For others it is an opportunity to continue studying a subject at a higher level than can be achieved during an undergraduate programme. Whateve


So, exam season is finally over. The weather has its fleeting moments of looking gorgeous and you canít wait for summer to get into full swing. One of the things that got you through exams was the thought of a holiday away somewhere sunny with your uni housemates, but is this


Summer can be a time when the average student just lazily kicks around their hometown, waking up at midday and lazing about the house before collapsing back into bed again at 3AM. If youíve got the willpower, though, it can also be a fantastic time to finally start taking exer


With up to three months off over summer, itís likely that youíll have the time to earn some money and gain professional skills through a summer job. Many jobs can be fairly enjoyable and flexible, leaving you with plenty of time to still enjoy the sun. It It is important to st


Your graduation is fast approaching and talks of wild celebrations are already underway. Yet you know it will end up in the same old club with all your friends getting completely twisted (as usual). To mark the occasion you're thinking of doing something different: celebrating


This is a guest post by Andrew Williams for Pure Student Living, who provide luxurious student accommodation for students across London.

Ask anyone about their university experience and itís likely theyíll start remi


If youíre feeling the pinch at the moment and planning your summer, the humble Ďstaycationí might just be your ideal solution. If youíre willing to risk the British weather, rather than jetting off on a low-budget, sunny trip to Spain, there are so many beautiful and exciting


When youíre in the depths of your uni career, it's hard to even think about the fact that youíre piling up an enormous and seemingly endless amount of debt. I mean, I remember at every meeting I had in college about the prospect of higher education, they sort of just skimmed o


Like most students, you probably find that your student loan just never seems to stretch far enough. You keep telling yourself that youíre going to save money over summer to fund your extravagant lifestyle next year. Yet will you really be motivated when the time comes around?


Student life can get pretty expensive, and itís the everyday things that suck your current account dry. Donít let lack of funds get in the way of a good time - by following these tips, shopping savvy, and making the most of student discounts, you can live well for less and avo


The introduction of the stamp duty hike has led to landlords changing habits to target cheaper buying to let properties, says Countrywide.

The estate agency says landlords are looking for cheaper homes in a bid to offset the 3% additional tax when purchasing a


This is a guest post by The Student Housing Company

University is an amazing experience, but not if youíre stressed-out about coursework. Follow our guide to succeeding in your assignments and your time at uni w


Most of us will have grown up with the internet and social networks; from the days of Myspace to the arrival of Facebook, Twitter and professional networks such as LinkedIn. Nowadays, students and young professionals are using social networks as much for fun


Whether youíre in your first or final year, as a student the question of what you will do after uni is always lingering in the back of your mind. There are plenty of resources out there to find advice, yet it is often hard and time consuming to find out options specifically re


At university, a vast amount of reading is required Ė textbooks, theses, articles, novels Ė and itís easy to forget that reading can actually be an enjoyable and relaxing pastime. With this in mind, here are eight fantastic books to get you reading for pleasure again this summ


An online forum on The Student Room has sparked debate this month over which of the UKís unis are the most underrated. The thread starter wondered which universities ďdonít receiv[e] enough credit or


With ďUnbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" returning to Netflix on April 15, you are bound to be drawn away from those textbooks and back into the world of your favourite cult survivor, evil president or female prison inmate/toilet hooch-maker. However, no matter how hard you try to ju


The student generation is commonly described as Ďaddictedí to their mobile phones. Whilst it is true that hours on social media could often be hours better spent, apps that are beneficial for University life and your studies certainly exist.

Apps for revision<


1.) Dress to impress

Although this tip is commonly known, it is also regularly overlooked. The importance of dressing professionally for an interview cannot be stressed enough: what youíre wearing sets an impression even before you have said a single word to t


There are two types of people in the world: those who cannot eat their Easter eggs quickly enough, and find themselves tearing through the plastic and foil before breakfast, and are having a sugar crash by 9:30 am, and those who keep their Easter eggs in cupboards for later, e


1.) Research

Nothing can be stressed more than in-depth research when it comes to landing a summer internship. It is important to research beyond the common job websites and utilise all the available networks such as careers centres. It is also helpful to cont


I remember my very first Uni assignment when I got bombarded with the word Ďreferencingí. Being the naive first year I was, I spent hours trying to compile a list of all the sources I had used, putting them alphabetically into Harvard style. This took longer than the time it


Thereís a pretty good chance if youíre a student living in a shared household, youíve come across a few interesting characters along the wayÖ

Are you the clean and tidy one? Do you steal your housematesí food out the fridge? Maybe youíre a bit of a party animalÖor yo


With deadlines and final exams looming large on the horizon it can be good to unwind for a bit and plan your summer holiday. Thatís why weíve brought you a list of the top five holiday destinations in the UK - for trips that will let you get away from it all and relax without


It's only February, but students everywhere are dreaming about the freedom theyíll have during the summer. After months of lectures and coming straight out of exams, we would love nothing more than to go wild and explore the world. But, unless youíre filthy rich, this isnít an


Final essay deadlines are approaching and this is the moment a lot of students start to panic. These tips should help you understand what tutors are looking for from an essay, and how to write the best essay with minimum stress:

1. Donít read too much too soon


Cooking is one of the challenges students dread the most when coming to University. Images of baked beans and toasties trouble any parents concerned for their childrenís health. There are so many great meals, however, that are a lot easier and quicker to cook than students pre


For most undergraduate degrees, the dissertation is the final boss, standing menacingly between you and completion - a final roadblock before you can move on to the next game/questionable life decision. Much like the final boss of any video game, while a dissertation may look


With over three months off for the summer holidays, thereís no wonder why students spend so much of their time on city breaks. Here are some top student cities, a mixture of the usual suspect and some slightly more Ďoff the student trackí locations.

1) Lisbon<


2015 was an amazing year for films, with massive blockbusters like The Force Awakens, Mad Max: Fury Road, and The Martian storming the box office and winning no shortage of critical praise. But with so many great movies, it was easy for smaller releases to slip under the radar


Prime Minister David Cameron has recently announced a referendum on whether Britain should remain a member of the European Union, set to take place on Thursday 23rd June 2016. All British, Irish and Commonwealth citizens over 18 are able to strike a vote on the issue. In gener


London - some may call it the greatest city in the world but there is no doubt that it is also one of the most expensive. Its infamous shoebox rooms at absurd prices make it difficult for anyone looking for the perfect flat, or even just a flat of a decent size. If youí


The Conservatives have announced recently their plans to scrap the maintenance grant system, which will affect more than 500,000 of England's poorest students. In contrast, Plaid Cymru has proposed that Welsh students or students who chose to stay in Wales after graduation sho


An online forum on The Student Room has sparked debate this month over which of the UKís unis are the most underrated. The thread starter wondered which universities ďdonít receiv[e] enough credit or


2015 was a great year for TV, but with so many great shows coming out in such a short space of time it was easy to lose track. So if youíve run out of things to watch and are itching to crack open a new boxset, here are 7 great TV shows from 2015 you probably missed.


Pre-drinks round Tory Halls, anyone? No? Well it could soon be a possibility, because student-style accommodation is an option currently being put forward for MPs who live outside London.

Second homes in London for Members of Parliament can get very pricey. Until n


Weíve all been there: being so in awe of a politician that you just canít help but get a massive picture of their face tattooed on your body for all to see. Alright, so maybe we havenít all been there, but someone certainly has.

Hannah Scott is 18 years old


The British university system has witnessed new highs in plagiarism and cheating based on an investigation of 129 universities by The Times. New figures claim that in the past three years, almost 50,000 students have been caught cheating at British universities.


A new year brings us a slew of new things to watch, and 2016 is looking like a promising year for new TV shows. These shows range from high budget US series to your typical British comedy that gets you through your week, and all are looking great.

Sneaky Pete<


Imagine you are paying some of the highest rates of rent for student accommodation in the country, and you can barely spend any of your time there as the construction works outside are too disruptive to work through. By the time you get home and the construction works have sto


Several universities across the country lost internet connections following a cyber attack in December.

