Tackling Accommodation through Clearing

Elizabeth Whittingham·7 August 2018·5 min read
Tackling Accommodation through Clearing

It’s easy in the apparent chaos of university clearing to brush accommodation aside, yet as soon as your university place has been sorted, it’s incredibly important to get your living situation sorted as well.

Follow these five handy tips to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible…

#1 Get started

Get started and pick up the phone, it’s always handy to have a lap top and a phone on hand so that you can search and speak to people at the same time.

Sites such as Accommodation and For Students can be really helpful, as they let you do a quick search, meaning that you can specify what you would like and get the results fast.

A major tip is to actually phone the companies, as chatting to someone during clearing can help to calm the nerves, ask all the questions you want!

Don’t hesitate, get in touch with the University Accommodation office or visit www.accommodationforstudents.com today.

#2 Get advice and guidance

It always a good idea to get guidance and advice from the people who know what they are talking about.

Sites such as citizen’s advice offer detailed question and answer services, whilst Accommodation for Students offer ‘student guides’, which are handy tips for dealing with the influx of information during settling your accommodation and dealing with your accommodation during clearing.

Accommodation for Student’s also offer a great guide to renting, budgeting and managing your bills!

#3 Think about location

If you are going through clearing it’s always easy to feel both overwhelmed and stressed and to therefore take the first accommodation that is offered to you.

Although it may seem perfect, try to hold back and research the place first, you need to think about key factors such as location; public transport facilities and cost.

Make sure that you set your budget pretty early on as you do not want to be researching properties and student halls that deep down you know you can not afford, it will just be upsetting! Setting a budget early will prevent this.

Don’t feel pressured and make the call when you are ready- again accommodation for students can be useful here as they offer a search specifically tailored to you.

#4 Social factors

When looking at your accommodation offers during clearing, remember that university is all about enjoying yourself and meeting new people.

In a recent survey carried out by Accommodation for Students, 65 per cent of students feel that the people they live with are actually more important than the accommodation!

Looking especially for halls that offer fun social events and parties or encourage social spaces such as games rooms or living areas is always positive, as they most likely will provide a warm and welcoming environment filled with plenty of potential friends!

You can read our handy guide to the different types of student accommodation here https://bit.ly/2Ir7Vk1

#5 Added extras

It’s always handy to look at what’s included in your offer, as added utilities such as water, TV license, internet or home insurance all add up.

Look for companies that offer an all-inclusive package, to avoid you having to pay out large amounts of extra fees each month or even worse, one lump sum at the end of your tenancy!

If you’re planning on staying in student halls for the first year then you shouldn’t really have to worry about bills as they will be all included in the rent, but if you’re house sharing, this is definitely something you will have to get your head around pretty quickly.

For the definitive guide to budgeting for your student accommodation click here https://bit.ly/2tvKvph