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Landlords ‘unprepared for tenancy turnovers’

By Simon Thompson

Landlords could be losing money when tenancies turnover because they have not prepared properly, particularly in the UK’s student rental market, says one organisation.

The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) says landlords should prepare for the eventuality of tenants damaging their property or leaving behind possessions.

The AIIC says landlords could be left out-of-pocket by not preparing thoroughly.

Nearly 3,000 landlords were questioned in a recent survey for an interior design firm and 89% of respondents said that their tenant usually leaves something they no longer want behind when they move out.

Property had been left dirty

On top of this, 72% of landlords said their property had been left dirty and 57% said it had been damaged.

Among the items being left behind include an urn of pet ashes and toe nail clippings in a jewellery box.

The AIIC’s joint chairman, Danny Zane, said: “Members find bizarre items in rental properties often when they carry out their checking out inspection when the tenancy ends.

“While this is sometimes amusing, there is a serious issue.”

He explained that landlords who do not prepare a watertight inventory when the tenancy begins are leaving themselves open to having to pay unnecessary removal costs.

Items belonging to the landlord could get damaged

Mr Zane added: “While inventory will focus on items belonging to the landlord which could get damaged or go missing, it should be remembered the need to address items that are left behind too.”

Should a tenant leave a large item behind, the landlord’s inventory can prove that the item does not belong to them and so the tenant can be charged for the item’s removal.

Some landlords could face removal costs running into several hundred pounds and also a potential cleaning bill when a tenancy ends.

Landlords urged to tackle mould

Meanwhile, one property expert is urging buy to let landlords to deal with issues of damp and condensation as well as mould in their properties.

Kate Faulkner says landlords and their letting agent should rectify damp and condensation issues quickly.

She explained: “Mould and damp are undoubtedly big problems in the UK's private rental sector and affect the properties and lives of millions of people but it's a problem that is avoidable.”

First signs of a mould problem

She says one of the big issues is that landlords and agents, including tenants, do not always recognise the first signs of a mould problem occurring or how to fix them.

There's also some confusion over who is responsible for dealing with mould and condensation issues though Ms Faulkner says landlords and their agents have a legal obligation to bear the burden of mould and damp repairs which, if left untreated, will cost more to fix in the long term.


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UK Property Investment Remains Positive

UK Property Investment Remains Positive

The sustained demand for property and growing rents means UK property investment 'remains positive' for investors, according to one index.

The findings from Homelet reveal that in the year to December 2018, ave

Posted by on 16/01/2019 13:43:51
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London's Landlords Worse Off Because Of Brexit

London's Landlords Worse Off Because Of Brexit

Since the vote to leave the European Union in June 2016, London's landlords have been left worse off, says one index.

The data from Landbay highlights that landlords may have seen rent growth being 2.

Posted by on 16/01/2019 13:39:04
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How Long To Sell A Btl Property?

How Long To Sell A Btl Property?

For those buy to let landlords in the UK looking to offload their property, a new report highlights how long it will take to sell it.

The findings have been published by a specialist online agency that has looked at

Posted by on 16/01/2019 13:32:19
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Fewer Tenants See Rent Rises

Fewer Tenants See Rent Rises

Fewer tenants saw their rents rise in November, the lowest level since February, new data reveals.

The findings from Arla Propertymark highlights that November was the third consecutive month in which the number of rent

Posted by on 09/01/2019 16:28:32
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Property Investment In The North Picks Up Speed

Property Investment In The North Picks Up Speed

Property investors in the north of England are enjoying some of the highest percentage returns in the UK for their investment, an analysis reveals.

The findings from Your Move highlights that the hig

Posted by on 09/01/2019 16:21:50
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Big Rise In Middle Age Tenant Numbers

Big Rise In Middle Age Tenant Numbers

There has been a big rise in the number of middle age tenants renting a home in the UK, a survey has revealed.

Intus Lettings has found that many middle-aged workers cannot afford to buy their first home or hav

Posted by on 09/01/2019 16:17:04
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New Guidance On Hmo Room Size Regulations Unveiled

New Guidance On Hmo Room Size Regulations Unveiled

The new guidance covering minimum room size regulations for HMOs has been welcomed by one landlords' association.