Network JANET, used by many universities across the UK, faced a persistent Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) last Tuesday 8 December, leaving multiple in


When it comes to cutting government expenditure, Disabled Studentsí Allowances (DSA) has long been a speculated target. Cuts and shifting responsibilities were first proposed in 2014 by David Willets, the then universities Minister, but were sidelined due to protests by the Na


Students from University of Michigan have come up with a solution to a very universal problem. They have created an app which allows friends and family to act as your virtual Ďcompanioní when walking home alone.

Like most people, students can often feel weary when walk


What will you be using your laptop for?

Before shopping for a laptop, ask yourself what your usage will be like and what you will be using your laptop for. If you are a low-user, you will only be using your laptop for personal use, using Word to write essays a


Iím sorry to break this news to you, but since 2005 half of the nationís nightclubs have shut down. 1,411 nightclubs, to be exact. Whilst nightclubs, restaurants, bars and cafes are constantly going in and out of business, the ones that didnít succeed are usually replaced with


No matter what University you go to, you are guaranteed to find these particular types of people on campus. Some may become your friends, while others you will definitely want to avoid entirely. Read on for our rundown of the five types of people youíll meet at uni.


For new students the dream of living away from home seems exciting and fun at first, but itís not long until reality kicks in and you have to start managing bills and making your own dinner. This can be quite a daunting experience, but donít be put off! There are simple soluti


Itís finally September. The seemingly endless weeks of summer have finally come to an end, and itís time to head back to uni, get settled in and (eventually) crack on with some work, right? Well, you can try and get some studying done, but with all these great games com


If you think you had a rough time during your A levels, think again! Homeless man Jacob Lewis achieved straight Aís and manage to get his spot in Law at Cambridge University.

Mr. Lewis had a rough year. He became homeless from an unresolved family dispute. He was the


Working to fund your student lifestyle? You are not alone. 77% of students in the UK now work part-time according to a study by Endsleigh Insurance and the National Union of Students. Only 59% of students worked part-time last year, showing a dramatic rise in numbers since.


Diversity in higher education is continually changing, within this past year we have seem major numbers increase and decrease in university, some positive and some negative.

The positive increase in ethnic diversity is still on the rise. This year 45,000 Asian studen


As exam results come flooding in, and university places get snapped up by a fresh batch of young undergrads, a clear sense of optimism hangs in the air, and rightly so. For new students the prospect of living away from home and finding new friends is a scary but exciting an


If youíre struggling with finding the best university to go to and those league tables have left you confused, then do not worry. Beneath is a list of the top 10 universities in the UK, based on a multitude of ratings based on entry standards, student satisfaction, research qu


Whether youíre beginning Uni for the first time or back for another year, joining societies can have a big impact on your college experience. There are societies in Unis all over the UK to suit even the wildest of interests. Here are some of the most bizarre ones weíve come ac


If you didnít get the results you wanted today you may feel like a desperate ex trying to get somebody to take you back after a breakup with all the desperate phone calls you have to make.

But this isnít a one way street Ė more than ever unis are desperate to attract


Results are finally here and itís nerve-wracking if you donít have the results you hoped for. This is no time for despair, however - clearing is here to give you another chance at living the uni life.

Clearing is available on UCAS and allows you to apply for any


Believe it or not, some of the most successful people in the world did not attend university. So here are some industries which have proven that you donít always need a degree to succeed.

In Film

Many famous actors such as Al Pacino, Tom H


A student loan may be able to help with rent but when it comes to fashion, it doesnít go very far! Here are 8 tips and tricks for shopping and styling to ensure you look great for those 9 am lectures and those fun nights.

1. Get Thrifty


In July, home secretary Theresa May introduced a bill that significantly changed the rules for international students studying in the UK on a Tier 4 visa. If you're starting university this year, here are some of the rules you should be aware of:

1. In November, the


In case you havenít heard, #FielWorkFails is all the rage on Twitter right now. For any science students who are worried they might not have what it takes for a career in science, or for anybody anxiously awaitin


After plenty of research (and perpetually full phone storage) AFS has developed its 2015 recommendations for the best free apps on the market that simplify student life. Read on below for our top 8.

1. Any.Do

Available for free on  

Posted by on


Freshly graduated from university, the world is your oyster but the excitement quickly turn into fear when applying for jobs, going to interviews or even planning your travels. Whether you are struggling with job hunting, suck at interviews or are poorly organised for your tra

By Amy Moore Legendary nightclub ĎThe Willowí on Coney Street has decided to close its doors this Sunday. In business for 79 years, the York nightclub was always a Ďgo toí place for students. It provided a unique atmosphere and cheap prices. Owner Mr. Fong has turned 70 an

Photo Credit: University of Michigan By Isabel Whiteley So now youíve graduated and your university life is at an end. What now? New research says it only takes on average three and a half months to find a graduate job after graduation. But you can speed up your grad job s

Photo Credit: Juhan Sonin By Isabel Whiteley Summer time usually means breaks from uni and living it up but summer jobs can also be a good way to spend your days. Here are our top tips on finding a summer job. 1. Decide what you need Do you have enough time

Photo Credit: HM Treasury By Isabel Whiteley The new budget has been out for a week now and weíre going to start feeling the repercussions soon. What does this new budget mean for students? The most damning item on there is that maintenance grants are a thing of the past

By Amy Moore Think you have it tough living in your student accommodation? At least itís not a tent. Evan Eames spent an entire year camping in a back garden to save on living costs! The Masters student, already paying £20,000 in international tuition fees, decided to camp

By Amy Moore In the middle of summer, students can often feel stumped on what to do with their countless hours of free time. To keep you from getting bored, why not reminisce on some of your favourite childhood programmes and relive the good old days. Here are a list of some o

By Ellie McCaldin If youíre graduating this summer youíve probably heard the dreaded question Ė Ďso what are you going to do nowí Ė upwards of 100 times by now. Luckily thereís good news for those who may currently be feeling apprehensive about their future prospects. Recent j

By Rachel Shapiro If youíre starting uni in September, youíre probably feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness right now. I knowóIíve been there. When I was about to start uni, I was worried about a million different things and had a ton of questions. Here are six thin

By Amy Moore Either to prevent failing or just for the thrill of it, there are plenty of students out there cheating in exams. One in ten students cheated in their exams this year according to a report published by The Student Room. The report also showed that 50% of students fr

By Amy Moore Getting that 2:1 or 1st has become a matter of life or death and it is often be hard to imagine how your life will turn out if you fail to make the grade. Some employers say ďdonít bother applying, you graduate with a 2:2". But, all is not lost as there are many fam

Photo Credit: kitschbitch (Creative Commons) By Amy Moore For most students exam season is a distant, yet bitter memory by now. However, during this time certain universities participated in rather unusual traditions. Apparently, some traditions are to relieve stress, yet so

Exam season is well and truly upon us. As students suffer, social media once again brings to light the best and worst of question papers. From the GCSE #EdexelMaths howler to mistakes in A Level Physics, and ďimpossible" university finals, hereís our round up of the five hardest

Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi By Isabel Whiteley Itís summer and that means itís time for some of the hottest festivals to kick off. Whether youíre a festival newbie or a veteran our top tips will be sure to help you out. 1. Pack a few layers of clothing It may be sum

By Sam Dumitriu 10 gap year tourists are facing jail after posing nude on Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia. A local politician has accused the group of Ďangering the godsí and causing an earthquake that killed 18 people. Mount Kinabalu where the tourists posed nude is beli

By Sam Dumitriu Students in Fallowfield have done it again. According to Greater Manchester Police, they shut down an epic party this weekend attended by an estimated 1000 students. To put that into perspective even if you put 500 people in the garden, that'd s

By Anna Phillips If you are one of the many students this summer getting ready to enjoy your last few weeks at university forever, you might be feeling pretty sad to be leaving. Maybe youíre mourning the loss of being able to take casual trips to the pub at 3pm and sleep past

The run up to summer can be one of the most stressful times of the academic year. Not only are you worrying about exams, deadlines, and getting your summer sorted; but youíve also got to worry about moving out of your rented student home and getting your deposit back. There can b

By Anna Philips These 5 websites will save students time and money. Here are our picks for the 5 websites that every student should know.

