How to plan the perfect Galentine's day

AFS Team·13 February 2018·6 min read
How to plan the perfect Galentine's day

Valentine’s Day is a lovely idea for those of us who are in relationships. It gives you the opportunity to tell your other half how much you love them whilst scoffing on overpriced love heart chocolates from Tesco- the dream. However, if you’re still young, hot and fabulously single then V-day can feel more like D-day. Fear not, friends, as there is light at the end of the tunnel- a very boozy/Bridget Jones/ Haagendaz laden tunnel. Why not use this as an opportunity to get your housemates together and show them how much you love them! Here’s a list of all our top tips to create the perfect Galentines day because, let’s face it, the only men you need in your life are Ben and Jerry.
1) Kit out your living room You want this to feel like a safe space for your fragile hearts, so aim to make this area as cosy as possible. Think fairy lights, cushions, blanket forts, candles (although do consider fire hazards...). This room should feel like a secret singles den, free of coupley nonsense and love heart bunting. Print off pictures of iconic singletons and stick them on the wall so you have points of reference to pull you through love’s temptation after watching Notting Hill. I’m talking Samantha Jones, Gemma Collins, Madonna. Get celebratory balloons and pop open the Prosecco. This is gonna be a girls night XXL so grab your onesie and go go go!
2) Buy plenty of booze Speaking of Prosecco, why not use this as the perfect opportunity to get creative and invent some classic singleton cocktails. I’m thinking One-Night-Stand-On-The-Beach, Pina Cola-don’t need no man, Mojit-Oh-so-single, Long don’t cry-land ice tea- use your imagination! Set up a ‘cocktail making stand’ on the living room table, get the tunes blaring, and test out each other’s ideas. You can even go the whole hog and make scoring cards. Of course, the winner should have a prize, so to fit in with the theme think along the lines of a ‘grow your own boyfriend’. You’ll have a laugh and get pissed in the process- so much more fun then spending £30+ on a table for two at Zizzi’s.
3) Get stocked up on snacks
Obviously, the most important part of any night is your choice of party platter. Whether you’re after picnic, Chinese take-away, or Indian snack food vibes, make sure you stock up with plenty of it. It goes without saying that you should have at least six desserts to hand, as well as sweets and popcorn for the inevitable movie-marathon section of the night. Just try and avoid anything heart-shaped and filled with caramel. That is not what this night is for.
4) Put on your gym gear and get ready for a movie marathon
RELAX, you don’t actually have to put on your gym clothes. Or have to even move off the sofa. The movie marathon is a staple in any single girl’s Galentines gala. However, this must be planned to perfection as one wrong choice and the whole night could end in tears. Think lessPretty Woman and more Sex in the City. Less Dirty Dancing and more How to be single. You want to watch films that have a killer female lead and are fabulously empowering, not a reminder of how happy people are when they’re in love. Now, you can go for the classics- *cough cough* Bridget Jones *cough cough*- but why not spice things up a bit and take inspiration from our forgotten female heroes of modern cinema?
Here’s a list of our top picks girl-power go-tos:

Mean Girls- This film is great because all the best characters are hilarious women. Proving that female friendship is more important than anything, it’ll remind you that there’s so much more to life than lamenting over men (even if they do look sexy when their hair’s pushed back). Also, please take a moment to appreciate how much of a feminist icon Ms Norbury is!

High School Musical 2- You’re probably wondering why this has made the list as 90% of the plot is the whole ‘Troy and Gabriella will they won’t they’ saga. Yawn. The real star of this film has got to be Sharpay. Play fabulous on repeat and you’ll quickly realise that you don’t need a man, you need ice tea imported from Maine.

Molly’s Game-
Literally the most incredible story of any human ever. Molly Bloom (played by the incredible Jessica Chastain) goes from being an Olympic skier to Casino-running entrepreneur in less than ten years. She is literally a living legend and amazing proof that when women put their minds to something they can succeed. I dare you not to feel inspired after watching this.

There you have it- the perfect recipe for your ultimate Galentines Day. Now stick on some Destiny’s Child and ‘ ladies leave your man at home’- tonight’s one for the girls.
By Elena Cotton