The guidance is aimed at councils and has been published by the Ministry of Housing

Posted by on 07/01/2019 10:22:43
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2019 Will Be 'Difficult' For Landlords

2019 Will Be 'Difficult' For Landlords

The UK's letting agents say that 2019 will be 'difficult' for landlords, according to a survey.

The findings from ARLA Propertymark highlight that the next 12 months could be a mixed year for property investor

Posted by on 07/01/2019 10:03:40
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What 2019 Has In Store For Landlords

What 2019 Has In Store For Landlords

After a year that saw a flurry of regulatory and tax changes, 2019 will offer landlords little respite from more upcoming changes, experts say.

Among the moves to affect the buy to let sector will be new client m

Posted by on 07/01/2019 09:55:21
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Most Students Get On With Their Landlord

Most Students Get On With Their Landlord

Despite the commonly held view that landlords exploit student tenants, a survey highlights that students are happy with the services and living conditions being provided by landlords.

The research from a stud

Posted by on 02/01/2019 14:55:17
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Areas for the UK's fastest growing rents revealed

Areas for the UK's fastest growing rents revealed

The areas for the UK's fastest-growing rents have been revealed in a survey with Edinburgh topping the list.

According to Landbay, the average annual rent in the Scottish city rose by 4.63% this year

Posted by on 02/01/2019 14:49:07
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Landlords Are Increasingly Selling Up

Landlords are increasingly selling up

Landlords in the UK are selling up their buy to let investments and leaving the sector but it's not as many as has been feared.

The findings from franchise letting agents Belvoir shows landlords are increasingly

Posted by on 02/01/2019 14:41:01
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The Uk's Student Accommodation Sector 'Is Still Booming'

The UK's student accommodation sector 'is still booming'

The student accommodation sector in the UK is still booming despite Brexit, says one leading real estate firm.

The student property team at Knight Frank says that in 2019, more than 29,000 pur

Posted by on 02/01/2019 14:18:12
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The Days Of Low Btl Rates 'Numbered'

The days of low BTL rates 'numbered'

Landlords will be seeing the end of rock-bottom buy to let mortgage interest rates with one expert saying their days may be ‘numbered’.

While BTL landlords have more choice today than they have had before when ar

Posted by on 02/01/2019 14:15:01
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Sharp Slowdown In Rental Market Activity

Sharp Slowdown In Rental Market Activity

A sharp slowdown in rental market activity has been recorded in the run-up to Christmas, new data reveals.

The property activity index from Agency Express highlights that the proportion of properties 'to let'

Posted by on 02/01/2019 14:09:26
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Landlords will be deterred by three-year tenancies

Landlords will be deterred by three-year tenancies

The prospect of the Government introducing mandatory three-year tenancies will see 32% of landlords being put off from investing in new rental homes, a survey reveals.

The findings from Paragon reve

Posted by on 11/10/2018 17:07:41
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Student landlords are forced into making deductions

Student landlords are forced into making deductions

Growing numbers of student landlords are having to deduct money from their tenants' deposits when the students leave their rental property at the end of their academic year, research reveals.


Posted by on 11/10/2018 16:56:05
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Tax break for landlords selling-up to tenants

Tax break for landlords selling-up to tenants

Landlords could be offered financial incentives by the government for selling their property to a long term tenant, media reports suggest.

It's been mooted that the upcoming Autumn Budget may offer a tax

Posted by on 11/10/2018 16:49:03
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Warning over HMO tenants facing eviction or rent rises

Warning over HMO tenants facing eviction or rent rises

A landlords' association is warning that thousands of tenants who live in shared houses are facing rent rises or eviction because of rule changes.

The warning comes from the National Landlords'

Posted by on 03/10/2018 10:06:00
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No sign of mass BTL landlord exodus

No sign of mass BTL landlord exodus

Concerns that regulatory and tax changes could lead to an exodus of buy to let landlords from the sector may have been premature, say researchers.

The findings from Foundation Home Loans reveals that a year after

Posted by on 03/10/2018 10:01:22
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Tenant gripes over landlords revealed

Tenant gripes over landlords revealed

Among the biggest gripes for tenants are landlords hitting them with 'out of the blue' rent rises along with being slow to repair faults, a survey has revealed.