This is the go-to site

By Anna Phillips Itís about that time of the year when youíll have to start thinking about moving out of your student house. If youíve ever rented before, youíll know how difficult it often is to get all of your money back, as landlords can occasionally push the boundaries of

Photo Credit: Jason McElweenie By Isabel Whiteley Two weeks ago 20-year-old student Mhairi Black won her seat in Paisley and Renfrewshire South, becoming Britainís youngest MP since 1667. With the end of the academic year looming, you may or may not have similar accomplis

By Isabel Whiteley With exams, deadlines and dissertations sucking up all your time you may think an all-nighter is the answer. Why waste hours sleeping when you could use it to cram more revision in? But itís not that simple. Recent research has shown that sleep and memor

By Sarah Rousseau 1. Switch up your study space A new environment can help you hold information. Try switching it up by going to different study spaces, a friendís house or take advantage of the different spaces in your home. 2. Chew gum Studies have sh

By Amy Moore Youíre nearly there. Those awful assignments are almost done and all thatís left is some last minute cramming for exams. When youíre done, you will immediately feel free and fabulous. The feeling of an elephant being lifted off your shoulders. Yet after a day, you

By Rachel Shapiro Summer break is coming up, and for many students that means itís time for an international holiday. Whether youíre inter-railing through Europe, exploring the beaches of Southeast Asia, or backpacking through South America, these tips will help you make the mos

I am sure that if I asked you what the main benefit international students bring to the UK, youíd mention cash. International students bring in major £££ for our universities but what do you, as a fellow student get from it? Well, a brand new survey asked prospective students wha

By Rachel Shapiro So you procrastinated for too long and now you have an essay due tomorrow that you havenít started yet. You know what that means: itís time for an all-nighter. Hereís how to get through your all-nighter in one piece. Pace Your Coffee Intake The c

By Amy Moore Whatís the real reason that you get out of bed and go to college? Education yeah? Letís face it, there is only one reason you torture yourself going to that quantitative methods module. You go to spy on that particular specimen who has taken your fancy. Did you kn

By Rose Malleson Festivals are a highlight of the British summer for many students. And with such a range of different types, there is certainly one to suit every taste ó even if Glasto is a bit too muddy for you! Here are some absolutely canít-miss ones happening this summer

By Sarah Rousseau 1. Being Messy Weíve all lived with that housemate that doesnít do their dishes. Having to clean dishes and wipe the sides all before cooking is not fun. But the worst part has to be the denialÖ ďI always do the dishes", ďThose crisps packets arenít

With the Rugby World Cup fast approaching, Mansion Student warmed up with a special Six Nations competition offering students the chance to win £100 Amazon vouchers if they guessed then correct winning team. The bulk of our entrants were routing for England to win, but one lucky

By Rose Malleson Students who study humanities can often get a lot of stick for being lazy, doing an easy degree or facing a future of unemployment. But being a humanities student is amazing ó and here are five reasons why. 1. I got 99 Problems but a 9am start ainít one<

By Amy Moore The job market is getting more and more competitive each year. Employers are looking to hire people with Masters Degrees and PhDs. However, the cost of doing any of these is unaffordable for the majority of students. Yet, donít give up on the idea as the Governme

The 2015 Times World Reputation Rankings were recently released, and while many of the top ranked universities arenít surprising, there are a few unexpected entries on the list. The UK is well represented this year, with twelve universities scoring in the top 100. If youíre curio

This is now possible with SPiKL, the first language exchange platform for students in the UK. The platform, started by students from the University of York, has just been made available online. is still in the beta version but in a near future it can completely change t

By Amy Moore Our secondary school years are often a time of experimentation, discovering what our Ďtrueí style is. Yet often we go too far and look back a couple of years later wanting to burn every picture we have from our youth. Here are some fabulous looks that went just a

By Isabel Whiteley Not everything is allowed on campus and many things have been banned over the years. Here are some of the weirdest things banned on campus, from both here and across the pond! Strawpedoing Edinburgh University recently banned Strawpedoing- the a

Photo Credit: Flickr User SocialIsBetter By Hatti Sudell With the news of Kanye Westís visit to the University of Oxford last week (yes, really, more of that later), we thought weíd dig the dirt on some of the best celebrity appearances at UK institutions. You may have thou

By Sarah Rousseau 1. The Office (US) Whether you were a fan of the original UK version of the Office or whether you love American comedy and Steve Carrel, this is the show for you. The Office is a mockumentary with an assortment of totally relatable characters that

By Rachel Shapiro University halls are notorious for being the site of pranks. These are often clever, mostly harmless tricks that give everyone a good laugh. If youíre living in a hall and looking for something to do this April Foolís Day, use these five pranks as ins

Motherís Day is this Sunday! Itís the perfect day to remind your mother how special she is. You donít need to spend loads of money to show love Ė experiences and memories are the best. Pampering and relaxation are the best roads to go down. Here are our ideas for gifts that donít

Despite the promise of election campaigns, student tuition remains the biggest expenditure of university life. A recent survey has shown that a massive 81% of students think theyíre overpaying their tuition fees. Weíve broken this down to show you exactly where things just donít

Whether youíre searching for the perfect university town, or you want to see how yours compares, weíve already done the legwork to measure the thing that matter the most: social life, culture (museums, architecture, things to do), academics (university rankings and student satisf

Image Credit: Middlesex SU By Hatti Sudell Internships are a great way to gain experience in your chosen field but 31% of graduate internships are unpaid. Itís important not to be exploited- have a look at our top tips and see if this is the right route for you. Can yo

When it comes to exam time, everyone can go a bit crazy. If you are one of those people who havenít been to a lecture all year and start cramming the night before, you could end up doing something a little desperate like these students. 1. Referencing The Lion King

By Emily Peddle The numbers are in, and now we can see which universities give out the best grades. Judging by the percentage of first class marks, Imperial, Oxford and UCL seem to have the highest success rates. Does your university choice affect your exam results? Top 10

By Sarah Rousseau 1. Social Media Have you ever wondered how many hours a day a student spends on social media? I couldn't tell you the average time spent but I also wouldn't want to know. Social media is the home of the student, ensuring they stay in touch with frie

By Rachel Shapiro Most university students enjoy a drink or two when theyíre hanging out with friends at the pub. But according to a recent survey, these ten universities are home to students take it to the next levelótheyíre drinking like itís a competitive s

By Amy Moore Student Union election time is upon us and with it brings lots of Ďoriginalí pitches from longer library opening hours to more integrated communities. While most students donít care who gets the position, there are some candidates that are pulling all the stops to

Last year just after the summer madness of furnishing the homes of what seemed like half of the student population in the North West, we gave a thought to the less fortunate half who weren't so lucky to have lovely new furniture from ourselves so we decided to run a competition.

