Split the bills, only pay your share!

All inclusive student bills packages in partnership with our friends at the Student Energy Group.

The Student Energy Group covers all your bills in one simple monthly statement. Plus, the costs are automatically split between you and your housemates. Saving you a bunch of time!

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How does split the bills work?

  1. Choose your services for an instant quote
  2. Sign-up in a few simple clicks
  3. We set up your services
  4. Each pay your monthly share
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More than just a bills company

The Student Energy Group aren't just about your bills. They also care about our planet. They have pledged to plant a tree for every student that joins and to use 100% renewable energy. So, when you sign up you really will be making a difference to the world!

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Bundle all utilities (One monthly payment)

The Student Energy Group, bundle all your utilities (Superfast Virgin broadband, renewable energy, water, and more!) into one monthly payment. Easier. Greener. Better for you. Better for the planet! No paper bill clutter. And most importantly, no hassle! It’s exactly what is says on the tin: simple.

Only pay your share

With ordinary energy companies one person is stuck with the bill, meaning they have to chase their housemates for payment, costing time, hassle and even friendships. With the Student Energy Group you’re only ever responsible for your share of the bills. Equal, easy, fair.

Money back guarantee

With The Student Energy Group, you’ll never be in the dark! Honesty and transparency lie at the heart of everything they do. You’ll receive updates on your exact energy usage. If you’ve used less energy than you paid for, then you’ll be refunded the difference!

Renewable green energy

The Student Energy group has left fossil fuels where they belong: in the past. Do your bit by choosing 100% renewable energy. Interested in going green? Get a quote for more info or sign up today!

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Splitting the bills common questions

What happens if my housemates don't pay for their share of the bills?

No need to worry, each housemate is only ever responsible for their own share of the bills, if your housemates don’t pay it won’t affect you, we will chase them directly for any monies owed.

How long does it take to set up my services?

We can have you set up and saving the planet with our all-green energy packages within 4 weeks.

We have a prepayment meter can we still use The Student Energy Group?

Yes! We will swap out your prepayment meter for a standard credit meter free of charge! This means no more topping up your meter!

Do I need a TV licence?

You will need a TV licence if you will be watching or recording live TV and BBC shows including catch up and on demand. A TV licence is not required for Amazon Prime, Netflix and other streaming services.

How do I set up my account?

You can set up an account with The Student Energy Group in 3 simple steps.

  1. Complete the sign-up form on AFS
  2. Provide all your housemates details
  3. All housemates to accept terms and conditions

Once these steps are complete, we will order and set up your services ready for your move in date.

What are the benefits of setting up an account with the Student Energy Group?

We set up all your utilities for you (Gas, Electric, Water, TV Licence and Broadband) saving you time and hassle! We also split the cost and liability evenly between you and your housemates so your only every responsible for you share! Our energy packages are also renewable and we even plant a tree per housemate so by signing up to us you are also helping the planet!

Ready for hassle free bills? Let's get started.

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