Researchers from wallpaper firm Graham and Brown q

Posted by on 03/10/2018 09:45:49
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How much tenants will pay for furnished homes revealed

How much tenants will pay for furnished homes revealed

Landlords can charge tenants up to 21% more per month for renting a two bedroom furnished flat than they can for an unfurnished property, research has revealed.

The findings from OnTheMarket, a

Posted by on 26/09/2018 11:04:40
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Landlords call for Rent to Rent to be suspended

Landlords call for Rent to Rent to be suspended

Landlords are calling for the Government's Right to Rent scheme to be suspended as the Home Office reconvenes its stakeholder panel.

It's doing so after appeals from the Residential Landlords' Associat

Posted by on 26/09/2018 10:47:22
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New Section 21 rules cause landlord confusion

New Section 21 rules cause landlord confusion

New Section 21 rules are causing confusion among letting agents and landlords, says one law expert.

The new rules come into effect from October for tenancies created before October 2015.


Posted by on 26/09/2018 10:36:03
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The best university for buy to let locations revealed

The best university for buy to let locations revealed

With growing numbers of property investors looking to the student accommodation sector for its impressive returns, knowing where to invest can be an issue and a new survey may help.

Property webs

Posted by on 19/09/2018 14:33:39
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Rents continue to rise across the UK

Rents continue to rise across the UK

The latest data on rents being paid across the UK has delivered good news for landlords as rents have risen in all regions.

The findings from HomeLet highlight that the average rent is now £947 in the UK which is

Posted by on 19/09/2018 14:14:45
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Tenants Increasingly Opt To Rent Long-Term

Tenants increasingly opt to rent long-term

Growing numbers of tenants are adopting a long-term view when renting their home with more renters wanting to renew their current contracts, research reveals.

The findings from Hamptons International highli

Posted by on 19/09/2018 14:09:06
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Buy to let landlords split over futures

Buy to let landlords split over futures

Buy to let landlords in the UK are split over the future of the sector with 44% looking to sell up, a report reveals.

However, according to Octopus Choice they say that 56% of buy to let investors are looking

Posted by on 12/09/2018 10:27:21
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Landlords look forward to rent growth

Landlords look forward to rent growth

Around a quarter of landlords in the UK say they are expecting rents to rise over the next six months, a report reveals.

The research was carried out by buy to let consults BDRC who also found that 41% of landlo

Posted by on 12/09/2018 10:23:34
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Property investment still attractive to Brits

Property investment still attractive to Brits

A surprising number of Brits are looking to invest in property this year, a survey has revealed.

The findings from Sainsbury's Bank Mortgages also highlights that most landlords in the UK do not give up

Posted by on 12/09/2018 10:14:16
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Top agency says landlords are being forced to quit

Top agency says landlords are being forced to quit

One of the UK's leading letting agents says the government is forcing more landlords to quit the rental sector because of punitive tax policies and increasing legislation.


Posted by on 30/08/2018 13:43:33
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As landlords leave the BTL sector, rental demand increases

As landlords leave the BTL sector, rental demand increases

As landlords begin leaving the UK's buy to let sector, rental demand has hit its highest level this year, figures reveal.

According to Arla Propertymark, the number of prosp

Posted by on 30/08/2018 13:34:29
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Landlords' day jobs revealed

Landlords' day jobs revealed

The most common day jobs for landlords have been revealed by researchers with office admin roles taking top spot.

While many landlords will not have their property investment as

Posted by on 30/08/2018 13:32:59
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BTL Mortgage Brokers Say Business Will ‘Stabilise’

BTL mortgage brokers say business will ‘stabilise’

Most mortgage intermediaries are expecting levels of landlord business to stabilise over the next year, one index reveals.

Paragon's Financial Adviser Confidence Tracking Index found that 65% of bro

Posted by on 28/08/2018 09:51:08
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BTL Landlords Begin Leaving The Market

BTL landlords begin leaving the market

Growing numbers of landlords are leaving the UK's buy to let market after tougher borrowing conditions and tax changes have taken effect.

