This job will pay £30 to have your beard stroked

Holly Smith·12 December 2017·3 min read
This job will pay £30 to have your beard stroked

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and make lots of money (especially if you’re bearded!).

Grooming brand Mo Bro’s are looking for men to have their beard stroked by stressed out shoppers. And they’ll get paid a healthy £30 for doing so.


According to medical journal, Frontiers in Psychology, ‘warm touches’ between humans release oxytocin, a hormone that reduces stress, and lowers heart rate and blood pressure.

And so Mo Bro’s have taken it on themselves to see if bearded men can cure ‘Christmas Shopping Rage’.

All candidates must have:

A beard. (At least 2 inches long)

Added bonus: A santa-like beard.

Must be comfortable with being touched by strangers.

To be available for 3 days from 20th December at Highcross Shopping Centre in Leicester

According to Savan Dattani, co-founder of Mo Bro’s, “It’s fairly common knowledge that stroking soft things, like animals, reduces stress, but we didn’t want to enlist the help of animals because they obviously can be somewhat unpredictable and chaotic! So, doing what we do, we thought beards are the next best thing! We’ll have an array of products available to use, so the beards will be soft and will smell great. Guests of the station can even brush them if they like!””

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