Check out the 8 'poshest' university halls in the UK

Elizabeth Wittingham·2 October 2018·5 min read
Check out the 8 'poshest' university halls in the UK

When it comes to student halls, most people think of little shoe box sized, damp, cell like rooms where students can touch each wall by spreading their arms.

However, more and more universities are realising the staggering financial costs of studying and are hence working to create beautiful student accommodation buildings all over the UK.

From student halls with slides and en-suites in London, through to roof top gardens and beautiful scenery- universities are upping the game.

Gone are the days of peeling band posters and damp, these halls are styling oak panelling, double king size beds and canopies.

In celebration of these beautiful buildings, we thought we would run through the ‘poshest’ university halls in the UK right now, from St Andrews through to Oxford, these halls are absolutely stunning and are home to some very lucky students.

All the information has been supplied by some of the most chic sources, Cosmo and Tatler, let us begin!

1. St Salvator’s Hall, St Andrews

Build in 1930, St Salvator’s Hall is located in the centre of the universities’ accommodation quadrangle. Although ornate and vintage on the outside, the university has an incredibly modern, (clean!) and elegant interior for the student bedrooms. However, not everything has been converted, the dining rooms, communal areas and on site library are all in the 1930s deco style with oak panelling and luxe sofas! There are also beautiful stain glass windows that adorn the dining area, making the whole experience very posh and very exclusive. La di da.

2. University College, Durham

If you’re searching for some pretty posh and ornate student halls, then look no further than University College in Durham, the place used to be a castle and the student halls are housed in the city’s Norman Fortress. The whole set is beautiful, with oak panelling and stone walls, there’s a medieval banqueting hall for you to enjoy your hangover fry up in situated close to the halls near Durham Cathedral!

3. St John’s College, Cambridge

St John’s College is a picturesque hall located on the river Cam, overlooking the college grounds. The accommodation is home to en-suite bathrooms, actual fireplaces in each room and the infamous triple accommodation set, a room which takes up two whole floors and is home to a living room, kitchen, three bedrooms and a massive bathroom! The halls will set students back a pretty penny with the cost of living and studying in Cambridge being nearly double the average!

4. Christ Church, Oxford

Christ Church College in Oxford is probably one of the most famous sites of the university and has been cited to have been the main source of inspiration for Hogwarts, meaning that students definitely feel some magical vibes when walking the corridors and chapels. Located in the heart of Oxford, the exterior and surroundings grounds are definitely a bench mark above all other halls out there. The rooms are large, open plan and usually have wonderfully big windows, heavy hanging tapestry curtains, double beds and morning rooms.

5. Holland Hall, Exeter

Situated in the beautiful landscape of the Devonshire countryside, Holland Hall is a very unique student hall building. The accommodation is topped with a glass-fronted restaurants and huge terrace which looks out over the rolling hills. Students enjoy en suite bedrooms and breakfast and dinner on the terrace each morning and evening.

6. Churchill Hall, Bristol

According to Tatler and Cosmo, this is apparently the poshest student accommodation in Bristol. It’s also very elusive and private, with only 20 students living there each year. The university hall has beautiful grounds over four acres, an exotic botanical garden and a selection of greenhouses.

7. Mylne’s Court, Edinburgh

Mylne’s Court in Edinburgh is stereotypically beautiful of the city’s architecture, you only have to head over to google maps to have a gaze on the beautiful views that the applicants for Mylne’s Court are desperate to enjoy. In the style of a classic Georgian townhouse, the accommodation boasts en suites and period interior.

8. Founder’s Tower, Royal Holloway

Opened in 1886 by Queen Victoria herself, Founder’s Tower is home to 500 students, an ornate Victorian dining hall, café, chapel and picture gallery. Similar to Christ Church, the bedrooms themselves are pretty basic yet have lovely big windows with en suites available, and the exterior and lovely grounds are beautiful!