Preparing For University: Top Tips

AFS Team·31 August 2016·4 min read
Preparing For University: Top Tips

Semester one is right around the corner, and while you still have a few more weeks to make the most of lazing around at your parent’s house, it’s time to slowly start thinking about the semester ahead of you.

Start budgeting

Student loans come-in in a few weeks and it’s time to work out, realistically, how much you have to spend on food, alcohol and days out. Set up an excel spreadsheet and work through your finances now. You’ll be thankful a few months down the line.

Go over a few of your notes from last year

If you’re on a course that builds on your knowledge from the previous years, it may be wise to go through your old notes to freshen up. You don’t want to be that person who forgets E=mc2 on the first day.

Buy an academic planner

This is a vital piece of equipment for any university student. It will be like a child to you this coming year. Don’t rely solely on your phone, as you could lose it on a night out. Invest in a decent diary and make sure you keep a note of all your deadlines and exams.

Do some background reading

By now, you probably know your modules for next year. Have a look into them while you still have a few weeks of calm and learn some of the basics, so that you’re ready to answer questions in the first seminar. You know how awkward it can be when no-one knows the answer…

Eat as much as you can

Soon you’ll be back to Super Noodles and Pizza. Get as many nutrients into you as possible before you move back to your university city. Remember, this food is also free for you… make the most of it!

Start collecting bits for your new house

Whether it’s a new knife and fork set, or a few more mugs to replace the broken ones from last year; find out what you need to buy and have a good shop around to get some good deals. If you need a TV, keep a look out on your local community board for any advertisements. You might be able to pick up a better deal at home, rather than waiting until you move in.

Make copies of all your important documents

Just in case you happen to lose anything. It’s a very realistic possibility. Get a copy of your driving license, passport, birth certificate, National Insurance number, bank account details, and your university acceptance letter.