Going from halls of residence where the most difficult choice to make was catered or un-catered and the proximity of your halls from university, it can be quite daunting when you have to rent your first place. Of course you will have your priorities, which you should write down s

By Emily Peddle Humanities courses are a great choice of study. The content is interesting, and youíll enjoy it. However, there are downsides. Here are our five worst things about being a humanities student. 1. ĎSoÖ do you want to be a teacher?í Okay, letís admi

University schedules are hectic, and often youíll find that you donít have time to throw in a job on top of all your uni work. Nothing is free, though, so youíll still need some form of income. There are a variety of ways that you can make money without getting a job that takes h

It can be really tough to send your CV out and not hear anything back. Itís possible thereís just a simple error holding you back- see if youíre making one of these seven common mistakes! Irrelevant achievements Nobody cares if you got a Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Awar

As summer approaches, it's time to start applying to internships and graduate jobs. You've put in years of hard work, and itís time to think about what youíd like to do next. You donít have to know exactly what you want to do with your life, but now is the time to start getting w

By Amy Moore Constantly using the line Ďcanít go out mate, I'm brokeí? Living on beans and toast? Fear not my fellow students, hereís six tips for you to save a few quid without having to miss out on all the fun of student life! 1. Be Food Savvy Eating takes up a

Emily Whittle, our 2014 Live Rent Free winner, is coming to the end of her stay with us at Mansion Court Leicester. We had a chat with her to find out how she felt about her time with Mansion Student, her win and what she will be doing nextÖ

Now it has had time to s

Spring may be just around the corner but student houses are usually the last to reflect any change in outdoor temperature. If youíre struggling with the constant cold-snaps, read our list of the best ways to keep warm before you break the bank on gas bills! 1. Time it right

By Rose Malleson If lemon and sugar is no longer exciting enough for your pancake, try these more unusual ones! 1. The Breakfast Pancake For a strong start to Pancake Day, why not have one as soon as you get up? Crispy bacon and maple syrup is the way to go for t

By Sarah Rousseau A new year may mark a new you, semester one may not have gone as well as planned but we always have semester two. Here are five simple tips to help you get back on track with your studies and get you work organised for the rest of the year to ensure excellen

By Amy Moore The time has come where graduates can find better jobs than cleaning toilets and flipping burgers in Mc Donaldís. There are Ďrealí graduate jobs out there, lots of them. So much so that almost half of employers surveyed reported unfilled graduate positions last ye

By Ellie McCaldin While a handful of students find a house and stick with it for the rest of their time at uni, most move from place to place every year. And as fun as is it is discovering the perks and the quirks of each house it can also be a little disorientating. Adding a

By Ryan Maguire Students' unions should be social hubs where students make new friends and join exciting societies. Yet some students' unions fail to live up to the hype and leave students dissatisfied. We've decided to name and shame five of the worst. Oxford Universit

By Rachel Shapiro The University of Buckingham is home to Britainís first private medical course, which also happens to be the most expensive course in the country. The course costs £36,500 a year, which means that grads who do not get any funding will finish their four year

We all want a good high-paying job, but which industries offer the highest salaries to grads? Here are the 6 sectors with the highest graduate salaries this year. Some may seem a bit dry but you have got to work hard for the biggest payoffs. 6. Armed Forces The A

As January comes to an end the old saying that forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest is becoming painfully true. If sticking to your New Yearís resolutions has become more of a burden than the exciting challenge it was still only a few weeks ago, then it is time to rethink your str

If you constantly post selfies, you may want to re-evaluate your life. Psychologists from Ohio University have found that frequent selfie takers score higher on the psychopathic checklist. Whether you are selfie-obsessed or just worried for a friend, these are the signs to watch

Itís deadline season, and maybe youíre currently holed up in bed binging on Netflix. Deadlines are tough. You look back to the relaxation of Freshers. Maybe it is all just getting a little too much for you. But itís important to remember that itís perfectly normal to get a little

Kickstarter is home to its fair share of truly weird money-making schemes as well as legitimate ones. There are wacky and state-of-the-art inventions that really hit it off, shying ever so slightly from their targets. And then thereís eve

With the ever popular Made in Chelsea recently joined on our screens by BBCís Posh People: Inside Tatler and Life is Toff, it seems that many of us are currently a little bit obsessed with all things posh. But are those of us not born into well-to-do families doomed to watch the

By Rachel Shapiro After a long stressful day of classes, most students want to grab a few friends and have a pint in the student union. At most campuses, a pint in the SU will be much cheaper than anything found in local pubs. Some SUs take this idea to the extreme, offering

10 Degrees with the lowest employment rates Statistics released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency show the top degrees that have the lowest employment rates 6 months after graduation. A fifth of graduates are unemployed on job seekers allowance six months after gradu

By Eryk Jan Grzeszkowiak Do you sometimes feel unsure about your future? Not able to choose the right career path while the clock is constantly ticking? Maybe you sometimes feel different from the rest of the group or find it difficult to understand why your friends behave th

By Rose Malleson Most students think that their own degree is the hardest Ė whether they a STEM course spending all day in the lab or a humanities degree that requires them to write 15,000 word dissertations, there is always something to complain about. Of course, any degre

By Isabel Whiteley Looking for that dream home can be a handful, especially as most students have never had to look for a house before. Before you impulsively get a house youíll regret check out our top tips for getting your perfect student home! View the property twice<

By Stephen Walsh Itís that time of year where every coffee shop gets out the Christmas album and you have to sit through the torture of Cliff Richardís ĎMistletoe and Wineí. If youíre lucky your SU will run a few Christmas events to give you a chance to let off some steam bef

By Amy Moore Regardless of what degree you intend to graduate with, everybody is capable of earning a high wage if they work hard enough. However, if you are curious as to whether your degree will help you reap big financial rewards in the future, here are the 10 highest payin

By Sam Dumitriu Itís time to settle the debate. Science students are smarter that Arts students. At least, thatís according to date released by ETS. They tested 26,000 students across every degree subject known to mankind. They found that physics students were the brig

University is more than just a step towards your desired career; it is an opportunity for freedom, expression and creativity. Being a part of a society can be a great way to express your freedom and creativity however founding a society will go on your university transcript and

By Isabel Whiteley Moving away from home to go to university can be very hard, especially if you havenít spent much time away from home before. Itís very likely youíll find yourself homesick and lonely, but these tips will get you out of that rut in no time. 1. Itís a Comm

By Tom Cole Living in campus halls is a fundamental part of student life. While those first days in student halls can often herald some of our happiest memories, there comes a time to move out and find your own place to live so a new flock of first-years can nestle into your d

5 Ways to do Good as a Student These days there are a multitude of ways to support good causes. Online campaigns and petitions, epic sponsored runs, and even apps like iCukoo that allow you to donate money every time you hit the snooze button on your alarm. But you want to d

By Ryan Maguire. Faced with what seems like an insurmountable word count to conquer, the thought of having to devote several consecutive months to a single essay and the duty to regularly consult your dissertation supervisor in order to dwell upon the obvious brilliance of you

Although perhaps not the top of everyone's list when choosing a university, many students find it a source of pride when their university plays an active part in protecting the planet. In most universities, you'll find a society committed to raising awareness about environmental

1. London Of course the capital of England has to be on the list of best student cities as it is a fantastic place to study and live. The city is home to over 45 universities including University College London and Kingís College London. London has a diverse and vibrant

By Hatti Sudell The mythical Freshersí Fifteen you were warned. You were sure it would never happen to you, but just a few months into first year the impossible has become reality. You seem to be carrying more pounds then youíre spending! The classic combination of late nights

By Ryan Maguire. Many could be forgiven for thinking that the studentsí union functions predominantly as a venue for cheap beer and as a social hub but unions offer more, including democratically representing your interests as a student. Not shying away from controversy as dur

1. Medicine When people first think of medics, they will often think of their amazing ability to drink copious amounts and still go to lectures the next day. Of course, if you're a medic, you're probably very clever, as getting into university to do it is hard enough; and

By Thomas Cole There are a lot of weird universities out there, and selecting the right university to benefit your future career can be a tremendously personal choice. But, once youíre in, itís easy to forget all those other places you considered. All that research done throug

By Emily Peddle Sticking to a budget as a student certainly doesn't mean sticking to the same old beans on toast or Spaghetti Bolognese. If youíre cooking to impress, here are our top five easy but impressive dishes to get your mouth watering Ė they will all comfortably feed a

By Ellie McCaldin Want to make sure that the companies you buy from match your beliefs? Not sure who you can trust? Fret no more- here are five brands which you can rely on to champion forward thinking policies and initiatives, aimed at creating a more sustainable, equal world

