6 ways Made in Chelsea perfectly represented life as a student

Elizabeth Whittingham·8 November 2017·4 min read
6 ways Made in Chelsea perfectly represented life as a student

Here are six ways in which the Made in Chelsea lot have perfectly reflected the trials and tribulations of student life, from the endless stress, drama and gossip, through to the funny moments and cherished nights out. 

The endless gossip

Whether it’s about people in your seminar, tutorial, in your student house or simply spotting a scandalous occurrence on a night out, gossip is never far away from being a student. It can also make an appearance in student houses, with conspicuous notes passive aggressively telling people to wash up and clean after themselves scattered around kitchens.

Close knit friendship groups

These are the friendship groups that have outlasted fresher’s week and are still going strong. Well done- keep it going! Friendships made at university are often made for life and should really be kept close. Although there will be some drama, surely it cannot be as bad as the Made in Chelsea lot, ranging from Rosie sharing some intimate moments with Millie’s boyfriend, through to Spencer doing the same with Jamie’s girlfriend, tut tut.

Acting like a rich eccentric when the loan rolls in

We have all been there, the loan drops and suddenly everybody is being treated to tequila shots and doubles all at your expense. People love you, they want to be around you, you are admired! (they’ll probably also expect you to pay for their takeaway) Top tip: never let anyone know that you are essentially rolling in all that student loan, because people will remember, they always remember…

Winging your way through academic life

Basically, all you have to do is just hope that people will only start to realise when you have graduated and got the degree, although another little tip, it is never a good idea to wing it and it almost always creeps up on you to bite. Don’t worry because university is all about learning from mistakes and growing as a person, even in third year you will still be feeling the stress, but just keep going and you’ll make it! Although probably don’t take advice from Francis and start spurting out Latin in your seminar.

Endlessly revelling in the the night out drunken drama down at the local nightclub

Some one got kicked out? Who kissed who? Where did we last see this person? Oh no is someone hanging off the dance pole again? Did someone just knock my drinks out my hands? Where has everyone gone? Why am I so drunk?
The drama of nights out will always be a substantial factor of going on nights out as a student yet is nearly always a fun one, although there may be a few little debates.

Joining societies just for the fun of it and realising that you have no idea what you are doing

We have all been there, you thought that giving the ultimate frisbie team would be a great idea, or you joined the cheese and wine society and have now realised that you actually have to chat to people, apart from simply filling your face with dairy goodness and zinfandel.