How can you beat stress at uni?

Elizabeth Whittingham·7 November 2017·5 min read
How can you beat stress at uni?

Student mental health issues, ranging from stress, anxiety to depression, are at an all time high, with more students than ever struggling with the stresses of student life and the pressures and expectations hoisted onto them daily.
From pressure from parents, peers, tutors and deadlines, alongside career’s talks and intense work hours, are students simply being subjected to too much? Is this good for them, or is their mental health suffering?
Here is some advice on how to deal with stress at university, alongside the steps to take when the pressure becomes too much, from how to get help to who to reach out to.


Sleep allows your body to relax, de stress and most importantly of all, to provide you with energy for the next day. Sleep is important and going to bed at a sensible time is a great method of ensuring that you are ready and able to get up the next day with ease. Stress and anxiety can at times cause you to simply want to stay in bed and hide from the deadlines, so hopefully by ensuring that you get the sleep you need, you will feel much more capable of facing the day.

Time management and fighting feelings of guilt

Time management can be a great way to fight feelings of guilt and to stop the panic, as you know that when you can relax, you can relax for you in the knowledge that everything you needed to get done, is done. Sit down at the start of each week and literally plan out the week, this way you can stop the feelings of guilt as you relax, as through time management, a slot in the day would already have been filled with the necessary work that you needed to do.

Free time

Make sure you make allowances for free time. University can be stressful and instead of letting this build up, a day with your family or friends, an hour or two in the evening watching your favourite show, even a nice sit down meal with your partner, will help to normalise your free time and will help you to relax.


When it comes to university work, timetables are a fool proof method of ensuring you get it done. Make one at the start of each week and place it in front of your desk to consult each time you need to, it can be a great reassurance when what you need to get done is there in front of you.


If you are struggling at university, the best thing to do is to first realise that you are completely entitled to request a meeting with your tutor. This is what they are there for, so make them work! Sort a meeting and tell them everything that you are struggling with, it may be a good idea to write down everything before you go and see them, so that you can make sure that everything that you are concerned about is addressed.

Family and friends

Be safe in the knowledge that you can hopefully reach out to family and friends when you need to. Even if it is just a simple phone call, or asking for some advice about university, make sure that they are there.

Self care

Student Life Guide have plenty of articles addressing the importance of self care and how it can help you to remember yourself amongst life’s stresses. From pamper nights to meals in, walks to long baths, self care can help you on your journey to de-stress.

Getting help and advice

If you are struggling to the extent where you feel like you need professional advice, then there are lots of websites and phone lines that are catered to student life and the stresses it contains. Here are a few below:

Student minds

Mental Health Manchester, there are different groups for different cities

The Mental Health Foundation