By Amy Moore Your first day of a new module usually starts off great, you sit down excited to discover what it will entail, and then suddenly the lecturer drops a bombshell using two simple words. Core Book. You run to the campus bookstore to discover that this Ďessential item

by Megan Grewcock 1. Understand what career you would like your internship in If you know what it is you want to do, this will allow searching for internship opportunities much easier. This will enable to you to use specific websites to help with your work experience

By Aimee Dewar: Bonfire night can be a tricky one to get right if youíre new to a city Ė as we often are as students. But, if youíre lucky enough to be studying in or around these locations, you are well catered for. So, here is my pick of the 8 best bonfire nights and what you

By Rose Malleson. Whilst many of you will have already heard of the concept of Jailbreak, to those who haven't, the premise is simple: get as far away from your start point as you possibly can, by blagging lifts, train journeys and even flights, all in the name of charity. It can

By Sam Dumitriu Yes. At least thatís according Harvard psychologist Sanjay Srivastava who looked at the correlation between hotness scores on RateMyProfessors by subject and the average IQ scores of PhD students by subject. He found that on average hot professors had lower IQ

By Sarah Rousseau So you think that your halls aren't great or you've experienced the worst buildings and prices? Think again, here are some of the worst student halls out there. 1. University College London Ė New Hall Last year UCL shelled out a

By Rachel Shapiro Every student experiences stress on a regular basis. With exams to study for, a part-time job to work at, and friends to spend time with, it can feel like there is just too much to do and not enough hours in the day. You can easily get to the point where youí

By Eryk Jan Grzeszkowiak When you get your first bill you may be a bit confused. How do I split the bill? Do I really have to pay that much? Can I switch to a different supplier? Should I choose online or paper billing? Here are some tips that will help you make good decisions

With The Appreciate back on UK screens, no doubt many students will be day-dreaming about discovering that one fast-track-to-a-fortune idea. For those of you who need further inspiration however, we rounded up five of the most notable individual or team entrepreneurs who came up

By Imi Groome 1. Plan a trip with your friends Whether you brought your car to uni or you decide to pile onto a train with everyone, reading week is a chance to explore the area near your university and learn more about where youíre living. Sight-seeing, shopping, hi

By Emily Peddle Halloween is fast approaching, which means that all students can most likely look forward to two things Ė discounted sweets on the 1st November, and an opportunity to show off your finest costume ideas. However fancy dress isnít always the cheapest Ė the prices

By Sarah Rousseau Being a Brit we can sometimes forget about Halloween, sure you might dress up to a club as a skeleton but we forget the essence of Halloween, to be spooked! If you want to get into that Halloween mood, then weíve got a selection full of freaky-features to pr

Freshers week is very often simultaneously one of the best, and worst, weeks of your life. Much alcohol is consumed, lifelong friendships are formed, and youíre liable to have done at least five embarrassing things before the end of the first evening. Whether the first week of in

By Rachel Shapiro The housemate relationship is a complicated one. When you first start uni, you must to live with people who youíve never met before and know nothing about. These are people who could potentially be your best friends, or they could be people who you just pas

By Isabel Whiteley Moving away from home for the first time can be pretty daunting, especially if youíre going to be living with people who are essentially strangers. Living on your own means thereís no more mum and dad to fall back on when you need to cook or do laundry and

By Emily Peddle University is no cheap deal, and when you say ĎIím on a student budgetí, you may as well be saying ĎIím dirt poor, please feed meí. However this doesn't have to be the case! You can find a part-time job in any city if you look hard enough, and chances are you

by Eryk Jan Grzeszkowiak Unfortunately, schools do very little to teach students how to learn effectively. Fear not Ė memorising facts can be easy, quick and fun. These memory tricks will save you time and help you get better grades with less effort. 1. Eat (and drink)

By Amy Moore Student discounts are one of the best perks of student life. For students scraping by on a tight budget, it really is worth keeping an eye on all the savings you can make. Be it on the essentials or the occasional treat, student discount websites are here to pro

Yes, we know. Joining a society in your first week at Uni is an important part of the Ďexperienceí. Itís just that some societies seem to attract idiots who seem to be intent on ruining the Ďexperienceí for everyone else. Here are our five, well four, worst; 1. The Wyverns

By Ryan Maguire. Often universities may attempt to group flatmates in halls together in relation to course studied, gender or age but ultimately which flatmates you are grouped with is randomised. Many students may have whimsical images of what delights halls may inspire but afte

By Sarah Rousseau So youíre a fresher and the only meal you know how to cook is beans on toast? Thatís okay! I am here to share a few tips and tricks on surviving fresherís famine whilst keeping the cost at a low. Sharing is Caring We've all heard the saying but never ha

By Ellie McCaldin Having a good CV, or resume, is important- it is a brief window to employment or rejection so you need to make that this first impression counts. Here are my tips to get the best CV for the job that you want. 1) Your name - Putting it in large capital lett

By Eryk Jan Grzeszkowiak If I did not decide to go to university, I would never have thought that some societies as weird as those mentioned below could even exist. I am still not sure whether they speak of extreme creativity or extreme excess of free time Ė you be the judge!

By Aimee Dewar Fresherís Week can pass by in the blink of an eye, leaving you with hazy memories and a massive headache. To make your drowsy state in that Monday morning lecture seem worth it, however, here are 7 ways to make sure you get the most out of Fresherís Week. 1.

Written by Kanika Kaur 1. Go out five nights in a row without being wasted and turn up to every lecture that week 2. Have a completely sober night out 3. Visit a friend in every different Uni in a different city and experience the clubbing life of that specific ci

Written by Zoe Richardson Whilst not all landlord/ladies are out to make a fortune from abusing the naivety of students and their knowledge of tenant rights, there are still, sadly, a number who are. When you move into a new house, it is easy to see how you just want to

Written by Isabel Whiteley When most of us are stuck paying £9K tuition fees, student finance is more important than ever. Unfortunately some people like to spread rumours that put young people off higher education for good Ė but weíre here to clear those silly myths up

Written by Lewis MacLean So youíre soon to leave the home of mum and dad to a new city for the start of University... living in halls, making a whole new set of friends, becoming independent and attending wild parties Ė exciting right? But before you throw yourself into

Written by Zoe Richardson For many of you starting university in Autumn, you are no doubt nervous and excited about the people you are going to meet in halls. A few will end up as close friends, many will be friendly enough to meet up and have a chat in campus or town; a

Written by Dagmara Reczka So you want to look on trend this Autumn/Winter but canít be bothered or donít have time to scrutinise everything thatís been going down the runway? Donít worry Ė our Autumn/Winter trend guide is just for you! We tracked some of this seasonís

Written by Ashana Beria So youíre about to enter second or third year and youíve got to start thinking about your accommodation. Which seems like the best option: living in halls or a house share? This is a question that the majority of University will ask themselves, es

Written by Lewis MacLean Apparently the most expensive areas for a pint in Britain today are Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Kent, Sussex and Bedfordshire... with the latest addition to the list being Scotland!? We all like a pint, but we arenít all millionaires, so for most of u

Written by Isabel Whiteley We hear all the time about how technology makes our lives easier, and sure, itís pretty great to be able to access lecture slides on your mobile on those days when youíre too lazy to make it out of bedÖ but what about when you wake up in the mid

Written by Ashana Beria India is huge country with a vibrant culture where people in different parts have different traditions and lifestyles. Selecting ten places in India is a very difficult task considering each place has something unique to offer; although Iíve compi

Written by Gaia Croston Another one of our list of amazing facts that you really should know Ė perfect for wiling away the hours when youíre bored and unsure of what to do! Mice are essentially shape-shifters With a soft skull and unmatched gnawing skills,

Written by Greg Henley Itís not exactly a secret that a typical studentsí week will involve watching quite a lot of TV, or a whole box set back to back. Itís also common knowledge that friendships can be formed at Uni... how many times have you: ďhave you ever seen [ins

