Your latest list of free stuff and discounts

Elizabeth Wittingham·27 September 2018·4 min read
Your latest list of free stuff and discounts

If you’ve already blown that fresher’s loan, don’t panic! We have plenty of free stuff and offers to keep you happy throughout the rest of September!

If your university bedroom smells a little bit of post pre-drink partying, then it’s probably best to invest in something nice smelling to freshen up the air, or you could just open a window… Yankee candle are running a competition giveaway at the moment, just click the link here to fill in the form to be in with a chance of winning a candle, fresh cut roses fragranced I believe…

If those hangover headaches really aren’t for you, then head over to the link here to grab some free tea samples, hopefully waking up to a cuppa will sort you out. If tea isn’t your thing, you can grab a coffee sample by clicking on the link here.

Tesco and Waitrose are giving around 4,000 packets of itsu dumplings away, and once they’re gone, they’re gone! All you have to do is full in the form here to grab your free packet!

If you’re missing the comfort of a hot meal, then sign up Bella Italia’s mailing list here to be in with a chance of winning a three course meal, entirely free of charge!

Grab a free graze box, as always, to cub those lecture nibbles.

Free pizza! I repeat, FREE PIZZA. Papa Johns are giving away free slices of pizza this week, just head to your nearest store to grab yours.

If you’re on O2, simply download 02 priorities to grab a free hot or cold drink this week on either a Tuesday or Wednesday, at any store across the UK. You can also grab a free scoop of Thornton’s ice cream using the app as well! Sorted.

If you need some help opening up those tired student eyes, then head over to Benefit. They’re giving away free mascara to everyone who signs up to their newsletter; you can find the link here.

Pick up a free sample of Botanicals’ Face Wash to get you ready and raring to head to lectures. Check out the link here.

Fancy a night in this week? You can pick up a free large packet of butter Kist popcorn by following the link here to grab cashback.

Bella Italia have launched their brand new menu and to celebrate, they’re giving away a total of 2000 free meals! All you have to do to enter is follow the link here; you’ll be contacted by 8th October to be informed if you’ve bagged yourself some free food!

Revlon are currently giving away free samples of their Shampoo, just follow the link here to grab yours.