We found out about your Christmas traditions

Elizabeth Whittingham·24 December 2017·3 min read
We found out about your Christmas traditions

Everybody who celebrates Christmas always has their own traditions, whether it’s how you eat your Christmas dinner, what time everybody gets up or whether it’s food or presents first, I know, dilemma! We asked some students and graduates if they have any traditions during this time of the year, there are some weird and wonderful ones in here!

Jack, 22

Yes, I know this sounds strange but me and my family always wear matching pyjamas on Christmas eve, we’ve always done it since we were small and it definitely feels that at Christmas we all just revert to being children again, change my name so you don’t ruin my street cred!



Sophie, 19

We ALWAYS open presents before we have breakfast, I can’t wait that long seriously, if there is anyone out there who has breakfast before they open presents, I salute you.


Lauren, 18

On Christmas eve we always watch elf, before having a massive buffet from Waitrose- fancy! It’s literally the only time in the year that we go to Waitrose, so it feels really special, and we all get to pick out favourite foods.


Toby, 21

We just have a massive meal on Christmas eve, and watch Christmas films until really late, I usually end up getting really drunk with my Dad, which is always good fun!


Lucy, 23

Me and my sisters have a bit of a pamper evening, and then we all go out for drinks on Christmas eve with friends and family. On Christmas day we tend to just wander downstairs pretty tired,but we always perk up when we give our dog a present!


Tom, 20

I just go on a massive night out with all my mates, we always go to the only club in our home town which is pretty nostalgic, however we are always hungover on Christmas day, which can be a challenge.


Harry, 19

Just food, lots and lots of food. Christmas is when any diet goes clean out the window, I spend Christmas eve eating and Christmas day just eating.


Emily, 21

We have THE BEST breakfast on Christmas day EVER, I’m talking pancakes, eggs Benedict, the lot!