Written by Gaia Croston Itís not news to most university students that contact hours with lecturers and academics remain minimal for students while tuition fees Ė whether you are a UK student or coming from abroad Ė continue to rise. As Arthur Gould, a former lecturer

Written by Gaia Croston It can be quite depressing moving into an empty, cold room with no personality Ė and it certainly doesnít help if youíre missing home! Whilst you canít go painting your walls bright pink, you can brighten up your room and make it yours, without r

Written by Dagmara Reczka University is a difficult time, not only because of lots of exams and essays to write, but also because itís often the first time youíve lived away from your home, without your family and friends around you. Experiencing that, you sometimes ju

The run up to exam results is the biggest time of year for students, with many looking back and wondering if they could have worked harder. Stylish student accommodation provider Vita Student has surveyed more than 800 students across the UK to find out how easily they are distra

Written by Elle Pollicott The day that I am writing this article (Saturday 9th August), I found out that today is actually National Rice Pudding Day, where we are all encouraged to ďindulge in more adventurous rice pudding recipes". A quick check of my birthday on Jun

Written by Elle Pollicott University is not just a time for studying, but for making great friends who are going through the same experiences as you (and weíre not just talking nights out). There are a lot of weird traditions at many Universities that make for a real

Written by Isabel Whiteley As a student your life is ridiculously busy, whether itís Netflix-ing a whole season in one sitting, sleeping the lecture away or staring at the blank word document thatís meant to be a 3000 word essay. There always seems to be way too much

Written by Ashana Beria China... one of the worldís largest country, a force to be reckoned with, and a destination many of us hope to visit in our lifetime. As mysterious as it is, hereís ten facts that you didnít know about China! 10. Fortune Cookies with Chinese

Written by ZoŽ Richardson The most essential object for all students is a laptop. However, there are so many different kinds of different weights, storage size, power and price, so which ones are the best and are going to see you through your degree? Whilst standard co

Written by Greg Henley Debt comes attached to student living, but there are things you can do to reduce the costs while studying. While there are many perks of University Ė such as discovering a new city with your new-found friends Ė ultimately, it can mean a lot of money

Written by Isabel Whiteley Summer is finally here and with it comes the festivals! Picture this: youíre at the festival of your dreams and your favourite band is open to come on when the skies open. Rain pours down on you and you realise you forgot to bring your rain

Written by Isabel Whiteley Following on from our round-up of the ten happiest countries in the world, we thought weíd bring your attention to the ten saddest. Things like coursework, sorting out student finance and having to get up early for lectures can seem the end

Written by Lewis MacLean While some of us in this world are naturally organised and know what they want in terms of a career from day one, and as such, have a thoroughly researched life plan, others donít. Instead, we simply fall into our degrees in the same way we

New research has revealed that the number of tenants who are 'severely' behind on their rent Ė thatís being in arrears of at least two months - has dropped by 5% in the past year. The Tenants Arrears Tracker Ė which is published by LSL Property Services Ė shows that 98.5% of pri

Written by Jess Macdonald Now that itís summer and you donít have anything to do, why not learn some interesting facts to amuse your friendsÖ or save this list for the next exam period when youíre desperately trying to procrastinate? Either way, here are 30 amazing f

You would think that tenants would take all of their possessions with them when a tenancy comes to an end, but that's not always the case. Lettings agents Benham & Reeves says they continue to be surprised at what tenants do leave behind Ė including, in one case, a Range Rover

Written by Dagmara Reczka Yes, nobody wants to think about flat hunting over the summer, but in most cases, youíll be living away from home during your time at University. No matter if youíre just about ready to start your first year; or are returning for second and

Written by Elle Pollicott The World Happiness report was released in March 2014 this year, ranking all countries in the world depending on how Ďhappyí their population was. Whilst happy can be a difficult word to define due to its subjectiveness, the list was determi

Written by Gaia Croston Birthdays really are a time for celebrating, and no one seems to know how better to throw an extravagant bash than these celebritiesÖ friends, I hope you take notes for how to really celebrate birthdays once we all become rich and world-famous.

Written by Isabel Whiteley Weíve all seen those student-inspired TV shows where no-one ever seems to do any work, and all problems between flatmates are solved to humourous effect. Unfortunately, that one time I accidentally set a tea towel on fire did not end with a

Written by Christine Braganza Summerís here, exams are over and itís time to celebrate! Rather than splashing the cash at a swanky bar, why not have a go at making some cocktails yourself? Lounge in the garden with your best friends and a couple of cocktails and you

Written by Elle Pollicott Predominantly made up of Norway, Sweden and Denmark (with Finland and Iceland also considered Scandinavia); Scandinavia is located in Northern Europe and is my favourite place in the whole world! Itís relatively undiscovered and as such, a m

Written by Jess Macdonald Need something to dream about and file in the Ďif-onlyí section of your brain? Check out our list of the top 10 beaches in the world and get ready to have major rich-person envy! 10. Baia do Sancho; Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Written by Gaia Croston Fancy taking a break with a bit of a difference this year? You should probably take a look at these seven weird and wonderful hotels that can be found around the world!  
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Written by Lewis MacLean For students, cheap pints are everything these days; and with 12 pubs shutting down a week across the country, supermarkets are cashing, making it even harder to find a nice, quiet pub for a pint. All in the name of research, Iíve scoured pub

Written by Jess Macdonald Imagine how devastated you would be if someone broke into your student house and stole your laptop a week before your final deadline Ė well unfortunately for students up and down the country this isnít a hypothetical situation, itís a very re

Written by Ashana Beria Going to a new country, we often wish we could speak the language, not only for the Brits to get rid of the appearance of being complacent with conversing only in English; but just to make it easier to communicate with others. Unless youíre st

Ibiza: Ibiza The well-known classic still retains its clubbing reputation, hailed as one of the best destinations for those looking for a hard night with days spent on the soft sand. Ibiza has nightlife second to none as well as some fantastic beaches and of course the warm Medi

Written by Ashana Beria

Written by Elle Pollicott Have a bit more spare cash than you expected and want to do something different to the typical students interrailing across Europe experience? Or maybe youíre graduating this year and are planning an amazing holiday after youíve entered the wo

Written by Veronica Stratford-Tuke If thereís one thing I wish someone had told my 16-year old self, itís that small-scale boutique festivals are where the magicís at. As I trudged to my first festival at Reading - inadequately prepared as most first-timers are Ė I was blis

Written by Jess Macdonald They say itís the people youíre with and not the venue is what makes the night (and maybe a lot of alcohol too!). But here are eight clubs in the UK that you really SHOULD avoid: 8. Every club that has featured Ďstarsí from TOWIE, Made In Chel

Written by Isabel Whiteley Summer is the perfect time for a short break from your studies Ė with the sun blaring down, itís a period of relaxation and fun activities. Unfortunately, a lot of those activities cost money and with your student loan being stretched on important

Our second installment of events this bank holiday weekend sees us heading down to the South - with the variety on offer, you'll find it very difficult deciding how to spend your weekend! BRIGHTON 3rd May-1st June: Brighton Fringe There are plenty of Fringe festi

Fancy a fun-filled bank holiday weekend, but not quite sure what's on? Take a look at our guide for the low down on what's happening in the North - there's guaranteed to be something for everyone! BIRMINGHAM 24th May - RAM Birmingham Warehouse Party @ Pop Up Wareh

The world of technology is evolving so fast that it may only need a night for an entire product category to become redundant. Amidst the growing abundance of devices being launched every year, upgrading your technology can make your life easier, bring about better entertainment,

Festivals are the best way to spend the summer with your mates, and with our 2014 music festival guide you wonít miss out on the hottest gigs around. Itís time to dig out your wellies and prepare to see some of the greatest artists of this year! Budget: under £100

Remember way back last year when you were signing your contract and had to hand over a huge lump sum as a security against your accommodation? Well pretty soon, you should be getting it back... depending on the condition of your property anyway! The basics of deposits

