Who makes the best housemates?

Amarah Arshad·6 August 2019·3 min read
Who makes the best housemates?

AFS students recently shared their thoughts on who makes the best housemates and offered advice on how to get on living with others.

Hundreds of you completed the survey and the results showed that the most popular housemates are usually studying Accounting, Art or Business, with Law students fairing as the least popular. However, this differs significantly between male and female students, with males more like to have a favourite housemate who studies Chemistry or Computer Science.

Overall, most students tend to have three housemates, however, first year students are more likely to have up to seven house mates, while third and fourth year students are significantly more likely to live with just one person. 21% of females compared to 14% of males have more than five housemates.

More than a third (39%) of students said they go out or socialise as a house two or more times a week, which students also repeatedly mentioned as an important factor when forming good relationships with fellow students. Suggestions included making time for socialising as housemates, especially having meals together and sticking to plans, which helps students to bond with one another and promote a better ‘family’ environment.

Other top tips from students who learnt from their own experiences include:

- Make an effort to get to know prospective housemates before moving in together

- Be open about each other’s expectations

- Solve problems/issues straight away

- Save money/budget more carefully

Students also stated that establishing golden rules regarding cleaning and responsibilities will stand students in good stead for trouble-free living.

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