It’s nearly Christmas! Let’s rate some advent calendars

Elizabeth Whittingham·29 November 2017·6 min read
It’s nearly Christmas! Let’s rate some advent calendars

It’s nearly Christmas and this means that every company out there is getting in on the old calendar game. Here at Student Life Guide we decided to review some of these corkers, from a cheese one, to a gin one and finally to your standard Cadbury one, the brand I’ll probably be purchasing this year…

The Body Shop Calendar

Yes, these are a little pricey, but they do come in three options, the largest one of which coming in at £99 yet still containing products worth £214, so at least you are getting value for money! They are also being reduced all the time so just look out for them if you want to treat yourself this year. They are mainly full of body washes, body lotions, make up and little hard soaps shaped like stars and presents, cute!

Zoella, ’12 Days of Christmas’ calendar

Oh dear, this calendar has been in the news non stop recently, mainly because of it’s shocking price of £50, the fact that it only has 12 doors and the contents resembling that of which you would find in a Christmas cracker set, YouTube sensation Zoella really missed the mark here. The Boots reviews are pretty shocking if you want to take a look, and the product has a one star rating overall on boots, whoops! There is a plus to all this I guess, the calendar has been halved in price, now only costing £25, still not worth it if you ask me…

ASDA Cheese calendar

Who would not want this?
24 days of cheese, a small parcel of goodness in the morning, because what says Christmas more than starting your day by eating lovely cheese. Dairy goodness. ASDA have really nailed this whole advent calendar game, with their cheese calendars selling out in just one hour on the first day of release, they are hopefully back in the shops by now.

Lego Calendar

I am 20 years of age and I still got excited when I googled this. The one I’ve linked here is a Star Wars one but there are plenty other varieties, with themes such as NASA, Christmas Towns and Lego Cities. All advent calendars provide you with the means to build the Lego world. Although this is a little young, it can be a great present for a relative, or if you really love Lego and don’t really care for make up, then go ahead…

Gregg’s Advent Calendar

This advent calendar has also been in the news recently after Greggs put out their promotional shots for the product. These consisted of the wise men and shepherds crowding around a sausage roll, which symbolised baby Jesus. The advent calendar consists of 24 doors with a voucher for a Greggs product behind it and day 25 containing a gift voucher of £5, although some have £25 gift vouchers! Who would not want to spend the build up to Christmas just eating Greggs everyday?

Selfridges Calendar

This is the ultimate beauty calendar, consisting of a variety of beauty brands specialising in makeup, body wash, lotion and hair products. This calendar is priced at £40 yet is worth over £250, so definitely worth it in my opinion. It can be tricky to find an advent calendar which actually offers good quality stuff, yet from the reviews, this one really delivers and can provide you with enough nice toiletries to last until summer!

John Lewis Tea Light Calendar

Yes, this one is a little boring, but if you are house proud and love stuff like this, OR, if you are living in a bit of smelly student house and need some scented tealights to help you out, this is also perfect for you. It contains 24 days of tea lights, each day being scented differently than the last, it also comes with a tea light holder, so that you can rotate each day, for a great smelling student environment!

Jo Malone Calendar

The most expensive, but also the one that I really really want the most, Jo Malone surely has to be the height of luxury and something myself can only dream of, but we can all dream, can’t we?
Yes, this calendar comes in at a whopping £300, so definitely one to break the bank, yet the contents inside is worth nearly £700, so worth it, in a way. The calendar contains candles, perfumes, hand creams and body lotions, all scented with the strong scents of Jo Malone, from blackberry and bay to basil and pomegranate. I’ll just keep dreaming…

The 12 Days of Christmas Gin Calendar

Well, what can I say? Do I need to say anything, or does the title say enough? This nifty little advent calendar offers twelve days of gin, each door containing a small bottle of the beverage in a variety of flavours, from Bombay Sapphire through to raspberry and orange gin, yum.

Cadburys Chocolate Calendar

The classic, the leader, the number one original OG. This is my choice of calendar for Christmas 2017, it’s all ready and propped up next to my minuscule tree, maybe next year I might be tempted by the Lego one.