Living in student accommodation generally means no pets which can be really difficult if youíre used to having a household pet at home. Of course, if you do have a pet itís likely to be a dog or a cat, but those arenít the only options for pets. Some animal lovers have really ext

Student housing is notoriously a trying experience from start to finish, and the obstacles to enjoying a decent housing experience never seem to end. Released last month, the National Union of Studentís ĎHomes Fit for Studyí research showed that of almost 3,000 student respon

You may live in the country, but it certainly doesnít mean you know everything about it! Here are 20 weird and wonderful facts about Great Britain that you donít really need to know, but probably want to...! Modern Facts 1. Tea has always been the nationís favouri

The secret to backpacking across Europe, believe it or not, is being prepared. Europe has so much to offer in terms of arts and culture diversity, and itís right on our doorstep! Youíll be surprised at what you can find, and gutted at what you might miss. Here is my top 10 of

Ever thought the town you live in is quite pricey? Considering moving somewhere else after you graduate? When choosing a place to live, some areas are indeed much more expensive than the others, with differences so big that you may think you can be much better off living in t

So youíre about to uproot from the home youíve grown up in for the past eighteen years, complete with Mumís home cooking and your comfy bed - you are about to share a flat with boys who donít wash up and girls who steal your food. So how about a guarantee that youíll have hap

One stress-filled day of first year studying, me and a group of my closest friends in halls met up in my room to watch a superhero film. Popcorn and other snacks were supplied and weíd found that the film we watched was full of plot holes and general silliness. This led to us

Most of you are going to laugh at me when you read this, but I really donít care, and I stand by what I say: Eurovision is like Christmas Ė it only comes once a year. And Iím not going to lie, Iím basically as excited by the Eurovision Song Contest as I am at Christmas, and I a

Weíve only just had a bank holiday weekend, and itís almost time for the next one! Hereís a list of fun events going on during this weekend across the country to get you out of the house and stop worrying about coursework and exams! LONDON The Glamour of Italian Fashion

Letís face it: we are all humans and an average studentís life can get busy. Like, really, REALLY busy at times. Not only are you faced with the obvious such as going to classes, revising for exams and writing essays, but sometimes you have to work a part-time job and try to sq

1. Cafe Piccante - Edinburgh, Scotland Also known as the Ďdisco chippyí of the Ďburgh, Cafe Piccante has everything that clubgoers need to keep the party going whilst on their way to the next club. The place has a tasty selection of fish and chips, burgers, kebabs, sweets and

Summer is the perfect time for a short break from your studies Ė with the sun blaring down, itís a period of relaxation and fun activities. Unfortunately, a lot of those activities cost money and with your student loan being stretched on important things like deposits and food; a

Following on from the highest drop-out rates post, which may (or may not) have contained some surprises, we decided to investigate which UK Universities are doing the exact opposite and retaining their students. Following a recent study, it was found that the UK actually has the

So youíve decided to go to University but now you need to choose where to go! Starting the comparison process can be overwhelming, especially since thereís a lot of information out there for you to consider when choosing a University - beyond which cities have the best student ni

So I'm sure you got lots of Easter eggs over the Easter weekend. But did you know all this about chocolate? ē The best temperature to store your choccy treats is around 15 to 17įC. When chocolate is kept in the fridge it can get white marks, caused by sugar or fat cry

With the increase in university tuition fees, a lot of students are on the hunt for a degree course that will get them a well-paid job so they can pay of their student loan quickly and lead a comfortable life. Here are the top 10 degrees for getting you a high salary as of 201

With tuition fees having increased to £9000 for home students and £12,000 pounds for international students, more of us are having to look for university cities that provide a cheaper alternative to London, Oxford and Cambridge, where the cost of living is unaffordable for mos

Easter can be a funny period, with some students heading home and others staying put at uni for the holidays. To help you have a great break even if your housemates aren't about, here are our tips on how not to get lonely: 1. Gather a list of all people who havenít left

With graduate unemployment rates constantly rising, itís no surprise that students wonder why they came to university from time to time. But some industries require specific skillsets, which only graduates hold. Plus, some of these industries pay handsomely. From investmen

We all know that one friend who went to University for a term, dropped out and never came back... perhaps even youíre that person? Well, youíre not alone: despite the total number of dropouts falling, 27,000 students drop out after a year, which is the equivalent to 1 in 14 Ė no

If youíve ever been a student living on a budget, you know this feeling Ė the dreaded moment of seeing a massive chunk of your money leaving your account every month just to pay the rent. No matter how much of your monthly spendings you have to devote for preventing yourself fro

If youíve read through our previous blog posts already, Iím sure youíll know by now that I love a good holiday! But if youíre looking for less of a city break and more of a beach escape, then look no further! Having scoured the Thomas Cook website, I have found the five cheapest

As many of us know, Easter marks the celebration of spring and of the resurrection of Jesus Christ for Christians all over the world. No matter what you believe, though, there are a number of fun and ridiculous ways people enjoy the festival in the UK and abroad. Hereís a list of

The clocks will be going forward this weekend, meaning it will OFFICIALLY be British Summer Time, with the evenings getting progressively lighter and lighter. Gone will be the days of us sitting indoors clasping a cup of hot chocolate, listening to the wind howl (or so we hope,

Feeling like treating your housemates to some delicious food... if you want to try something spicy and different, why not make an Indian at home? For starters you could prepare Aloo Chaat (Potato spiced street food), main course could be Chickpea curry or Chilli Panneer (chilli

Soon itíll be summer, with three long months of doing whatever you want! I certainly know what I (and Iím sure most other students!) will be doing... travelling of course! As students, weíll probably be looking to spend as little money as possible travelling to our destinations

As many of my international friends have recently observed with amusement, Brits do tend to go a bit overboard at the first sight of any sunshine - especially after the wettest winter on record. It doesn't matter if it's not actually warm enough, the sunnies, shorts and dresses c

In just a few weeks itíll be Easter, meaning a nice, relaxing break back at home. And after Easter letís face it, itís not long until exams and then this year will be over. With most student property contracts coming to an end from the 30th June onwards, youíll need to start th

Lent is a solemn religious observance in the liturgical calendar of many Christian denominations that begins on Ash Wednesday and covers a period of approximately six weeks before Easter Day. During Lent, many of the faithful commit to fasting or giving up certain types of luxuri

Forget ordering your usual Cosmopolitan, Strawberry Daiquiri or (like me) Polish Martini and have a try of these weird and (maybe not so...) wonderful cocktails; as seen on Easy Living, having trawled through many-a-UK bar menu. For pre-drinks with a difference, why not give the

Itís not just the ladies who want to look stylish, and I did promise Iíd round-up the top trends for the guys this spring/summer! Here was what was popular on the catwalks: ē White Evident on most catwalks, white is the go-to colour this spring/summer. Whether you invest

Spring is just around the corner, which means we can soon say goodbye to our winter wardrobe and hello to our summer clothes! No wardrobe is complete without a few new additions as a nod towards this seasonís trends Ė Iíve had a quick scour through what was big at the SS14 Fashi

Pancake Day is this coming Tuesday! So instead of scrimping on those ready-mixed pots (which we all know taste disgusting!) why not try some of these sweet and savoury ideas to challenge the classic lemon and sugar? Yoghurt, lemon and raspberry If youíre after a fresh, lem

Description: Once youíve submitted your application to UCAS, what comes next? You can start the next phase and look into your student accommodation for the next year.

