Your worst exam horror stories: revealed!

Elena Cotton·4 June 2018·4 min read
Your worst exam horror stories: revealed!

If you look up exam season in the dictionary you’ll find it next to a giant picture of Satan. Exams are hell, it’s a fact. Fortunately, you are not alone in your fear and dread of the worst one hour 45 minutes of your life (and I’ve seen Shrek 4, twice). We spoke to students across the country about their worst exam horror stories and boy, they did not disappoint.

Caitlin, 21, History, “I was sat mercilessly working through one of my final exams when a pigeon flew in through the window. We were all sweating buckets because it was the middle of summer and got completely distracted as the invigilators spent about 20 minutes chasing the feathered fiend around the room until it eventually flew out again. Nightmare.”

Lucy, 19, Architecture, “It’s fair to say I took a very lax approach to my end of year exams and jetted off to Berlin the weekend before they started. I walked into the exam hall having done no preparation and was so exhausted from what had been a sesh-heavy weekend that I fell asleep for 25 minutes of the exam! I only woke up when the invigilator tapped me on the shoulder to say that 15 minutes were remaining. God knows what the bollocks I scribbled down in that frantic panic was, but I pity the examiner who had to read through it.”

David, 19, Economics, “A friend of mine had had a pretty rough week in the run up to his exams – his girlfriend had broken up with him and his hamster had died. These weren’t enough to get him mitigating circumstances but were enough to stop him from revising. When I asked how his exam went, he told me that he’d written a note to the examiner explaining his predicament INCLUDING a sketch of his hamster. Not sure it helped but he somehow managed to pass!”.

Lauren, 20, Spanish, “I was in a listening exam in the summer when a massive fuck off wasp flew in the window and started harassing the person in front of me. Naturally, the invigilators thought it was a good idea to solve the problem by repeatedly whacking the wasp with a rolled-up newspaper(!!). After five minutes (but what felt like years) of this incessant banging, the invigilator seemed to remember that it was a listening exam and left the wasp to fly out on its own accord.”

Tom, 22, Maths, “It was January exams and the weather had been storming for weeks. Having already arrived sopping wet to the exam, my fellow students and I were greeted with an exam hall covered in sewage as a drain had overflowed somewhere down the line. Luckily, we didn’t have to sit the exam, but I saw things that day that I’ll never forget.”

Holly, 22, Medicine, “I’m a strict planner when it comes to exams so I made sure I arrived 10 minutes early to one of my finals. To my horror, I then discovered I had to climb 14 flights of stairs to get to the room my exam was in. Not only was I late, I was dripping sweat and knackered from what felt like scaling Mount Kilimanjaro. Not ideal.”

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