Second Years: Everything You’ll Experience in a House Share

AFS Team·21 August 2018·4 min read
Second Years: Everything You’ll Experience in a House Share

You’ll hear every single noise

Seriously, with the walls in student houses, you are going to hear everything single sneeze, cough, and hushed conversation- especially when it’s about you!

It will eventually get to the point when everyone will know your secrets and there will by nowhere to hide.

Your landlord will definitely pop in at the worst moments

When you're in the shower, when the house is a complete tip, when everyone is asleep, when everyone is drunk, when everyone is fighting, when everyone is struggling to fix something they broke.

They will appear when you could just really do without...

Cold showers and mould WILL be a very real thing

You’ll just kind of get to used to it after a while. As for the mould, you’ll get used to that too.

Food stealing and fridge raiding

You will probably see someone moving deftly around the kitchen each day, pretending to be cooking when they are in fact slowly stealing bits of other people's food, hoping that no one will notice.

People will probably invest in locks on their cupboards whilst others will ensure that all of their food is labelled. You’ll probably resort to keeping all your nice food in your bedroom out of reach out of everyone.

There will be television arguments

Someone will want Netflix, you’ll want to watch the Bake Off (because who wouldn’t) and someone else will want to re-watch the same film over and over again. TV fights will probably tend to happen every single night as people jostle for the remote which will usually go missing each day.

There will be plenty of pranks

Whether it's having your bedroom furniture turned completely upside down, chilli's dropped into your food or the toilet seat being cling filmed, pranks will happen so it’s best to become accustomed to just locking your door whenever you leave early into the tenancy. Better safe than sorry.

Impromptu BBQs

Whenever it goes anywhere over 20 degrees, it’ll probably be down to the local supermarket to get a disposable BBQ and hence out into the tiny garden to eat some semi-raw burgers and drink supermarket own cider.

Cleaning refusals

Rotas will be made, yet eventually, people will refuse completely to clean and it will most definitely, one hundred percent, be incredibly frustrating. Passive aggressive notes will end up being plastered around all sections of the house yet will probably be largely ignored or taken down.


Honestly, there will be so rubbish in your house. From event flyers, fresher's leaflets or freebies, footballs, rugby balls, odd socks shoved under the sofas, dirty plates and a selection of bikes in the corner. You’ll most likely give up wondering what it all is, it’s best to just bin everything when you leave!

Coat piles

Nobody will take their coat to their room. There will appear mountains the size of Everest, arising from the floor made completely out of coats, until you’ll probably crack and start dumping them outside people's rooms.

Pre drinks

Even if you're not the one going out, you’ll still have to listen to pre-drinks as it occurs downstairs, usually creeping to the bathroom every few hours to make sure no one is throwing up in the sink and walking downstairs in the morning for a coffee to encounter hell itself in the form of playing cards, cans and sticky bottles. Thanks.