First years: Do you need to work now?

Elizabeth Whittingham·18 March 2018·4 min read
First years: Do you need to work now?

First Years, do not waste your first year at university.

Counter to what everybody tells you, your first year at university can be your best time to put in the work and to really get acquainted with university life.

Now, I’m not saying that I had a first year packed full of hard work and that I attended every lecture.

I really struggled in first Year because  I relied on ‘winging’ my way through the final months.

So, with exams looming, here are some top reasons why it’s handy to put the work in during your first year at university as we head into the final months of the semester.

1. Some courses do use your first year mark for reference

Some courses actually do have modules that count towards your final grade in first year and your results may be looked back on by your university for future references, so it’s always handy to ensure that your work is a good standard.

2. You could actually fail

Although everyone always says that you only need 40% to pass, if you really do take the idea of no work in first year completely seriously, then there is the risk that you could actually fail and no one really has the time to re-sit a whole year and fork out the money for it as well.

3. It’s good to get into a routine

It’s always handy to get yourself into a routine, take your first year as a great way to settle into revision and sorting out your study timetables, this way when you come to do it in second year, it won’t feel like too much of a shock.

4. It will give you a good footing for second year

This links in with the idea of having a routine. If you have already familiarised yourself with your university surroundings, your library and your workload in first year, then heading into second year will be a less daunting experience.

5. Get your value for money

Let’s face it: university is pretty expensive- you do not want to be wasting away the hours of lectures that you are actually paying money for. When you break it all down, lectures come in at a chunky sum individually, so pop along and get your money’s worth!

6. Finally, do not undersell yourself

Don’t let your full potential be affected in first year, it can be a great opportunity to show your lecturers and tutors what you can do and why you are worthy of being at university.