UK Heatwave: How to Stay Cool

Elizabeth Whittingham·3 July 2018·6 min read
UK Heatwave: How to Stay Cool

The UK is currently being hit by some pretty scorching weather.

Whilst other countries may look upon our temperatures of 27 degrees C and laugh, for Britain, this is PRETYY. DAM. HOT.

So, to stop the whole population from dropping down in the streets and because the majority of UK houses do no actually have air con, here are some top tips on how to stay cool over the next couple of weeks.

# Lie on the floor

This may sound silly, but as everybody knows: hot air rises.

If you would like a breather then your best option is to lie on the floor and take a few deep breaths.

Granted, you can’t really do this out in public, but if you’re walking around at home and feel faint and hot, then get low and relax for a while.

#Keep drinking

Hot weather causes us to sweat, therefore we lose a great deal of fluids when then the sun is up and shining.

Make sure that you keep your fluid level topped up throughout the day and always have a water bottle on you incase you are caught out.

According to the NHS site, in a heatwave, you need to be drinking about four small glasses of cold fluid every hour to maintain you hydration. If you’re dehydrated, you’ll probably have a very sore head and dark urine, so get drinking!

#Don’t go fanning yourself

Fanning yourself with paper and especially with your hands is pretty ineffective as it is usually just pushing warm air into your face whilst draining you of energy.

Grab a portable fan and keep that on you.

#Go herbal

There are plenty of herbal remedies that claim to help you to cool down when the sun is up and shining in the UK.

Mint is an obvious one, crush some up with lemon, sugar and iced water for the ultimate drink.

Likewise, raspberry leaf and chamomile are also pretty effective! You can pick them up in tea form or even have a cold shower in a body wash that contains them!

#Eat chillies- hear me out!

Although a spicy curry is not the first choice of many on a hot day, it can actually help to cool you down.

Chilli makes you sweat, meaning that spicy foods can help you to cool down even whilst heating up your mouth as they do so!

#Freeze your pillow

Wrap your pillow in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge for a few hours to achieve that ‘just flipped my pillow over’ coolness.

You’re welcome.

#Place ice in front of your fan

If, like the vast majority of British homes, you do not have any air conditioning, then place a bowl of ice in front of your fan to make sure that it is blowing icy cold air into the room.

#Close those curtains

Make sure that you keep your curtains closed during the day in order to cast the rooms into shade and keep them cool.

Having your curtains closed when you’re home will be a little drab and dreary, but it’s great to do when you head out the house to make sure your house is nice and cool for when you return.

#Soak your clothes

If you really are struggling, then a great idea is to soak a t shirt and put it on wet to help you cool down.

If the wet t shirt look really isn’t your thing, then you can always soak socks or even a headband to supply some form of relief.

#Wear light colours and avoid black!

Black absorbs heat and is therefore not the best choice on a scorching UK summer day.

Wear light coloured clothes such as white, yellow and pink shades ensure that the majority of the sun’s rays and therefore the sun’s heat are reflected off of you, keeping you cool.

#Create an air flow

If you live in a property with a front and a back door, then a great idea is to have them open on a hot day to create an air flow through the whole house.

Likewise, if you live in a flat, simply ensure all the windows are open to keep air flowing through the whole area.

#Have a cold shower

Although not for the faint hearted, a cold shower can be pretty effective at cooling you down in this summer UK heatwave!

Just hop in the shower and turn it to cool. It can be quite a shock at first but is great if you’ve been in stuffy office or car all day in the heat.

Cold water also closes up your pores, meaning that you won’t jump out of the shower still sweating and that you’ll hopefully feel pretty clean!

#Breathe into an ice cup!

Holding an ice cup is a sure fire way to make you feel cool, yet for an even better method, try breathing in and out with your mouth over the cup to create a great icy air flow!