The warning comes from the One Savings Bank's sales director John Eastga

Posted by on 28/08/2018 09:36:42
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Student Accommodation Is Tops For Yields

Student accommodation is tops for yields

For landlords facing dwindling profits, the best yields in any UK town or city is for those with a high student population, research reveals.

The findings from Totally Money highlight that in university citie

Posted by on 28/08/2018 09:33:22
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Locations where the UK's most vulnerable landlords reside are revealed

The UK's most vulnerable landlords are to be found in Chichester, research has revealed.

The findings from Gatehouse Bank show that landlords in the city are facing 269 days, on average, without a tenant in their property.

The study set out to find wh

Posted by on 14/08/2018 15:21:19
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ls media turning landlords away from private rental housing?

Research has revealed that growing numbers of landlords are becoming increasingly unhappy with the negative portrayal of landlords on TV.

Despite providing homes for millions of tenants, two in three landlords say they have been demonised by TV shows which is for

Posted by on 14/08/2018 15:07:58
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Landlords urge ambition for Government energy efficiency targets

The government needs to be more ambitious in pushing its energy efficiency agenda for the UK's rental housing, landlords say.

All new and renewed private sector tenancies since April have required that the rental property has an Energy Performance Certificate rat

Posted by on 14/08/2018 14:41:43
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What Students Seek

Our friends at Glide Student, know what makes students tick. In the best tradition of successful student businesses, Glide was set up by James Villarreal who was a student himself at the time.

As the business has evolved they have st

Posted by on 01/08/2018 16:45:27
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Rents Set To Rocket By 15%

Rents set to rocket by 15%

Because landlords are being squeezed by the government and many are deciding to sell up, rents could rocket over the next five years by 15%, one organisation is warning.

The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) sa

Posted by on 31/07/2018 17:04:47
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Finance Firm Reports 30% Rise In Company Landlords

Finance firm reports 30% rise in company landlords

There has been a big rise in the number of company landlords incorporating their portfolios between the first and second quarters of this year, a finance firm says.

Thistle Finance, a specialist pac

Posted by on 31/07/2018 16:50:10
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Landlords Face A 'Serious Issue' With Rent Arrears

Landlords face a 'serious issue' with rent arrears

Landlords are facing a ‘serious and real issue’ if rents continue to rise and tenants fall behind with rent payments, one organisation warns.

Estate agency RentalStep says landlords should begin tak

Posted by on 31/07/2018 16:47:48
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The Best Buy To Let Hotspots Revealed

The best buy to let hotspots revealed

The best places for buy to let investors to focus their attention have been revealed as Luton and Colchester by one BTL index.

The analysis by LendInvest looks at 105 postcode areas to determine which of

Posted by on 26/07/2018 10:26:27
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Drop In But-to-let Investors Hits London's House Prices

Drop in BTL investors hits London's house prices

A collapse in the number of buy to let investors in London is being blamed for falling house prices.

The Land Registry’s index for house prices reveals that London has seen its l

Posted by on 25/07/2018 17:12:44
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Five Year Mandatory Electrical Checks For Landlords

Five year mandatory electrical checks for landlords

It will become mandatory for electrical checks to be carried out every five years for all landlords in the private rental sector, it has been revealed.

This is just one of the comp

Posted by on 25/07/2018 11:38:11
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More UK students than ever are applying for university

Despite rising fees, there has been a substantial rise in university applications across Britain, meaning that more young people than ever are heading off to university.

The main findings of increased applications point to a definite increase and were taken and d

Posted by on 20/07/2018 10:31:17
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From cradle to grave: are millennials set to rent for the rest of their life?

With more and young people not expecting to get themselves onto the property ladder until their 30s, it looks like more millennials are heading down the route of renting, with many set to continue in the renting sphere for many years.


Posted by on 10/07/2018 10:13:54
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With university costing thousands, are maintenance student loans unrealistic?

A recent study by Accommodation for Students has revealed that two thirds of students have more than one form of income, meaning that thousands of students around the country are now working jobs on top of their degree just to support themselves.

Posted by on 09/07/2018 14:24:46
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Studying Abroad: Why it is so popular?

According to a report by Accommodation for Students, there are 207 million higher education students worldwide, a figure that has more than doubled since 2010.


Posted by on 09/07/2018 11:21:06
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