The hours spent perfecting your personal statement are behind you, UCAS has your final choices and your A le

A 2013 report from High Fliers found that the UKís leading graduate employers will be offering an average starting salary of £29,000; although there are major fluctuations between different industries. This research also found that whereas graduate hiring decreased by 0.8% in 20

There's only one thing most student's love more than a night out, and that's a CHEAP night out. But there are some important doís and doníts to consider... ē DO pre-drink! Pre-drinking has become ingrained into student culture, and it is a great way to start a night out with

Deciding which University to go to is one of the biggest decisions youíll ever make (so important in fact, that we wrote a blog post on it not long ago!). Picking the right course in the right city, enabling you the greatest chance of good career prospects is what weíre all aimi

As Valentineís Day draws closer and our student loans are rapidly running dry, our other half may or may not be too satisfied with another night doing nothing. Why not try these student-focused date ideas instead?! 1. Take a walk Every University city has something exciting

January has been and gone, and whilst exams may be over (yay!) weíre stuck back into Uni, and it often seems like the winter is never-ending... but donít worry! Here at AFS weíve got some great tips for beating the blues, helping you to enjoy the rest of this semester! ē Plan

So youíve done the hard work and applied to some Universities, and are starting to hear back from your offers. Now youíre trying to decide which University is going to be your firm and which is your insurance. Deciding which University to attend is a huge decision, as it will n

Christmas and exams are finally over... itís officially the start of a new year and the end of feasting on festive food, and gorging on takeaways during that last minute cramming session for your exam. Pigging out on fatty foods for any length of time can make you start craving


So far this winter it hasn't been particularly cold in the UK, with little or no snow in most cities. This is a blessing for the most vulnerable, such as the elderly, but also for students who need every penny we can get our hands on.

Because it hasn't been particular

First and foremost, do excuse me for bringing up the Valentine topic when some of us havenít even overcome the joy of January blues. But itís just around the corner, more evidently in the high street and trust me, itís coming sooner than you may realise. So for those who have nor

Letís face it; as soon as the clock strikes 12am on the 1st January each year, we all vow to reinvent ourselves. New year, new me and all that. But seriously, just because itís the start of a new year doesnít mean you can suddenly have a personality transplant, lose three stone

So, we've all enjoyed a long Christmas break full of relaxation, plentiful alcohol and lots of amazing food to gorge on. The idea of getting back into a routine at uni is not just scary, it is down right terrifying. The first alarm of the term is always the hardest and you beg

When in need of an answer to a dilemma we are fortunate in this technological age to have an application for all situations; if you want to know where to go, what to go to, if it is cheap or if it is healthy, there is an app to get the job done. Why should finding a gre

I know you want me....... do you? 5 Ways to tell if that girl in class REALLY likes you You've got settled in now, into the flow of assignments and lectures, how to cure that hangover, and where the hottest of hot hotspots are. You may have even got talking to that hot

At this time of year not only do deadlines and exam stress mount but the pressure on the wallet peaks; it might be a long time since your student loan came in and January can be a long month. To see people through January blues, Glide set a challenge to help students; armed with

Christmas is an expensive time of year for everyone, particularly students, but there are some fantastic work opportunities available once term finishes that can help boost your budget so that you can afford to buy decent gifts and get to all those Christmas parties. Most of thes

New Yearís Eve is one of those strange nights where having fun is compulsory. On any other night of the year you could decide to stay in at the last minute or head home before midnight and not be frowned upon - but not on 31st December. This pressure to have an amazing night is p

Christmas can be something of a mixed bag when youíre a student Ė on the up side there are all the parties and the potential for plenty of free booze courtesy of the parents over the festive season; on the down side it can be quite a long time to spend squashed in a house with yo

If youíre in need of a budget assistant guide, look no further Ė just refer to these simple steps to keep up to date with your daily finance: ē Calculate your earnings ē Chart out your spending costs ē Check the time period you need to budget for ē Try to check your expense o

Along with searching for who to live with, comes rejecting people who you just donít want to share a house with. Itís a bit of a difficult situation, but it has to be done, so here are a few ways in which you can say no. Be genuine and honest Tell them why you canít or don

If you canít afford to buy an entirely new wardrobe, you can just revamp your old clothes using the key components of this seasonís trends. You can also use this guide to treat your friends and family to something stylish that they will want to use over the winter season. Instead

As you may well have learnt by now, the student loan is a wonderful thing, but it dwindles extremely quickly. Not gracing us with its presence again until long past New Years and well in to January at which point the festival season has long gone. So AFS has come up with a few w

Nearing the end of term, with Christmas getting closer, exams are at the front of studentís minds across the country. Whilst Christmas is a time for family and fun, for many of us itís a chance to catch up on much needed revision after months of avoiding the word. Everyone copes

So itís nearly the end of first semester and pretty much everyone will be stressing about finding a house for the next academic year. But before you even start looking for a house, do you even know who you want to live with?! This can be a very tricky decision and it has to be


It's almost December, so everyone has settled nicely into their students homes; but itís cold, and with endless assignment deadlines stacking up, next year at uni seems far - and a lot of essay-writing - away! With students almost a third of a way through their course, t

You beat fresherís flu, you've tackled your first assignment and finally cracked how to cook without setting fire to everything in a small radius. But the sickness is coming back... no, not hangovers! Cold & Flu!! The reduced number of fruit and veg in your new student diet, th

Living in halls of residence in such close proximity to complete strangers that you now share personal living space with can be quite daunting. It can instantly make you bond with people and establish firm friendships for life. Alternatively it can become a very unpleasant expe

A studentís Christmas is very different to a family one, but not necessarily in a bad way! It may be a lot less expensive and the decorations may be tackier, but whatís so wrong with that?! Here are a few tips on how to have your very own student Christmas. 1. Secret Santa M

Itís tough to come by good phone deals, even more so to know which networks are student-oriented. Orange, O2 and many other networks have great contract packages, but if you donít have a stable income every month; a contract isnít the best option. Pay-as-you-go seems to be th

Christmas is fast approaching, and even if it isnít quite as exciting as when you were a kid, itís still a really fun time. As a child, Christmas always seemed really magical, leaving out sherry for Santa Claus and carrots for Rudolph like every other child across the world... e

International students coming to the UK donít just do it to gain a world-class education open the doors to their dream career, and to perfect their English; but also to have the adventure of a lifetime and do something different. If you also have these ambitious aims in mind, thi

It's approaching that time of year where the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting colder, and term is almost over! Now it's time to think about how you are going to get back home. 1. Book early The earlier you book your ticket home, the cheaper it will be! Save

Where do you start? Confusion strikes, especially when youíre a foreign student trying to find your bearings in a new country. So many banks! Sometimes it leads to an overwhelming amount of information which is difficult to process. To select one that fits you best has proved t

Alright, so Fresherís week is over. We all made mistakes, woke up in beds that perhaps werenít our own (and perhaps werenít even beds at all, but were in fact benches at 3am), did the walk of shame Ė or, if you prefer, the stride of pride. However, youíre settled now, and aside f

Itís official: itís less than a month until Christmas; and thanks to our extremely long University holidays and (argh!) exams: us students have a nice, long break Ďtil we need to be back Ė if we take full advantage, we could be away from our house for SIX WHOLE WEEKS. Whilst tha

Iím dreaming of a white ChristmasÖ As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, you may be wishing for a winter wonderland this Christmas, but with this comes chilly mornings, freezing floorboards and a huge gas and electricity bill. AFS is here to show you how to stay war

With our student loans dwindling down, you really have to start watching those pennies, especially during the run up to Christmas. A great way to buckle down and cut costs is to make a necessity list. This means jotting down all the required items you canít live without, with fo

Are you struggling to keep warm this winter? Some students tend to fall ill during this period, especially those that have travelled a fair distance, which means they donít know about the rapid weather change and arenít used to the cold like the locals. Here is a list of life ha

Dissertations - the dreaded word we hear during Uni, but push it to the back of our minds, convinced itíll never happen: until third year rolls around and catches us off-guard. Itís probably the biggest piece of work youíve ever faced in your education, but that doesn't mean it h

I know how hard it can be to concentrate in class, especially when you have a full day of lectures, or your noisy flatmates have kept you awake the night before. Here are some handy tips to make sure that you make the most of your lectures at university: Record Lectures As

Itís vital that a landlord chooses the right letting agent to ensure their property is looked after and the rent is paid on time but from next year there is a major change coming.

Thatís when all letting agents will have to sign-up to an approved redress scheme or they w