Student bills with less stress

Get super easy bills for your student house thanks to our collaboration with Fused.

Pick and mix the perfect student bills package with: Unlimited Energy. Broadband. TV. Unlimited Water.

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What is a Fused student bills package?

  1. Pay for all your student house’s bills in one easy monthly payment
  2. The cost is split with your housemates so you only pay your share
  3. Everything is set up and managed for you so you can enjoy uni
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How to get a student bills package

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    Unlimited Energy and Unlimited Water as standard AND choose from: Broadband deals, TV Packages, TV licence.
  2. Share with your housemates

    Create as many quotes as you like to compare your options.
  3. Add payment details to finish sign up

    Don’t worry: There’s nothing to pay until your tenancy start date.
  4. Chill 😌

    All your bills are sorted ’til next year.
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Why students love Fused

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  • Unlimited Energy = No bill shock

    Like an unlimited mobile deal, use as much energy as you need with no worry about a massive bill at the end of your contract.
  • 🚀 Super speedy broadband options

    All the bandwidth you need to keep streaming, scrolling and studying, and tons of options so you only pay for what you need.
  • 💖 No housemate drama

    No chasing housemates, awkward conversations or messy fights over bill payments. Everyone pays their own share.
  • Amazing service

    Fused is a top rated student bills service on Trustpilot for a reason! Check out the reviews for yourself 👇
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What Fused customers think

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Common questions

  • What can I include in my package?

    All packages come with Unlimited Energy and Unlimited Water as standard, the rest is up to you. Pick the best broadband for your student house, with tons of options from Virgin or Sky broadband. Choose from many bingeable Sky TV packges, and add your TV licence too. You create the perfect combo to fit you and your housemates’ needs and budgets.

  • How do you work out how much energy I use?

    An Unlimited Energy package from Fused is a service you can't get from an energy supplier! With Unlimited Energy, you and your housemates can use as much energy as you need. You pay the same every month, with no usage limits to go over or under. This means you don’t get a nasty bill at the end of your contract (like you can get with capped energy packages). No falling out with housemates over who has the longest showers, and no freezing in winter. You get 100% peace of mind with an Unlimited Energy package.

  • Will my Wi-Fi router be delivered in time for my move-in date?

    Nobody likes to be Wi-Fi-less! It can take up to two weeks for your router to arrive, so it’s best to get set up and sorted with enough time before your move-in date. Fused has a broadband tracker so you can monitor progress and see the date and one-hour delivery window, so you don’t have to sit around waiting.

  • What info do I need to give Fused to set up?

    It’s super quick and simple. They’ll need:

    • Your name, email and mobile number
    • Details about your property, including address and how many housemates you’ll have
    • When your tenancy starts and ends
    • What services you’d like (TV, broadband, water, etc) - you can pick and choose the right combination for you

    That’s it! As soon as you’ve completed everything, the helpful Fused team will be in touch to make sure your account is set up and you’re ready to go for your move-in date.

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